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Seduction and Humiliation (Forced, #2) I liked the story very much I found it captivating and I intend to read the next book I bought the book after I ve read the first one for free The author offers the first 2 chaper first book for free so if you didn t like the writing style or whatever you shouldn t have bought the second book in the first place The first book is free everywhere. Known For His Ultimate Power And Determination, Demetrio Zarakis Is Like A Tornado When He Sets His Mind On Something, Whatever Stands In The Way Is Either Removed Or Crushed What He Wants This Time Is Jinna, A Hardworking Young Woman, Who S Proved To Be The Only Unattainable Woman He S Ever Met For Him, Jinna Is An Obsession Who Turns Into An Addiction Whatever Stands Between The Ruthless Tycoon And His Goal Will Be Broken As Usual, Even If It S The Spirit And Will Of The Woman He Loves Through A Devilish Mixture Of Seduction And Humilliation, The Most Lofty Heads Can Be Loweredcan T They Warning This Story Is Not Intended To Be A Soft Romance, So It Contains Some Violence And Scenes That May Be Considered Disturbing To Some Readers I mean, it s very clear that this author has some kind of stylistic preference for commas and full stops preceded with a space So when I see two 4 star reviews with the same stylistic tics, if you will, it seems a little dodgy. I was considerably frustrated by this book The first book make the story line seem so promising and i love it despite it was short Demetrio turned jinna into an unwilling submissive by constantly threatening her with something new.He did not miss any opportunity to blame or punish jinna over silly thing such as when she decided to wear a dress of her choice rather his He saw that choice as a defying one.His behaviour toward Jinna is mainly due to his memory of how his mom was but it is no excuse for the sick bastard he is.He should go see a shrink for his bipolar conduct.I got a BIG disappointment with the second book It is mainly part of what i was expecting At least the book could have contained some decent sex scene The story was mainly narrative and it lacks dialogues between the characters The cover of this book reflect its content as Jinna is coerced into this relationship and as you may see she is fully clothed , don t expect to see hot steamy sex.In addition , Jinna is such a naive characters It was pretty obvious of what Demetrio did the day she decided to terminate the agreement Such a coincidence of having cops threathening her freedom happens on the very same day she decided to leave but she was still not convinced that Demetrio has planned it. The plot of the book was really different, and the events kept me interested, the hero was heroine s boss ,he had a an obsession for her and she seemed to have no clue She thinks he s not serious and she kind of thinks he s intimidating, controlling and womanizer the hero was really obsessive with heroine and the actions he took to keep and take her were typically the actions of a bad guy not a hero He fabricated a a robbery of his office and accused her of doing it.He took advantage of her phobias and weaknesses he actually broke her enough till he could press her into marrying him. This book is now on 50% sale on Smashwords I got it on half the price and I liked it a lot I don t think a psycho hero like that could be redeemed but that s fiction and the story is good. Wtf is wrong with the author I understood that the author s English writing wasn t great from the other comments here so I m not going to complain about that I m well and truly PO ed because there s literally a point in the book where the H makes the h eat dog food Here I am expecting some sort of groveling or dare I say it forced fellatio but no He actually spoonfeeds her an entire can of dog food.Honestly wish I could give this a minus rating. This hero is going to be condemned by lots of people Simply if you don t like really bad antiheroes, then this is not recommended for you Anyway, I like antiheroes and look for them This book has a well done plot, you find the plan, the abuse, the exposure and the grovel so it is better than many books that I read lately. I liked the book for being different in the first place However, I think the cover isn t good The hero is really evil and I wish ther s some retribution in the next book

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