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Mississippi Jack: Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West The Intrepid Jacky Faber, Having Once Again Eluded British Authorities, Heads West, Hoping That No One Will Recognize Her In The Wilds Of America There She Tricks The Tall Tale Hero Mike Fink Out Of His Flatboat, Equips It As A Floating Casino Showboat, And Heads South To New Orleans, Battling Murderous Bandits, British Soldiers, And Other Scoundrels Along The Way Will Jacky S Carelessness And Impulsive Actions Ultimately Cause Her Beloved Jaimy To Be Left In Her Wake Bold, Daring, And Downright Fun, Jacky Faber Proves Once Again That With Resilience And Can Do Spirit, She Can Wiggle Out Of Any Scrape Well, Almost

About the Author: L.A. Meyer

Louis A Meyer is best known as the author of the Bloody Jack novels He was also a painter and the author of two children s picture books, and he and his wife owned an art gallery called Clair de Loon in Bar Harbor.Louis A Meyer passed away on July 29, 2014 from refractory Hodgkin s Lymphoma His final Jacky Faber book, Wild Rover No More, was published posthumously in September that year.

10 thoughts on “Mississippi Jack: Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West

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    This is a review of the audio book I usually listen to these in the car and as people drive past me, they see a crazy middle aged woman laughing her head off as she s driving Really, if you are suffering from road rage, start listening to thi

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    This is the fifth book in the series and in all honestly I was hoping it was the last Granted, the book truly has it s moments and the writing, though not great, is good, but the plot is extremely or a better word might be excruciatingly predictable

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    Another wild and wonderful adventure with Miss Jacky Faber Here Jacky is on the run from the British again still for the bounty so unfairly placed upon her spunky blond head Her journey this time takes her out west to the frontier in early 1800s sense of t

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    Ahh, 200 pages in All these thrwated meetings with Jaimy are KILLING me I m a bit bugged with his traveling companion and little sleepover friend Clemmy What is he thinking It is bugging me but he still writes the sweetest letters to Jacky I m still liking him So

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    Jacky Faber joins the cast of Big River Seriously, though, this one was kind of a letdown The book picks up right from the cliffhanger ending of the last book faced with imminent capture by the British Royal Navy for piracy, Jacky is rescued at the last minute through t

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    Jacky Faber is the light of my life D This has been an excellent month so far for heroines I ve got my brave book lover Hazel venturing into the woods, my angry brilliant accused of sociopathy because people appear to misunderstand intense drive and ambition in teenage girls F

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    When I first started reading this book, I wondered how Jacky was going to fare for an entire novel away from open water However, I needn t have worried Given a large body of water, in this case the Mississippi River Jacky soon has herself set up as the captain of a nice little river

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    I read over a quarter and I decided to skip this one and move on to number 6 Why Getting way too predictable Jacky is once again running from the Royal Navy and once again singing songs at taverns and once again stealing boats. And once again, Jaimy is writing her these awful letters and he

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    The charm of Jacky Faber is that she is intensely loyal, making friends everywhere she goes Jacky doesn t have a moral framework or code that she works by, which is why she has such an easy time flauting the law and the rules as she says she weren t brought up proper Instead, her loyal heart, gene

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    Nothing better than listening to a Jacky Faber adventure in the car

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