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The Italian's Wife By Sunset Her Italian Toyboy Intelligent, Sensible Della Hadley Should Have Known Better Than To Embark On An Affair With A Italian Playboy Six Years Her Junior, But Vibrant And Sexy Carlo Rinucci Was Just Too Hard To ResistDella Knows That A Fiery Passion So Quick To Ignite Should Be Fast To Die Out, Despite Carlo S Vow That Their Love Is Forever But Carlo Is Italian Through And Through, And Determined To Win His Woman And Make Della His Bride Before The Sun Sets On Their Affair 2.5 they are both pigheadedly stubborn stars Rounded down.Older heroine treats hero like a child, and since he WAS a playboy, thought she d be able to brush him off easily Reformed playboy sicilian hero has his eyes set on commitment, and is actually very subtly the controlling one in the relationship it s his way or highway.As a result we have an almost dead heroine at the end of the, I partly blame the hero for it Keep your ultimatums to yourself you idiot.He gives her an ultimatum, marry me or leave me, whereas, she was on the take, let s take one day at a time.Result she leaves him.Sicilian pride gets hurt, so god forbid if HE chases her.So now she has to chase him, get in a plane crash, almost dies, is probably half blind for the rest of her life, but says yes to marriage, so HEA, which is also limited to probably 20 years, because her health is now very fragile and she s no longer expected to live a full normal life.None of them understood the word compromise and at the end, what would have meant him waiting couple of extra months for her to agree, has actually turned into what she feared most, her tying him down Because with her state of health, she now needs constant care, and he ll no longer be able to fly around the world It sounds wonderful in a book where hero overlooks this and puts the heroine first, but in real life this is not going to be an ideal relationship, and of course as I said, could have been avoided, and the book would have ended at least 50 pages before.We also have terrible relatives The winning contestants have a tie between heroine s 21 years old son and the hero s mother.The 21 years old son gets a girls pregnant, wants nothing to do with her, wants mum to take care of that, lives off mum, but doesn t take orders from her and definitely judges her for having a love life.Hero s mother, hates heroine, she s not good enough for her playboy son she has made that abundantly clear However, she was FURIOUS at heroine for dumping her precious baby How dare she She wanted her son to dump HER, not the other way round Her precious baby can t be hurting, if his son hurt some insignificant woman, who cared about that I wonder how the hero ever WAS reformed from his rake days with a mother like that This mother will probably find virginal sacrifice for her son herself if he d ask her to This was fairly good Bit of a tear jerker Here again the 7 years that the heroine is older than the hero made a big difference Maybe that was slightly forgiveable here since the heroine had a son who was 21 And she did think about the fact that the hero might get tired of her and want a younger woman after awhile which seemed at least slightly realistic because the hero was written very young seeming and charming view spoiler The biggest problem I had with the book was that a the end she is in an accident and has a head injury and becomes blind in one eye and had an injured leg which becomes fully healed and she can walk again She had a heart attack on the operating table granted but the author then has it that she is very fragile and will probably only live another 15 to 20 years That seemed a bit harsh considering modern medicine and she just didn t sell me on it hide spoiler Oli hyv kirja

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