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The Dirty Game Reason for reading Lent to me by my good friend Mr Furey on the basis that Tim, you must read this book Seeing the title of the tome he was waving at me and who it was by, I knew he was right It s the book every football lover has to read.About the book Exposing the corruption in world sports, particularly the International Olympic Committee and the higher echelons of FIFA, has been a life s work for Andrew Jennings The BBC Panorama reporter may have had a past life as a war correspondent, but he will forever be known for his role as the main journalist probing into the seedy world of dodgy dealings in Switzerland and the mafiosi links of the hierarchy in Brazil Here you will find out how the likes of Jo o Havelange, FIFA president from 1974 to 1998 and his son in law Ricardo Teixeira stripped tens of millions of pounds from the FIFA coffers You will read about their links to the Brazilian military junta You will discover how Sepp Blatter, Havelange s number two as general secretary and then his successor as president, played the ultimate juggling act to grease the palms of those he needed to keep him in power and with access to the endless money pot that is World Cup sponsorship You will discover how Jack Warner, number one in football in the Caribbean, managed to siphon off millions of pounds to a FIFA Centre of Excellence that his family owned.Quote, unquote May 27, 2015, 6am Knock knock Please get your clothes on and come out with your hands up Sir Seven overfed FIFA executives are being taken from their beds in one of the world s most luxurious hotels, paid for by football, to concrete cells at a Zurich police station, provided by Swiss taxpayers Hands up Who knows for sure FIFA s leaders are not acquainted with obeying laws, anybody s laws Policemen must be careful.What was good Investigative journalism doesn t get much better than this Jennings and his BBC Panorama team showed a rare tenacity in their work They were banned from press conferences for asking too many awkward questions, were refused access to key figures who would happily give interviews to compliant reporters who believed every word they said This book offers much than you could possibly expect though At one extreme there are sections from the food dominated blog written by Chuck Blazer, the FIFA executive committee member who lived a life of luxury in Trump Tower At the other there are revelations of the torture of journalists in military run Brazil during the period from 1964 to the mid 1980s The level of corruption is breathtaking and spread far wider than I expected Credit here has to go to Loretta Lynch, President Obama s attorney general, for acting on the information provided by Jennings to the FBI You have to ask, would the new president be so keen to act with someone living so close to home so deeply implicated The book exposes so much that you almost need to read it again after finishing it the first time, as though you have now been briefed to understand it Every sports fan should read this.What wasn t good I finished wishing that Andrew Jennings was sitting next to me to answer the question And what about everything since then The opening of the book, the section I have quoted, is as far as it gets Released in 2015, you get the impression that Jennings either had the whole thing written ready to go to print, with just a few key sections to add in when the inevitable big day happened, or that he wrote it very, very quickly afterwards Therefore, there is very little mention of Franz Beckenbauer or Michele Platini here The book already needs updating in a major way, because although there is a picture of Sepp Blatter on the cover, the book says far about Havelange and Warner He could only include what was 100 per cent safe at the time of publication Also, there is obviously no mention of Dilma Rousseff s impeachment by the Brazilian congress in 2016, but the political details I will leave to him to include in a guaranteed second edition This actually isn t the best written book in the world, but as far as content goes, it s flawless and unmissable.Rating 5 5 Ontluisterend verhaal Niet goed geschreven, qua stijl lastig te volgen als je geen insider bent het boek veronderstelt toch vrij veel voorkennis. In The Dirty Game, Investigative Reporter And BBC Panorama Presenter Andrew Jennings, Who Has Been Heralded Around The World For His Decade Long Pursuit Of This Story, Uncovers The Eye Watering Level Of Fraud And Criminal Activity At The Heart Of FIFA, Which Has Been Described As The Biggest Sporting Scandal Of The Century From Blatter To Blazer, From Bribery To Embezzlement, Jennings Reveals The Key Protagonists, Crimes And Evidence He Handed To The FBI Which Led To The Arrests Of FIFA Executive And The Resignation Of Sepp Blatter Written In A Gripping Narrative, And Based On Years Of Research And Never Before Seen Documents, This Is The Definitive Portrait Of The Downfall Of FIFA, And The Men Who Stole Football I found this book quite entertaining, although the Author has a very one sided point of view on the topic, maybe due to his journalist background This ruins the criticality of the book but nonetheless some good inside information on the topic that keeps you thinking. Incredible How does one counter embedded corruption, aka organised crime Reading Andrew Jenning s account of his crusade against thievery at FIFA and it s constituents, the only conclusion one can reach is with great difficulty, many setbacks, few victories, and even the latter diminished by the gnawing doubts that the replacements are not any better than their crooked predecessors A sobering thought for South Africans who are keenly following the progress of the various corruption investigation commissions initiated by the president. Interesting book with lot of insights into the world of professional scumbags without a snippet of consciousness. Fascinating story told in a really dull way. An eye opening book that unravels mysteries and stories that were not highlighted enough in the media because of FIFA s influence around the globe A must read for every football fan and every anti corruption enthusiast Any news regarding FIFA officials will feel even better to my heart and mind from now on.Andrew Jennings must be celebrated as he is truly the unsung hero of the game s fans. Jennings n est pas le meilleur crivain qui soit mais la qualit de son travail et l ampleur de la corruption qu il d taille rendent ce livre important pour ceux qui aiment le foot mais d plorent qu il soit dans les mains d une mafia.

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