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العجوز التي حطمت القواعد The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Meets The Italian Job In Internationally Bestselling Author Catharina Ingelman Sundberg S Witty And Insightful Comedy Of Errors About A Group Of Delinquent Seniors Whose Desire For A Better Quality Of Life Leads Them To Rob And Ransom Priceless ArtworkMartha Andersson May Be Seventy Nine Years Old And Live In A Retirement Home, But That Doesn T Mean She S Ready To Stop Enjoying Life So When The New Management Of Diamond House Starts Cutting Corners To Save Money, Martha And Her Four Closest Friends The Genius, The Rake, Christina And Anna Gretta Aka The League Of Pensioners Won T Stand For It Their Solution White Collar Crime

About the Author: Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

Catharina Ingelman Sundbergs b cker har s lt i ver 400 000 exemplar 1999 bel nades hon med Widdingpriset som rets f rfattare av historiska romaner och popul rhistoria i Sverige Hennes b cker r hittills s lda till 14 l nder.Catharina gnade femton r av sitt liv att som arkeolog s ka efter v r historia p havets botten runt om i v rlden Denna tid har hon skildrat i boken Bland hajar, karlar och vrak I Norge har hon bland annat deltagit i utgr vningen av fregatten Lossen och har ven varit anst lld vid Norsk sj fartsmuseum.Som marinarkeolog d k hon p allt fr n vikingaskepp och ostindiefarare till slavskepp och f rsvarssp rrar utanf r vikingastaden Birka i M laren.Hon var ven anst lld vid Western Australian Museum i Perth d r hon ledde arbetet med att b rga och utforska den holl ndska ostindiefararen Zeewijk fr n 1727 Om detta kan man l sa i den sj historiska romanen Kampen mot br nningarna, klassad som en av de b sta sj romanerna som skrivits p svenska.Efter n gra r som marinarkeolog i Australien terv nde hon till Sverige d r hon arbetade flera r vid Malm sj fartsmusem och b rgade det vikingatida Fotevikskeppet utanf r Sk ne.D refter utbildade sig Catharina Ingelman Sundberg till journalist vid Journalisth gskolan i G teborg parallelt med att bokskrivandet kom ig ng F rutom Kampen mot br nningarna och romantriologin Vikingablot, Vikingasilver och Vikingaguld har Catharina Ingelman Sundberg ven gett ut popul rvetenskapliga faktab cker, bl.a Boken om vikingarna och underh llningslitteratur som Tantlexikon.Vikingaromanerna skildrar vad som h nde n r mission ren Ansgar kom till Skandinavien f r att kristna hedningarna, om vikingarnas h rt g i v sterled och sterled och om den starka vikingakvinnan B ckerna har publicerats i flera l nder.Hon har ven skrivit om vikingafurstinnan Ingegerd i romanen M ktig mans kvinna och tre b cker fr n medeltiden I romanerna Br nnm rkt, F rf ljd och Befriad ber ttar hon bland annat om stersj ns sj r vare vitaliebr derna, den tyska Hansan och drottning Margareta I Tempelbranden ber ttar hon om n r Sverige kristnades och f rst relsen av Uppsalatemplet.Idag delar Catharina Ingelman Sundberg sin tid mellan det egna f rfattandet och arbetet som frilansjournalist.Snabbfakta om Catharina Utbildning Adolf Fredrik musikgymnasium, student 1967 Fil kand i Historia, Konsthistoria och Nordisk och j mf rande folklivsforskning 1970, Uppsala universitet D rtill betyg i arkeologi och nordiska spr k Svenska sportdykarf rbundets 1 a klassbrev 1971 Skepparexamen 1981 Journalistexamen 1986Anst llningar Dykinstrukt r, AB Dyksport, UppsalaMarinarkeolog och amanuens p Statens sj historiska museum och Oslo Sj fartsmuseum, Marinarkeolog och museiintendent p Western Australian museum, Perth och Malm sj fartsmuseumJournalist p GT, G teborgsposten, SVT V stnytt i G teborg och Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm.B cker Marinarkeologi, dykaren, arkeologen fynden, 1985Kampen mot br nningarna, 1991Den svarta ejderungen illustrationer S Hellmark , 1991Bland hajar, karlar och vrak, 1995Vikingablot, 1995Vikingasilver, 1997Vikingaguld, 1999Boken om vikingarna, 1998Stockholms dolda museer, 2000M ktig mans kvinna, om vikingafurstinnan Ingegerd, 2001Forntida kvinnor, 2004Tantlexikon, 2004Br nnm rkt, 2006F rf ljd, 2007Befriad, 2009Tempelbranden, 2010Kaffe med R n, 2012

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    Imagine if you were in the golden years of your life, what would you wish to do Relax, do a bit of knitting or reading perhaps Not Martha Andersson, she wants adventure and not the lawn bowls type, she wants to escape the confines of her nursing

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    A great premise a group of older people in an assisted living facility become frustrated with their living conditions and embark on various activities to emancipate themselves Sadly, the writing is unable to live up to the premise, though I read a trans

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    I read about a third of this book when I decided I couldn t get interested in it enough to finish which is a pity because it looked like a really good story from what was written on the back cover I don t know whether something got lost in the translation It wa

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    Edit I don t feel it s justified to change the rating over a year after I read it, but looking at it in retrospect, I feel like I should have rated it two stars, rather than three considering my direct thoughts as well as the fact that I hardly remember the book now Wh

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    Almost dnf ed this sucker First at the 15% mark, then at the 50% when I resolutely stopped reading After a week or so I thought to give it another chance as I really wanted to know what happened and how it got solved.Anyway, so the blurb had me interested, geriatric crime At f

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    Growing Old Disgracefully and In StyleThe Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules is a fun read by Swedish author Catherina Ingelman Sundberg who shows us that just as we may get old we do not have to sit in God s waiting room awaiting our turn for the inevitable final journey It is e

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    I heard of this book from a friend, who posted a very negative review of it on her blog Given my masochistic approach to books and the fact that the plot sounded like it could be really fun, I figured I should give it a try, that it might be fun even if it wasn t good.No such luck.First of al

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    The title of this book appealed to me as I m rapidly heading towards being a little old lady myself Five friends in a retirement home in Sweden realise they are not being treated as well as they would be if they were in prison and they resolve to change the situation They find a gym in their home whi

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    This sounded like a good premise for a novel a bunch of pensioners who run away from their depressing old age home to lead a life of crime And it is humorous butin a warmly, amusing way than laugh out loud humour There are some really funny moments and the author s thoughts on how older people with little to

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    If anyone s looking for an inconsequential, light hearted, good natured, warm fuzzy book that has the power to make you titter out loud then I heartily recommend this yarn I loved every syllable 5 stars doesn t come near to its true worth in my opinion.

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