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The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering: A Story for Anyone Who Thinks She Can't Save the World Puul LEAZE The world is saved because grandmothers go stand in a park Blech.That IS the whole plot of the story Grandmothers go stand in a park and because of them other grandmothers go stand in a park Everybody sees them standing in a park and then there is peace on earth Well, glory hallelujah If only we d known A great story about the power of one, two or many Suitable for anyone over 8 A Story For Anyone Who Thinks She Can T Save The World On A Buffety, Blustery Early Summer Day, When The News Was Bad And The Sky Turned Yellow, A Strange Thing Happened In The Town Where I Live So Begins This Moving And Enchanting Story Of Two Grandmothers Who, By Standing In The Park All Day Long Not Speaking, Not Looking At Squirrels, Not Munching On Coconut Candy Soon Have Everyone In Town Talking A Young Girl Informs The Stumped Observers Shyly, They Re Saving The World These Simple Acts And Words Have An Enormous Impact On The Town And Soon On Towns All Over The WorldAt A Time When The News Is Bad And Many People Feel Powerless, This Inspiring Story Tells Of Two Women Who Do Something So Simple That At First No One Takes Them Very Seriously, But Soon, When They Are Joined By Other Women, And Then Many Other Women, Their Simple Act Of Caring Has The Power To Transform The World Together, These Women Discover Great Things Are Possible Even, And Especially, Peace Tiny new age book about how one or two people can start a movement to better the world Cute but meaningful Took 15 min to read. Stupid and a waste of time Thankfully, very short. A sweet little story about a small town, a small group of like minded grandmothers, and how small actions can bring about some pretty wonderful things. This book has been on my wish list for awhile and I was happy to receive it this Christmas It is a joy to read and it prompted me to check back in with The Standing Women Movement which was inspired by this book Through organizing on the internet, Standing Women events happened around the world I believe the last one was on Mother s Day, 2008 As a grandmother,I silently stood with the Madison,WI women on that day.President Obama has asked his fellow countrymen to work for change I believe the grandmothers are willing and ready to do that, silently and otherwise. Absolutely loved this book Big big message in a grandma reading to grandkids sized package An inspiring gift and a perfect book to leave laying around for visitors to pickup or to reread on foggy days, or whenever the your spirit needs a reboot World peace and the power of one person to make a difference in the world are at the heart of it I got to hear Sharon read it in person Only took about 10 minutes Fantastic book to read out load to all ages. This is probably the shortest book I have ever read but it has a great message Two grandmothers who don t know each other go to a community park on a blustery summer day, stand still, not talking and they caused such a stir in town The next day and for days following their numbers grew as women all over the word heard the grandmothers message about saving he world It was a reminder that small things can have a huge impact. Story is reminiscent of Margaret Mead s famous words Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has The book is very small, only 46 pages, and the story is so simple and direct that it can t be summarized The author s tale about how the story came to be is just as wonderful.

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