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Gone In The Blink Of An Eye, Everyone Disappears Gone Except For The YoungThere Are Teens, But Not One Single Adult Just As Suddenly, There Are No Phones, No Internet, No Television No Way To Get Help And No Way To Figure Out What S HappenedHunger Threatens Bullies Rule A Sinister Creature Lurks Animals Are Mutating And The Teens Themselves Are Changing, Developing New Talents Unimaginable, Dangerous, Deadly Powers That Grow Stronger By The Day It S A Terrifying New World Sides Are Being Chosen, A Fight Is Shaping Up Townies Against Rich Kids Bullies Against The Weak Powerful Against Powerless And Time Is Running Out On Your Th Birthday, You Disappear Just Like Everyone Else

About the Author: Michael Grant

Co author with Katherine Applegate of Ocean City, Making Out, Summer, Animorphs, Everworld, Remnants, Eve and Adam Pseudonymous coauthor with KA of Christy the TV spin off books , Sweet Valley Twins, Girl Talk and various Disney spin offs Pseudonymous author of Barf O Rama Author of Gone, BZRK, The Magnificent 12, Messenger of Fear, Front Lines, Monster and A Sudden Death in Cyprus AKA Michae

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    I read this book out of curiosity, with no preconceived notions Merely because I was curious what kids would do in a world with no adults I admit I was blown away Mr Grant told me a story that I couldn t put down From the beginning, my mind was full of questions about how this happened, how the kids would survive, what could prevent the same thing from h

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    I suppose I should provide some kind of explanation as to why I didn t finish reading this book.It s not because the concept was stupid actually the concept was quite interesting and would make for a fantastic philosophical discussion.It s not because it was poorly written actually it was written quite well with a great plot and interesting world building and ac

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    This was a very good book about adventure, mutants, superheroes and just the plain old story of surviving high school only this time there are no adults to keep a check on things.This novel tells the story of how one day in a small Californian town everyone 15 and over mysteriously disappears But that s not all The town becomes surrounded by a strange spherical barrier,

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    I put this book aside about two weeks ago, saying I would definitely go back and finish it as I only had about 100 pages left But it doesn t look like it now I m simply not in the mood to pick it up again And as I m not planning on spending money on the next instalments of the series, I will probably never read them anyway, so why continue here I really don t know why Gone wasn

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    Highly enjoyable Hooks you at the very start I drive through the traffic everyday about an hour in the morning and definitely than an hour at nighttime So, while reading the first few pages of the book, I said, wow this should happen here in Manila Imagine all adults to disappear altogether without a trace at one time and all adolescents will follow once they turn fifteen Obviously, t

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    I hereby predict that, sometime in the next year or so, the next big Young Adult obsession will be with the book Gone, by Michael Grant, and with the subsequent books that I hope he writes quickly because I might die if I don t know the what and the why and the how and thewell, EVERYTHING This is apparently the first in a series of six books I also predict that it will take off like the Harry

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    1 Gone 2 Hunger 3 Lies .5 Even though Michael Grant may be an asshole, I m still impressed by his books Can t wait to keep reading and finally find out how this series ends

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    I tried and tried to love this book, but I just couldn t connect with it The concept was a brilliant one It was the reason I decided to buy the book in the first place, but once I started reading it, I couldn t establish a connection with any of the characters.I just felt as if I was an outsider and not able to grasp any of the emotions of the characters I didn t feel as if I was part of the story At times, I

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    I read a lot of books, but you knew that didn t you While I enjoy most of the books I read, few stand out to me as amazing or memorable this is why I give out so few five star reviews Gone is simply the best YA book I have read since Laurie Halse Anderson s Wintergirls, and stands right beside The Hunger Games and the Knife of Never Letting Go as some of the best dystopian sci fi aroundIn Perdido Beach, life is norma

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    This is my first exposure to Michael Grant s writing, and he totally blew me away Maybe it was because I am partial to the sci fi fantasy genre, but truthfully I don t think it had anything to do with it This story was just WOW Imagine sitting in class one day, maybe you are paying attention to your teacher, maybe you are daydreaming about surfing, then all of a sudden your teacher disappears What would you do It just so hap

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