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The Affair A Free Digital Short Story From The Author Of Falling A Couple Have Been Found Dead In Their Living RoomWas It A Simple Domestic Misunderstanding Or Is There To It Than Meets The Eye I loved this short story as an introduction to Charlie, a feisty and capable journalist in Swansea Really lovely writing and use of words and excellent characterisation Plot is pretty straightforward which is fair enough for a short story Fantastic to read in one bite. I love short stories because they give me a chance to see what the author is like.This murder mystery was free on Kobo and I really enjoyed the story.I will certainly be looking for from this author. I ve grown to like short stories and Emma Kavanagh s The Affair is no different There s murder, mystery and intrigue crammed into 28 pages.There is little build, the story hits the ground running and sprints to the finish. A surprisingly well rounded crime mystery short story that introduces the reader to the main character in her novel Falling The author jumps straight into the story of the death of a husband and wife Was it murder suicide, or something far nefarious A very enjoyable introduction to a new author for me and a highly recommended short read.

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