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The Assiduous Quest of Tobias Hopkins Having just recently returned from Jamaica, I was interested to see that this book is partly set there during the 17th century One of the strengths of the author is the way in which he makes you feel you are there, with the characters, you feel you re following in their footsteps.The detailed descriptions are very strong, and I particularly enjoyed the episodes set in Port Royal,in Jamaica It s not easy to predict what s going to happen in this book, there are many twists and turns Some excellent descriptive writing, the storm at sea for instance, and the ending of the book which I won t reveal.The attention to detail in this novel is outstanding and I imagine the author must have done a great deal of research Historical fiction is not an easy genre to write but I think, an extremely important one It s only by seeing how the world used to be, that we can really understand contemporary life History teaches us lessons for the future and this novel draws the reader in and paints a vivid picture of life in the 17th century.If you only read one historical novel this year, make sure it s this one. In the opening paragraph, author James Faro poses a question that promises an adventure, and he doesn t disappoint In a compelling tale of a young sea faring captain named Tobais Hopkins who goes in search of his father, one can see clearly that Faro is well versed in the language of the sea and all things nautical Everything about his voice is authentic, written in the classical style, and his descriptions of the ships, the places, and the people draw you in and keep you turning the pages With a seventeenth century maritime history lesson and a vocabulary lesson, to boot interwoven throughout the narrative, Faro manages to keep it entertaining and never pedantic A wonderful story complete with a believable hero, pirates, whores, stow aways, hold your breath action, and secret codes, this book has it all And as a word of caution, if a pirate ever offers to take you to the bathing pool, run like hell the opposite direction. The Assiduous Quest Of Tobias Hopkins The Complete Novel The First Volume In The Tobias Hopkins Series It Is October In The Year New England Trader, Tobias Hopkins, Arrives In Jamaica To Discover The Truth About His Missing Father It Transpires That, Not Only Has The Man Been Dead For Six Years, But He Has Left Toby With A Half Brother And The Clue To An Inheritance Which Promises To Change The Course Of Their Lives However, Toby S Inquiries Have Attracted The Attention Of Others Who Will Stop At Nothing To Achieve Their Aims Will The Cryptic Message Written By His Father Lead Him To A Promised Fortune, Or Will It Lead Him Into The Hands Of Those Who Aim To Destroy Him Haunted By Nightmares From His Past, Toby Continues With His Quest But Who Can He Trust His Faithful Associate, John The Astute Businesswoman Elizabeth Or Magdalena, Mother Of His Half Brother Eduardo Some Of Those Around Him Are Not What They Seem To Be, And It Soon Becomes Clear That Toby And Those Closest To Him Are In Imminent Danger His Quest Leads Him To The Island Of Nevis Where He Reaps The Fruits Of His Search All Appears Well Until He Travels To Virginia It Is Only At This Point That Tobias Hopkins Is Forced To Face The Consequence Of His Actions All my previous reviews have been so formal, but this book needs special treatment Let me be informal with this awesome book which deals with life on and off sea where sailors are jovial.When I started reading this book, I had no idea what it is about Soon I felt like it is all about gory on sea The story is set on the backdrop of colonial life and piracy The protagonist of this story, Tobias Hopkins aka Toby, a captain and master of ship by profession, seems to be too nice of a person, innocent, too principled and a prick too all at a time His fellow sailors seem to be normal and good sailors As soon as they survive and reach land, everybody shows interest in Toby and he is worried about how strangers already know about him His back story is that he is looking for his long lost father Side by side, there is a range of murder cases which need to be solved The story never loses its pace never slows down.Even while writing this review I am amazed by the puzzle and its clue given in the letter written by Edward Hopkins to his family which Toby finally cracks Of all the points, this puzzle and its clue give an authentic touch to the whole story I am always disappointed if there are too many characters in the story This story too has too many characters, but they all have a purpose and not thrown around just to make the story complicated The mannerisms and language of each character described in the book fuel the reader s imagination to build the character in his or her mind This shows that the author knows what he has written about No overlapping s and confusions in the storyline It is a fantastic book Don t miss reading it. Let me begin by stating that the writing is flawless The authenticity and the tone to the writing is exceptional and commendable While reading, I could picture Jamaica and its inhabitants clearly That s how wonderful and amazing James Faro s descriptions are Honestly, when I first started reading the book, I had no idea what it was about I just knew from the title that Tobias Hopkins was going on a quest What kind of quest, I did not know But because the writing was well executed, I kept flipping the pages The story is easy to follow Boy goes in search of dad and makes some discoveries I did not like Tobias Toby in the beginning mainly because of his prejudice nature Perhaps it was his age that made him react the way he did towards others But that s not a bad thing His character was believable I started liking him towards the end especially during the ending All the other characters were believable too John, Magdalena, Edo loved him the most , Mr G, Beatrice The supporting characters were not thrown in for fun They all had a role to play in the story, and that made everything seem real Not only that, each character developed well throughout the book Even the loud mouth prisoner who calls out to Toby and John during their search for a new vessel added humour to the smooth sailing plot Being that the storyline was set in the 17th century, I did not fail to notice to Mr Faro made his female characters powerful and feisty That earned him an extra star I ve always enjoyed historical fiction, and it was clear to me that Mr Faro is a remarkable researcher I can only imagine how much time he had put into his research to make this book a wonderful read If you love quests and mysteries and thrillers, then this book is a must read Doesn t matter if you are 10, 15, 25, 40 or even 70, you ll definitely enjoy reading this book If Toby is going on another quest, I definitely want to join him and experience the 17th century sea life all over again He should fall in love right, Mr Faro Perhaps during his next quest The author s passion for seafaring, tall ships, and trade shines throughout this page turning yarn of risk and reward on the high seas of the seventeenth century Caribbean The compelling main character, Tobias Hopkins, is of an innocent than a swashbuckler He is young, puritanical, and over his head from the opening chapter until the final pages It was both entertaining and fascinating to read and observe as the plot unfolded and he matured as both a ship s captain and a man Detailed descriptions of the characters, culture, and politics of the era add to the suspenseful flow I recommend this book to students of history and lovers of a good seafarin tale. A terrifically well written novel that immediately immersed me within the 17th century Caribbean, with all the swashbuckling and adventure that brings to mind The author writes in a lyrical, literary way that brings the story to life from the first page, plunging us into the sights, sounds and tastes of another world Some might not be accustomed to or like a narrator who doesn t spell everything out, but for me it really adds to the colour and believability of a tale one you re given fleeting glimpses into In fact, I d go so far to say that this author has crafted a compelling and distinctive voice something not many are able to claim.I wouldn t normally opt for a historical novel about seafaring adventures, but I hugely enjoyed the story and the characters I m also not hugely clued up on naval traditions, but from a land forces military perspective, a young man of the right class in the 17th century could certainly expect to be in command of older and experienced men, such as the seadogs who follow the protagonist Hopkins something questioned by other reviewers I found him to be an interesting, appealing and principled character who was realistically tempered by the older, but lower class, John Fowler.The author has a tremendous ear for the stilted, precise dialogue of the 17th century particularly when it is mixed with seafaring slang , as well as detail and original metaphor Further, as is frequently the case with literary novels, it is often the quality of writing amongst all else that compels one to keep reading To marry it with a well drawn cast of characters, mystery, drama, intrigue, adventure and a vivid, vibrant world, is hugely commendable. This story is set in the late 1600s with much of the story taking place in Jamaica The author s extensive research into that era and culture shows in the wonderful descriptions that transport you to that time and let you live among the people You see the corruption and decadence of the port city, and can smell its stench The writing style as well makes you feel as if you are reading a classic novel from the past I happen to be one who enjoys this type of writing, so I applaud the author for his style.Tobias Hopkins is the captain of an ill fated vessel, captured by pirates He and his crew suffer much before finally arriving in Jamaica At times, the author uses much nautical language as would be expected, but for the most part it is easy to understand what is happening even for a land lubber like me The story of Tobias searching for his father is mingled with a series of brutal murders that have taken place over several years The author skillfully weaves the two together in this intriguing novel It kept me interested from start to finish I can easily see a sequel to find out what one character says, That is another story The characters are well developed I found Tobias annoying in his attitude and reserve, but this flaw only made him real Even the minor characters have personalities My favorite was a prisoner who called out to Tobias from his prison cell This novel is certain to please people interested in nautical or historical stories I highly recommend it. What a gloriously crafted novel Mr Faro s writing style mesmerized me throughout and completely transported me back to 17th century Jamaica Although historical novels can often be drawn out, boring and the author so infatuated with historical accuracy that the story line becomes secondary to the historical references, this novel is so intriguing, mesmerizing and engaging that the reader cannot help but be drawn into it The characters are colorful and engaging and often surprising Love, money, pirates, prostitutes, rejection, murder, forbidden love, prejudice, revenge..and I could go on an on In some ways a simple story of a man s search for his father, acceptance and success but each of its characters provides another layer making the story intriguing and unforgettable and most certainly assiduous with the historical details and writing style. I cannot praise this book highly enough This book will transport you to the Jamaica of the late 17th century, making you feel you re really there The story is gripping and keeps you guessing Tobias Hopkins is looking for his father I don t want to give away what he finds, but I can say that several other characters have an interest in his search There is so much contained in this book, suspense, deception,trickery.The main characters are varied whilst the protagonist, Tobias, has an air of mystery about him He s an interesting and complex person, with many layers to his character.Without wanting to give anything away, there is a brilliant scene where one of Tobias enemies gets his comeuppance This book would make a brilliant film.

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