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The Sandman: A Game of You Take An Apartment House, Mix In A Drag Queen, A Lesbian Couple, Some Talking Animals, A Talking Severed Head, A Confused Heroine, And The Deadly Cuckoo Stir Vigorously With A Hurricane And Morpheus Himself And You Get This Fifth Installment Of The Sandman Series This Story Stars Barbie, Who First Makes An Appearance In The Doll S House, Who Here Finds Herself A Princess In A Vivid Dreamworld Collecting The Sandman Impressed once again I have so much love for this series Full review to come The spell has been broken, the dream has ended Well, at least, for now I was really surprised at how weak the writing was in this volume it feltlike a spin off than part of the actual series Dream was barely present he wasof a side character, only appearing briefly in the series that was named after him Whatever was Neil Gaiman thinking when he decided to centre the story on Barbie Yes, Barbie If felt so off centre and removed from The Sandman myth the very thing that makes this series so compelling, intelligent and cool Sure it had lots of twisted elements and horror tropes but it still just didn t feel right The last edition was about Lucifer Previous ones have been about crazy serial killers with teeth for eyes and all manner of fucked up things We ve even had an edition on the endless So this felt rather how shall I put it unimpressive and unimaginative when you compare it with what came before The problem with such a great series as this is that when it fails to deliver, it really fails to deliver Moreover, the artwork changed after two issues The characters had completely different faces I had to go back and check who was who based upon the clothing and hair styles it was quite odd Perhaps this is just a problem with my edition The only character who had any sense of presence remains an enigma She clearly had some past with Dream, though it is never divulged to us The Witch was interesting this is clearly the last we will ever see her however All in all, it has far too much Barbie and not enough Dream As such, I m going to be taking a considerable break from this series I do love it, but I need time before going back It won t be until early next year before I pick up another volume, I was just so disappointed here. I love Barbie I love Wanda I love Thessaly.Truly, this was one hell of a tightly woven story including inner worlds, cuckoo birds, ancient witches, pulling down the moon, and death.There s no way in hell that I could really boil it down to essentials As a whole it seriously rocks and hits me in the feels Sexual identity and childhood and babies is only a part of it Being wise and forgiving is only a part of it.Hell, I see that holy bitch at Wanda s funeral and I see her just acting in her nature, just like the Cuckoo, and I feel like Thessaly, knowing I really ought to behave like Barbie It tears me up.This is serious literature Both fantastic, strange, and deep as hell and sharp Hard to believe, after reading it, that it is a comic. Sandman continues to confound and confusticate, though that s good thing in this instance This volume took a sharp left turn from the last one, with a minor character taking center stage and Dream playing only a small supporting role It s a little bit like watching a Ghostbusters spinoff where Louis Tully gets lead billing and Peter Venkman shows up to crack a few jokes toward the end before high fiving Slimer in a closing freeze frame which, incidentally, is a spinoff I d watch the crap out of Keep that wonderful weirdness coming, Gaiman. A Game of You, the 5th volume in the Sandman series, is my favorite so far One thing I ve noticed Gaiman is very good at is picking up little threads he dropped in previous stories and building on them this was one of my favorite things about Buffy there s nothingrewarding for a viewer reader than a story that doesn t forget its past The most notable one that gets picked up in this volume is the main character, Barbie, who was a minor character in The Doll s House In that volume, we were introduced to her dream world very briefly, and I was surprised and pleased to see it turned into something bigger and darker.I ve also noticed by this point that the story doesn t suffer when Morpheus takes a back seat to the action Gaiman is skilled enough to provide a compelling cast instead of just relying on one strong character with an entourage of half developed sidekicks. The Sandman series goes from strength to strength, capable of reinventing itself with each new collection Morpheus is mostly absent at the start of A Game of You , but that s all right, as the new characters prove interesting enough without his presence The story takes place partly in a New York tenement, peopled with oddball characters that for some reason reminded me of Will Eisner, and partly in a fantasy realm that is lost in a far corner of Morpheus Dreamcountry Connecting the two is Barbara, a character that appeared first in Doll s House where she dreamt she was a princess ruling over a magic realm The Barbie connection was clearly stated from the start, and here it takes a turn for the dark side, in both realms Barbie is divorced from Ken and living rather poorly in the big city, while the realm is under attack from the Cuckoo and her trusty courtiers are pleading for her return to save them from the Cuckoo According to Wikipedia this story arc is one of the author s favorites, and I can see how some of his favorite themes of falling through the cracks of reality feature prominently here Gaiman also mentions this is one of the girl focused collections, as opposed to other male oriented ones He might have a point, but I didn t have any problems with following a mostly feminine cast I would say that the appeal of the cast for me is in their marginalized social position they are the misfits, the non conformists that proper people like to look down their noses and frown at Wanda is a pre operative shemale, Hazel and Foxglove are a couple of lesbians, Thessaly is a bespectacled bookworm that hides a long career in witchcraft, and so on More than making a statement about social acceptance and exotic lifestyles, I think Gaiman chose these borderline characters in order to show how adversity can help show humans in their true light and how they can get out of trouble by sticking together and helping each other out.Not to get into too much details about the plot, but Barbie gets trapped in a dream by a servant of the Cuckoo, and her neighbours summon the Moon Goddess to help them follow up and rescue her, only to provoke a cataclysm into the real world In the Land Barbie as Princess Barbara sets out on a classic fantasy quest through deserts and forest until she reaches her former palace and comes face to face with the Cuckoo Morpheus at last makes an appearance and provides not only a godlike solution to everybody s troubles, but also a meditation on personal responsibility and assuming the consequences bad or good of one s actions, on growing up and leaving childhood dreams behind and fitting in in an adult world I had some problems with decoding the role of the Cuckoo as an agent of chaos, but probably a re read will set me straight.Of particular interest for me is the artwork of Shawn McManus, which I considered a step above previous volumes I hope some of the characters here will return in later issues, particularly Martin Tenbones, if possible. This came into my bookstore and I hadn t read it in a couple years, plus it s the one with the transwoman in it, and I was feeling emotionally vulnerable So bring it on So yeah So when I was a little kid I read this and it was like, I was a baby transsexual and all I knew about it was that I d better not talk about it or admit it to myself or to anybody else So this book touched me in kind of a weird place and I was SUPER stoked that it treated a transwoman as a human being and, y know, in a positive light Well and I am going to spoiler the shit out of this for you years and years later and years into manifesting a trans identity, uh, the story is really good but this loses four stars for shitty portrayal of a transwoman Seriously It makes sense that she resonated for me when I didn t know what it was like to be trans she reads VERY MUCH like a transwoman written by somebody who s not one Basically I feel wicked betrayed It gets one star back though because of the three panels on the second to last page you ll know em when you see em that always ALWAYS make me cry my friggin eyes out til I fall asleep Seriously I cry and cry It s gross Anyway, yeah, this is good, it makes me feel comfortable dismissing Neil Gaiman as somebody I don t care about BLAH We re back in the game Creative Team Writer Neil GaimanIllustrators Shawn McManus, Colleen Doran, Bryan Talbot, George Pratt Stan WochCovers Dave McKeanLetterer Todd Klein FAIRY TALES, NATURE S FORCES, BLOOdY WITCHCRAFT COMPACT S TERMS I am truly GLAD that my struggles in Season of Mists the fourth volume were left there and Neil Gaiman played with my mind a game, a wonderful game of words and images, a game where ironically you are given the rules of it until the end, but that isn t a reason for not enjoying the fullest this remarkable game of dreaming awake while reading, a game that it is not for the faint of heart Everybody dreams I read about it You don t dream, you go koo koo. What is a Dream King without dreamers What is Death without living people Morpheus and Death are powerful, they are members of the Endless, however not matter how powerful they are, they still need people.Without people, their realms are left without purpose, without content, without richness.We aren t islands and we shouldn t wish to be ones.While you readandThe Sandman, you realice that while Morpheus, the Dream King, is indeed the title character, the story gets its impact thanks to the recurrent characters, that even you don t realize that they will be recurrent until you meet them again While some first encounters with the secondary characters give you a clear message that they are relevant, sometimes, they will just make a cameo or a brief appearance, but doing something vital in a following storyarc Nothing happens by chance in The Sandman, each event has a purpose, a content, a richness.But not always each event will be blissful, some will bring sorrow, but such is life Thessaly What s going on hereJust stuff. StuffUh huh. While the storyarc has many artists involved, I want to highlight the sections illustrated by Shawn McManus, which I think was a perfect choice due the topic in this particular storyarc.If you already read The Doll s House the second volume you already met stuff hard to digest, and here Oh, baby, you will metstuff kinda harder to digest Some truly sad provoking you to cry a little, and some truly gross provoking you to check your door s locks A Game of You is Neil Gaiman s tribute to all those epic fantasies and fairy tales, such as Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia and Wizard of Oz, as long as a tribute to all those games that we played in our childhoods, such as Hide and Seek , Simon Says , Puzzles , Card Games , Playing House , etc But she still has to be stopped. WhyWell, she s dangerous She s evil. Dangerous Perhaps But Evil She acts according to her nature Is that evilWe meet again Barbie, one of the characters introduced in The Doll s House, she is now living in New York, in an apartment building which its owner is out of town, but she has plenty company with hr neighbors Hazel and Foxglove introduced at least from my perspective in Death The High Cost of Living and visited again in Death The Time of your Life, but here you will have them in a moment of the past , Thessaly a nerdy geeky look like petite woman with huge spectacles which is in reality a lotthan what she appears to be I loved her character I hope to meet her again in following stories , George mysterious quite man which, yes, you guess right, he isthan he appears to be, of course he will This is The Sandman and Wanda best friend of Barbie and born as Alvin Robert Caleb Mann, but in the process to change that.Barbie isn t dreaming, and soon enough she will realize that she should be thankful of that since when she would dream again, nobody will be safe Not matter if they are in or out of her dreams This is such great creative story telling us that not always taking an action is the right choice, sometimes the best way to help somebody is not doing anything, but of course, we aren t gods for not saying Endless members to know when to act and when not, as in anything in our lives and our interaction with others, we just can take responsibility for our actions trusting that our choices are for the better.Also, this story is about knowing ourselves and embrace each part of us, even if we want to make a dramatic change in our existences, we can t forget each element that makes what we are, since each tiny little piece, not matter if we like them or not, not matter if we think that we would be better if we forget them, each portion, visible or invisible, solid or intangible, all they are components of ourselves, and each fragment is part of us for a reason, a purpose, adding content, adding richness.Don t stop playing the game, the game of life until it would be over, and maybe, ironically, somebody, maybe a smiling girl in goth clothes, would tell us the rules of the game, the game that we played And remember, you don t decide when the game is over, it s a call for the game itself You just have to play it as best as you can, to the fullest, with all the power of your will. Barbie

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