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I ve always loved historical fiction and came across this by accident, but I m glad I did An immense amount of research must have gone into this The story is set in the late 17th century and i thought the settings and characters seem completely authentic and believable I have read some historical fiction in the past where the characters don t work, they appear to be contemporary people who ve travelled back in a time machine.This is not the case here, however I was able to imagine the characters and the author has a real feeling for describing the various locations and settings.The central character, Tobias Hopkins, is a sea captain who s trying to find out what happened to his father Tobias is a bit of a loner, but he has a cast of diverse characters surrounding him.I was totally engrossed in this book There are many elements here the book is in part a thriller and contains plenty of mystery and suspense. James Faro grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and transports them back to the sixteenth century Set in the Caribbean Tobias Hopkins is on a mission of discovery to reconnect with his father who set sail many years previous and never returned Captain of his own ship misfortune strikes Tobias His ship is commandeered by the French, later it beaches on a sandbar and is sunk Mystery and intrigue surrounds Tobias as he searches for news of his father Nefarious people working to different agendas are swirling around in the background.Homecoming is a gripping well written and researched adventure novel The language and historical facts blend perfectly with that era in time A mystery is steadily building Uncovering the truth is not going to be easy for Tobias but that is left for James Faro to reveal in future Tobias Hopkins editions A big five stars from me. I really enjoyed this book I thought the central character, Tobias, was somewhat aloof and reserved and this gives him an air of mystery He s a sea captain, searching for his missing father, as he trades around Jamaica in the late 17th century His relationship with his crew is somewhat strained, as he maintains his reserve However, the friendship between himself and John, his second in command, is skilfully portrayed.The author s characterisation is very good, all the characters are believable and I could relate to them The descriptive writing is excellent, and the author has obviously carried out a great deal of research.There is a lot going on in this book things are going on behind the scenes.There are characters here who are also searching, and Tobias Hopkins may well be in danger I finished this book wanting to know , and have already started reading the second book in the series. This is a really gripping read and tells the story of Tobias Hopkins, a trader and sea captain who s searching for his father The story is set in Jamaica of the 1670 s and has interesting characters, suspense and even murder The main character, Tobias, is focused on finding out the truth about his father He s an interesting character, who is plagued by memories of his past I like the way in which the author describes the town of Port Royal, a diverse and bustling place.he makes you feel that you re really there.There s plenty of mystery involved in Toby s search as it seems there are other people interested in Toby s whereabouts This is a book which will appeal to many readers who enjoy historical fiction and those who like thrillers will find much to enjoy here.At the end of the novel, it seems Tobias has found some sort of peace, but as this is Volume One in the series, I suspect there is much to come. The Assiduous Quest Of Tobias HopkinsIt Is October In The Year New England Trader, Tobias Hopkins, Arrives In Jamaica To Discover The Truth About His Missing Father It Transpires That, Not Only Has The Man Been Dead For Six Years, But He Has Left Toby With A Half Brother And The Clue To An Inheritance Which Promises To Change The Course Of Their Lives However, Toby S Inquiries Have Attracted The Attention Of Others Who Will Stop At Nothing To Achieve Their Aims Part One Homecoming Toby Is Determined To Uncover The Truth About His Father But Who Can He Trust Haunted By Nightmares From His Past, He Continues With His Quest, Unaware His Actions Are Being Followed Closely By Others Who Will Stop At Nothing To Get What They Want New Disclosures Concerning His Father S Past Are Revealed And A Legacy Is In The Offing Will The Cryptic Message Written By His Father Lead Toby To A Promised Fortune, Or Will It Lead Him Into The Hands Of Those Who Aim To Destroy Him PLEASE NOTE This Book Comprises The First Chapters Of The Assiduous Quest The Complete Novel This book starts with big problems for Tobias Hopkins, a sea captain, when his ship goes down As well as his crew to think about, he has his own problems He s looking for his father and trying to get over the loss of his mother and sistes back in England By the end of this volume, Tobias seems to have found some of his answers, but his search appears to have thrown up mysteries.It becomes clear that there are people watching him who will stop at nothing to get what they want.Wish I had been there I ve read the complete novel and I highly recommend this, as the author has an excellent eye for detail and the descriptive passages are so strongly and vividly written you feel you re there in 17th century Jamaica, with the characters.There is plenty for everyone intrigue, adventure and plenty of suspense.I have a particular interest in historical fiction and was completely captivated by this novel. Homecoming

About the Author: James Faro

James Faro joined the Merchant Navy at the age of sixteen, travelling extensively throughout Brazil, North America and the Caribbean He has lived in many countries including Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Aden and the Netherlands He has always retained his fascination with travel and the sea which is reflected in his writing He has a Post Graduate degree in History from the University of Sussex.

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