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Climbing Mount Improbable In Climbing Mount Improbable, Richard Dawkins, Author Of The God Delusion, Builds A Powerful And Carefully Reasoned Argument For Evolutionary Adaptation As The Force Behind All Life On Earth What Drives Species To Evolve How Can Intricate Structures Such As The Human Eye, The Spider S Web Or The Wings Of Birds Develop, Seemingly By Chance Regarding Evolution S Most Complex Achievements As Peaks On A Metaphorical Mountain, Climbing Mount Improbable Reveals The Ways In Which The Theory Of Natural Selection Can Precisely Explain The Beautiful, Bizarre And Seemingly Designed Complexity Of Living ThingsAnd Through It All Runs The Thread Of DNA, The Molecule Of Life, Responsible For Its Own Destiny On An Unending Pilgrimage Through Time Accompanied By Evocative Illustrations, Dawkins S Eloquent Descriptions Of The Living World S Astonishing Adaptations Throw Back The Curtain On The Mysteries Of Mount Improbable An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found Here

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    Part of me feels really dumb reading this, because all I can do is take him at his word and go uh huh, that must be how it s done Like what is this other guy who gave the book one star talking about with chaos theory and some kind of math that has proven that eyes could evolve or devolve spontaneously What does that mean How am I to judge what is r

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    Za ovu knjigu potrebno je odre eno predznanje predznanje osnovno kolske bilogije, kemije i fizike Ali zato pru a puno, i tko voli itati popularnu znanost prepunu injenica, ovo je prava knjioga koja poja njava puno toga.

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    A very difficult read Including very fragmented chapters, though interesting.

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    I highly recommend you read any Dawkins book on evolution, if you want the best coherent explanation of the processes of natural selection.According to Wikipedia, Dawkins is Darwin s Rottweiler In this book, Dawkins attempts to explain how it is possible that evolution of such amazing instruments as eyes can happen through nothing than natural selection He expla

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    After a couple weeks of slowly reading through this one, I gave up and skimmed the last 150 or so pages This book was not as engaging as Blind Watchmaker or God Delusion, mostly because it s of a biology text than a political treatise about evolution I very much enjoyed the what it all means sections of the book, but those appear too infrequently between the how it a

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    Richard Dawkins s condescending arrogance is getting on my nerves so much that I doubt I ll finish thisBut I stuck with it and I made it through Interestingly, when Dick Dawkins is focusing on explaining how cool evolution is, and not bagging various religions well mostly just the Western ones , he is actually a very entertaining, and also quite persuasive, writer.The midd

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    I read this book almost by accident It was a few years ago and I was joining a mail order book club and this was just need one for my new member special offers, this looks kind of interesting I hadn t read anything about science for many years I d tried to read Stephen Jay Gould books a couple of times but I never enjoyed them, usually couldn t finish I had a vague understandi

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    I come from a family where almost everyone has something against Dawkins And yet, I somehow won this book To my surprise it is quite good Some parts are a little outdated especially the part about 3D printers and their nonexistence but it makes sense as it was written 20 years ago.Once you accept that the author is a bit of an egomaniac, the book is well written, interesting and und

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    when richard wrote this book about the slow evolutionary plod of the evolving eye up the billion year probability mountain a guy in the same faculty who he probably saw in the tea room was dr brian goodwin who with the use of chaos computation proved that the eye in acetabularia could evolve and devolve spontaneously as appropriate richard never really went into 21st century computation,

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    Too many iffy chapters that were boring than interesting

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