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Crystal Lies (Carlson, Melody) Wow, what a powerful book Ms Carlson s ability to combine faith and hard hitting topics is fantastic, and it is clear how she became such a well known inspirational fiction author She doesn t shy away from difficult issues or tie them up in a neat little bow In this novel, she writes about a family coming apart at the seams Glennis, the main character, is hit full force with her son s addiction, her husband s betrayal, and her daughter s self absorbed, distant behavior all at the same time It was interesting to read about the parent of an addict and all of the emotions she experienced As with many of her other novels, Ms Carlson uses a first person point of view, so as the reader, it felt like a very personal story I wanted to smack Jacob after he messed up time and again, causing Glennis to practically go out of her mind with worry.There are plenty of twists and turns in the story, especially one shocking turn of events that rocks every characters world I felt invested in the story and how things would turn out in the end I think this book gives a very realistic look into the worried protective thoughts and feelings of a parent, though this is an extreme example This is another very solid novel by one of my favorite authors, and I enjoyed reading it. I picked this book with interest in addiction and what the emotional effects are on family members This really showed that side of it It didn t give much of a perspective from the addicts side though It was a drug out book that I thought could ve been done in 250 pages or less I also did not enjoy how much Christianity was brought into it There should have been a side note that it involved the mother laying her son s progressive addiction into God s hands Overall it was a pretty dull book Not my favorite but still intriguing. A Son S Addiction A Mother S Heartbreak A Family S Crisis As The Wife Of A Prominent City Attorney And The Mother Of Two Teenage Children On The Brink Of Adulthood, Glennis Harmon Lives The Kind Of Successful, High Profile Life That Many People Envy But When Nineteen Year Old Jacob Is Drawn Into Substance Abuse, Glennis Perfect World Shatters Like A Crystal Vase Rocked From Its Once Steady Shelf Glennis Struggles To Understand The Response Of Her Family As They Seek To Support Jacob S Recovery Her Husband Appears Concerned With Protecting His Image Than With Finding Help For Their Troubled Son, But Glennis Becomes Determined To Save Jacob No Matter What The Cost Stepping Into A Rescuer Role, She Unintentionally Puts Her Relationship With Her Older Daughter, Sarah, And Her Already Strained Marriage On The Line And A Revelation About Her Husband Will Push Her To The Brink Of What She Can Bear How Far Should A Mother Go To Save Her Child A Compelling, Compassionate, And Ultimately Hopeful Novel About The Impact Of Substance Abuse And Addiction, Crystal Lies Is An Intimate Portrayal Of One Mother S Attempt To Simultaneously Love, Trust, And Let Go It was an okay book about a young man s addiction to crystal meth and how it affects his family I was frustrated with how idiotic the mom was and what a jerk the dad was. Great book and shows the reality of drugs and what it does to a family. Excellent readI started this book because I love her writing But soon discovered some friends in my own life going through this same journey This book brought me to tears in many places and gave me hope in others Thank you. I haven t experienced this situation first hand, but I can see how this boy s addiction could certainly put stress on every member of the family I d like to read from this author. glennis life is falling apart her son jacob has been drug into the world of a crystal meth addict, and she is doing everything she can to pull him out of it unfortunately, her husband does not agree with her efforts to help and wants to sweep the whole thing under the rug glennis is in so much pain that she just has to leave one day and moves into an apartment across town jacob comes to crash at her place, but through the efforts of some friends and counseling glennis realizes that she cannot be an enabler to his habit so she has to kick him out, all while her husband is divorcing her for another woman return return return return return return return style characterisics pacing, clarity, structure, narrative devices, etc return strong first person narration helps the reader grasp the reality of dealing with an addict along with glennis told with a bit of a flash back, the story sucks the reader in as they want to see if jacob and glennis will ever be able to climb out of the pit they are in pretty good secondary characters, though the characterization is a bit shallow for them good information though from the counselor character and the recovering alcoholic character and glennis faith journey shows the hope that come come in the midst of sorrow i especially like the scene where after a failed thanksgiving dinner where her son is a now show she goes and invites all the neighbors return return how good is it return return this is a book to read when you are in the mood for something serious that will help you learn about what it is like to be in the pit of despair yet still find some hope and also to understand about the issue of drug addiction. The book Crystal Lies is mostly about a family that has never seen bad days It s about a family that has no problems and lives the American dream They had money and great kids with bright futures ahead of them Well at least that s what they thought The mother Glennis did not have a job she was a stay home mom The husband George was a very popular husband he made all the money The daughter Sarah was already off to college, and having a good life The son Jacob was in still in high school and his life isn t the greatest This book is about this family falling from cloud 9 Glennis and George s kids were the best until, Jacob gave up on life George was a very hard on Jacob and excepted a lot out of Jacob and Glennis never backed up her own son While Jacob would be beaten for his grades, or he played bad in a sport Well, a mouth later George wasn t getting as much money as he use to There whole family had to move to the bad side of town into a little apartment Jacob made a lot of new friends He never told his parents what kind of friends until they noticed that his grades were dropping Jacob wouldn t come home at night Sometimes he wouldn t show up for days Once he finally gets home he smells terrible and even looks terrible Glennis knew there had to be a change, but George didn t care He wanted Jacob to rot with the druggies One day Glennis got so mad she stole money from George s account and bailed her son out of jail That same day they moved into an even smaller apartment and left George behind After a few months like that Glennis is getting her life back She met up with an old friend that helps her with all of her emotional problems Than In a blink of an eye Glennis was living in a nice house and Jacob was in rehab getting better Finally, Glennis has moved on in her life and has found an amazing guy While Jacob was looking to attend a university to be a teacher There life finally came together and know they know what real love is and how drugs don t solve every problem This book mostly focuses on Glennis Her life was almost perfect The book makes you walk in her shoes and realize how much pain she felt She didn t know that she was giving money to her son to buy drugs and help with gas money Glennis is the type of mom that you would think every child has She is caring sweet and an amazing personality She has a huge heart for everyone and always wants to help people I think she was to kind to Jacob and gave him too much free time She knew that he wasn t going to basketball practice any, but she still helped him out Glennis went from the bottom of the sea all the way to the clouds I recommend this book to boys and girls, ages 13 and up Even new mothers should read this, because it can relate to so many people I feel like older and mature people will enjoy this book It does go through things that I didn t really understand in life It makes you realize everyday struggles throughout life when you do not have a lot of money Teenagers would enjoy this book to realize how lucky they are to have a good family Also, they can see how life can get so hard you just want to fail, but you can t give up on yourself Many people can take so much out of this book I read this book because I was interested into seeing family problems I like reading about other people s problems and how I can avoid them in my life This book made me think a lot and how lucky I am to not be around bad people I am happy that I actually want a future and that I am not sitting behind a garbage can doing bad things It makes me think if we can actually help that are behind that garbage can doing bad things If we could actually reach out to them and explain that they are not worthless and they were put into this life for a reason Not to waste their life. Melody Carlson writes good Christian fiction, mostly because she hits on hard topics This one, as you d probably guess from the title, is on drug abuse Carlson always manages to tell a good story in a sensitive, but thoughtful manner She always leaves me wanting a bit , though

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