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The Book of Three Taran Wanted To Be A Hero, And Looking After A Pig Wasn T Exactly Heroic, Even Though Hen Wen Was An Oracular Pig But The Day That Hen Wen Vanished, Taran Was Led Into An Enchanting And Perilous World With His Band Of Followers, He Confronted The Horned King And His Terrible Cauldron Born These Were The Forces Of Evil, And Only Hen Wen Knew The Secret Of Keeping The Kingdom Of Prydain Safe From Them But Who Would Find Her First

About the Author: Lloyd Alexander

The Chronicles of Prydain The concluding book of the series,

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    Blast From The Past Year Zero Hooboy I have conflicted feelings about the book, and my feelings about those conflicted feelings are also conflicted So there s that To make a long story short I loved this series when I was kid, I needed to pick up a gift for my nephew who is apparently Mini Me, so I grabbe

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    I really liked this book but I liked it even because I got to read it with my dad.

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    Lloyd Alexander to Welsh traditionAs Tolkien s Germanic noble mission.But worse than The Hobbit please explain Because the prose style s mundane.The rest of the series, though, remember, Only gets better, fanning the embersFiercer and brighter in later books From The Black Cauldron onwards, you re hooked.

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    Back in the days before Harry Potter, I was too young to get through Tolkien and wasn t interested in The Chronicles of Narnia fortunately, I had The Chronicles of Prydain The series there are five books in all takes place in a setting similar to Wales in the Middle Ages The main character is an assistant pig keeper named Taran

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    Whenever I m at my parents home, surrounded by the books of my childhood, I will inevitably pick one up and read This time, I selected the first of Lloyd Alexander s Prydain Chronicles The Book of Three If you haven t read Lloyd Alexander at all, then I feel terribly sorry for your sad and empty childhood.The basic plot should seem quit

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    A good classic I first read this book when I was about 8 years old, and I remember loving it back then It was fun to revisit it now, and thankfully, it aged surprisingly well There are a lot of subtle layers here underneath what is an otherwise Tolkien inspired book for kids.The assistant pig keeper Taran starts out surprisingly unlikable, but

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    I have very little to say on this book and why I gave it 5 stars I read it in the past A re read has revealed many deft touches that the author has meant us readers to discover at our leisure The book has a boldfaced naivety about it I enjoyed it from start to finish I regret so few people will want to give it a chance I m thinking of going through the

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    The Book of Three is one of those classic fantasy novels you see on Top ___ lists and the shelves of used bookshops with a fantasy section of any redeeming value However, it doesn t rank up there with the best of the bunch and you don t hear people raving about it I needed to find out what was up with this little book and so I did It s a fun, mostly li

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    The Chronicles of Prydain is a classic fantasy adventure that does what great classics, fantasies and adventures do to readers make them love them Who says classics cannot be as fun as Percy Jackson series

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    I adored this series when I was a kid, and I was in the mood for some comfort food reading, and deeply curious to see whether reading it would still hold any pleasure for me decades later I m happy to say that it did indeed hold many pleasures There is an abiding sense of compassion and humor coursing through this book, even as its band of misfit adventurers face peril and ha

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