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The Upper Room Maureen, A Young Black Girl Torn Between Her Mother, The Notorious Mama Ruby, Whose Healing Powers And Reputation Cause People To Fear Her, And The Harsh Realities Of Life, Comes Of Age, In A Powerful, Evocative Tale Set In A Migrant Labor Camp In The Bayous Of The Florida Everglades Reprint

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    Great read

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    Mama Ruby is crazy as a bedbug Real Talk.And everybody is scared of her When her best friend delivers a stillborn little girl, Mama Ruby takes it back to her house to bury with the other bodies But when, quite some time later, the infant miraculously shows signs of life, Mama Ruby chalks it up to her so called Healing Hands and hightails it

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    Storytelling in its finest hour, and in all of its glory There s very little to say, except I loved, loved this story, and book Inclusive of a great cast of characters moved by great bodies of rich autistic dialogue, it didn t take long to take a genuine liking to this steep story entrenched in gripping persuasive writing, at all Virgil, Hattie, Slim,

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    I read Mama Ruby first and then read The Upper Room I was really disappointed As two separate stories, they re okay, but as a set The Upper Room being the sequel to Mama Ruby , they are inconsistent It s almost as if the author did not reread The Upper Room before writing Mama Ruby as the prequel Also, the endings of BOTH books left too much to be desired I did

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    This book was hilarious Mama Ruby is quite the character and crazier then anything in this world Monroe is gifted, making this tale flow so fluently with all the country banter, historical background, and constant surprises It is no wonder I can t stop laughing or rereading my favorite quotes This one right here is a classic I can t wait to get started on part two There

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    Mary Monroe is one of my all time FAVORITE authoress She REALLY knows how to create colorful characters and page turning plot lines that keep you coming back for HOWEVER.this book was not one of those for me Despite all the positive reviews I read about it over the internet, I personally did not enjoy it The story centers around a morbidly obese, emotionally unstable women called

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    Where do I start in talking about this book Don t worry there are no spoilers here, but I will say that I was in no way prepared for where this story took me I experienced sooo many emotions while reading er listening to it thanks to Audible I was shocked, I was intrigued, I laughed, I was kept on the edge of my seat Did I mention how much I laughed This book was a treat Now it s on to the

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    Plot From the description The Upper Room sounds like it is going to be an interesting read with a Christian slant Which is what I expected from an author whose most famous books are part of a series entitled God Don t Like Ugly The Upper Room is not Christian fiction by any stretch of the imagination In fact, I don t know what genre to even place it in This was not what I was expecting, in a b

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    Mamma Ruby is something I enjoyed reading this book and enjoyed the characters who were hilarious This was an easy read There some discrepancies from the first book though.

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