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Das Kapital, Karl Marx S Seminal Work, Is The Book That Above All Others Formed The Twentieth Century From Kapital Sprung The Economic And Political Systems That At One Time Dominated Half The Earth And For Nearly A Century Kept The World On The Brink Of War Even Today, Than One Billion Chinese Citizens Live Under A Regime That Proclaims Fealty To Marxist Ideology Yet This Important Tome Has Been Passed Over By Many Readers Frustrated By Marx S Difficult Style And His Preoccupation With Nineteenth Century Events Of Little Relevance To Today S ReaderHere Serge Levitsky Presents A Revised Version Of Kapital, Abridged To Emphasize The Political And Philosophical Core Of Marx S Work While Trimming Away Much That Is Now Unimportant Pointing Out Marx S Many Erroneous Predictions About The Development Of Capitalism, Levitsky S Introduction Nevertheless Argues For Kapital S Relevance As A Prime Example Of A Philosophy Of Economic Determinism That Subordinates The Problems Of Human Freedom And Human Dignity To The Issues Of Who Should Own The Means Of Production And How Wealth Should Be Distributed Here Then Is A Fresh And Highly Readable Version Of A Work Whose Ideas Provided Inspiration For Communist Regimes Ideological War Against Capitalism, A Struggle That Helped To Shape The World Today Das Kapital

About the Author: Karl Marx

Engels founded the Communist League in 1847 and published the Communist Manifesto After the failed revolution of 1848 in Germany, in which Marx participated, he eventually wound up in London Marx worked as foreign correspondent for several U.S publications His Das Kapital came out in three volumes 1867, 1885 and 1894 Marx organized the International and helped found the Social Democratic Party of Germany Although Marx was not religious,

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    Try to call me an uneducated socialist now, bitches

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    How could one give a star rating to Das Kapital It stands, with Marx s canon, as one of the most influential books in history, perhaps rivaling only some religious texts With three stars, I think I will have reached a compromise which will offend everyone.Das Kapital is Marx s attempt to codify and transmit his collected observations on the state of capitalism This is a far cry from the soaring rhetoric of the Manifesto its

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    Das Kapital Kritik der politischen konomie Der Produktionsprozess des Kapitals, Karl Marx Capital, Volume I Das Kapital , 1867, Capital, Volume II posthumously published by Engels , 1885, Capital, Volume III posthumously published by Engels , 1894.Capital Volume I The Process of Production of Capital German Das Kapital Erster Band Buch I Der Produktionsprocess des Kapitals is an 1867 economics book by German philosopher Karl M

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    Had Marx avoided moral judgments in this tome, had he stuck only to symptoms of capitalism s maladies, this book might still be read in the West today Instead, Marx and his labor theory of value are considered discredited by economics departments and worthy of little than synopses and essays about the work Das Kapital is still cited by many and read by none and this is probably because Marx s moral remedy led to greater woes than c

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    IntroductionNote on the TextSelect BibliographyA Chronology of Karl MarxPreface to the First German EditionAfterword to the Second German Edition Capital Abridged Marx s Selected FootnotesExplanatory NotesSubject IndexName Index

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    In France and in England the bourgeoisie had conquered political power Thenceforth, the class struggle, practically as well as theoretically, took on and outspoken and threatening forms Karl Marx, London,January 24, 1873 he meant stimulate Marxism applied failed Still, The Economist finds virtue in the ideology am glad there was one called Mises, to counter Marx Marx didn t use the word capitalism But, communism failed.PS a propos China

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    Karl Marx s Capital can be read as a work of economics, sociology and history He addresses a myriad of topics, but is most generally trying to present a systematic account of the nature, development, and future of the capitalist system There is a strong economic focus to this work, and Marx addresses the nature of commodities, wages and the worker capitalist relationship, among other things Much of this work tries to show the ways in which w

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    The first third has some interesting ideas about the workings of capitalism The last two thirds seem like a bizarre reading punishment you would be inflicted with inside a Soviet Gulag Volume one is well written and explains most major Marxian ideas The next two thirds is elaboration beating a dead horse The whole argument hinges on the idea of labor value of commodities And the surplus labor being the source of a Capitalists profit Getting as

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    Did not agree with everything Marx saidbut there is no doubt that this book has changed the world.

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