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Jesse Livermore - Boy Plunger Read this at the same time As Reminisance of Stock Trader They both complimented each other well The age old cliche fits this piece well Money can buy you happiness, but only for a little while. Only one word for JL Legend there is no other speculator like him who has ridden the ups and downs of the ticker tape and personal life with chutzpah and there will never be again like him Thank you to the author to put the entire economic period from 1860s to 1940s succinctly intertwined with speculation activity of JL Must read to all investors who look at the tape and after reading this book the tape will not look same again This book deserved six stars. HOPE AND FEAR ARE THE MOST FORMIDABLE HAZARSS FOR A TRADER.Follow the path of least resistance he was a trend follower JL believed in taking losses early and profits late, but it was easier said than done.It is the contagion of example that makes a man do something.Whatever happens in the stock market has happened before and will happen again.As a rule, man adapts himself to conditions so quickly that he loses perspective.With bucket shops you were betting on share prices would rise or fall but you didn t own or sell shares Done on 10% margin Anyone who won consistently was banned like corporate bookies The bucket shops in the last 1800s traded 7x the volume of official exchanges.Finally the courts rules that CBOT quotations were proprietary and they could decide who used them end of bucket shops.In 1900 JL wiped himself out as he didn t know the tape was delayed up to 2 hours from the exchange process Didn t matter in a bucket shop but did with real shares.Initially 25% of Sanfrans buildings collapsed in the 1906 quake Fractures gas Mariana caught fire and within 48 hours 67% of Sanfran was burnt out.He lost all his money again on shorting the market too early I should have walked and not sprinted After a down, a man enjoys being up.Piermont Morgan saves the American financial system from collapse in 1906, and in turn made hundreds of millions via secured loans.All stock market mistakes wound you in two tender spits the pocket book and your vanity.Reminiscence of a stock operator was published in 1923 was the story of JL without naming names.Prohibition was a constitutional ban in the sale, production, importation and transport of alcohol not drinking Was initially bought in to save grain for the war effort and reminded to try and reverse the rising crime rate in 1927.America converted from an agricultural economy to an industrial one in the roaring twenties JL equity base dwindled from 30m in 25 to 7m as he tried to pick the top of the market He made 100m but was very levered so could have blown himself up.Ever estate cost 3.5m to build and got only 222k for it in 1933.He was broke again in 1934 after being worth 100m in 1929.JL, JL jr and JL111 all committed suicide in their 60s. This is a fascinating story of a the stock market in the years leading up to the great crash of 1929 a biography of a trader who made a 100 million dollars shorting the market during that infamous week Anyone who has seriously traded stocks will relate to the first hand account of Jesse Liver s amazing story He made and lost fortunes during a time when The Market was not well regulated, but many of the strategies and psychology involved with stock speculation are still relevant today History usually focuses on how people lost money during this and other crashes, but Jesse Liver became one of the richest people in the world by legally playing the market perfectly, and then quickly losing all of it by playing it wrong There are plenty of lessons to be learned here A very entertaining read, I could not put it down. Interesting to read about the history and the lifestyle of investors at the start of the 20th century The life of Jesse Liver was not quite what I expected As someone who made money from the stock market crash I was curious as to his methodology I got a lot than that, including an education into the finance of the late 19th century and 20th century Jesse Liver started from very meager beginnings and the early part of the book was about how he used networking skills to change that very quickly His father pulled him out of school at 14 and told him he would be a farm laborer A life that didn t interest him He ran away from home with his mothers help In town he went right up to a financial house and asked for a job So begins his first stock experience Bucket Shops This was a new concept for me They enabled people to bet on stock prices without actually owning stock These operated like mini casinos including turning people away for winning too much They were shady and eventually were banned Jesse made and lost fortunes time after time In this respect there is a lot about him not to model His personal life was often a disaster My original goal of learning from him was altered because there is so much I don t aspire to Making a fortune is great, but not if you lose it shortly thereafter He also had a number of bad marriages and ended his own life The parts I do want to copy are his methods of determining if something was working He believed that the only way to test the truth of something was to see if he made money with it He also used a method that stopped losses from becoming dangerous as he was often right, but early The only time he felt guilty was when he altered his method on another persons advice against his better judgement He did spend an absurd amount of money on stupid things and without this vice a lot of his life would have ended up better This was a fantastic book, not just because of his personal history, but because of what it says about the period he lived in. An incredibly insightful look into the trading habits and personal failures of Jesse Liver It s difficult to find great books on markets but this one is interesting and useful Kindle. Liver Went Bankrupt For At Least The Fourth Time In Despite Having Amassed A Fortune Of Million By, Liver Was Back Where He Started At He Did Not Seem To Learn From His Mistakes Victor Niederhoffer That Was The Call Of A Lifetime, Everyone Was Blind And Deep Into The Crisis And Jesse Liver Made Million Going Short When Almost Everyone Else Was Bullish And Then Almost Everyone Else Lost Their Shirts John Paulson His Stories Of Making Millions, Were The Financial Equivalent Of Sex, Drugs And Rock N Roll To A Young Man At The Advent Of His Financial Career Paul Tudor Jones It Was An Amazing Day On Th October When Jesse Came Home And His Wife Thought They Were Ruined And Instead He Had The Second Best Trading Day Of Anyone In History John Templeton Who Was Jesse Liver Jesse Liver, Was The Most Successful Stock And Commodities Trader That Ever Operated On The Stock Markets He Was Both The Man Who Made The Most Money In A Single Day And The Man Who Lost The Most Money In A Single Day In Fact He Made And Lost Three Great Fortunes Between And Singlehandedly He Caused The Two Great Wall Street Crashes Of And , Making Millions From Both When He Speculated He Speculated Big And Was Known On Wall Street As The Boy Plunger For A Brief Period In The Early S He Was One Of The World S Richest Men With A Personal Fortune Believed To Be Worth Over Million, Million Of That Earned In Just A Few Days From The Wall Street Crash Of In The End It Was Too Extreme A Change Of Fortunes For Any Man To Cope With And Liver Shot Himself In A New York Hotel Lobby In Aged Just His Legacy Continued And His Son, Jesse Jr Later Also Committed Suicide As Did His Grandson, Jesse III In The Summer Of Most People Believed That The Stock Market Would Continue To Rise Forever Wall Street Was Enjoying A Eight Year Winning Run That Had Seen The Dow Jones Increase , Per Cent From The Start Of The Decade An Unprecedented Rise The Dow Peaked At On Rd September And Later That Day The Most Respected Economist Of The Day, Irving Fisher, Declared That The Rise Was Permanent One Man Vigorously Disagreed And Sold Million Worth Of Shares Short Two Weeks Later The Market Began Falling And Rising Again On Successive Days For No Apparent Reason This Situation Endured For A Month Until What Became Famously Known As The Three Black Days On Black Thursday Th October The Dow Fell % At The Opening Bell, Prompting Absolute Chaos The Fall Was Stalled When Leading Financiers Of The Day Clubbed Together To Buy Huge Quantities Of Shares But It Was Short Lived Succor And Over That Weekend Blanket Negative Newspaper Commentary Caused The Second Of The Black Days On Black Monday Th October When The Market Dropped Another % The Third Black Day, Black Tuesday Th October Saw The Market Drop A Further % When The Dust Had Settled, Between The Th And Th October, Wall Street Had Lost Billion Only Much Later Did It Became Known That The Man Who Had Sold Short Million Worth Of Shares Was Jesse Liver Liver Had Made Million And Overnight Became One Of The Richest Men In The World It Remains, Adjusted For Inflation, The Most Money Ever Made By Any Individual In A Period Of Seven Days This Is The Story Of That Man Brilliant biography of a man considered the greatest trader of all time Highly recommend for people interested in the stock market, economics, investment oriented interests. Read itVery interesting to get a front row seat to watch insider trading at its best and worst These people are so thankless that no amount of money is enough.

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