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The Red Balloon Frans Z Film Y Netmeni Albert Lamorisse In Ocuklar I In Yaratt K Rm Z Balon Adl Filmi Ilk G Rd Mde Ya Ndayd M Lerleyen Y Llar I Inde Birka Kez Daha G Rd M Son Olarak Da Video Kopyas Ge Ti Elime Her Izleyi Imde O Ocuk A H Zn Yeniden Ya Ad M Filmin Kahraman K K Pascal, Filmin Bir Yerinde Balon Diye Seslenir Filmdeki Tek Konu Ma Da Budur Video Bant G Nlerce, Kare Kare Izledim Ince Ince Notlar Ald M Sonra Da Ge Tim Makinenin Ba Na, Bu Kitab Yazd M Bu G Zel Filmin Yaz L Bir Yk S Yoktu Ama Imdi Var Elinizdeki Kitap, Albert Lamorisse In Yaratt K Rm Z Balon Adl Filmin Kitab D R Sevgili K K Pascal Ile Kocaman K Rm Z Balon Un Yaz L Yk S D R Yazarken, Bir Amac M Da, Kitab , Filmin Yarat C S Albert Lamorisse E G Ndermek, Onu A Rtmakt , Sevindirmekti Art K Onun Ya Amad N Nereden Bilebilirdim Bu B Y K Ustan N, Hem De Yine Ocuklar I In Yeni Bir Filmin Ekimi S Ras Nda Bir Helikopter Kazas Nda Lm Oldu Unu Renince Ok Z Ld M Ok Sevdi Im Bu Kitab M , Onun Filminden Ald M Birka Foto Rafla S Slemekten Ka Nmad M Alt Nda Yatt Toprak Y N Ndan G Ky Z Ne Renk Renk Balonlar U Uran Sevgili Albert Lamorisse E Ad Yorum Bu Kitab M Topra Na Balonlar Ya S N This is the first book I ever read in the school library that wasn t on the shorter shelves specifically for kids I remember asking the librarian to take it off the shelf for me in first grade because I couldn t reach it I don t really remember anything about this book except that I loved it I should find a copy and revisit it now, 23 years later Okudu um ilk kitap Based on the famous 1956 French Kodak short film, The Red Balloon is a dazzling, creative book that anyone can read, telling the story of a little boy and the powerful companionship he has with his imaginary friend, a bright red balloon. This was a childhood favorite book of mine and I still love it to this day A sweet story about a young boy and his best friend who happens to be a red balloon What makes this book so special are the photographs of Paris as the boy wanders around the city Highly recommend My Rating 5 stars

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