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Fabricating Faith According To Hagenston, Jesus Had Such A Hard Edge When It Came To Gentiles That He Coined His Own Unflattering Term For Them Dogs He Limited What He Was Offering Strictly To Jews Yet The Religion That Began In His Name Quickly Transformed Into A Predominantly Gentile Movement Centered On Blood Sacrifice To Obtain God S Forgiveness, A Practice Rejected By Many Jews Long Before Jesus Came On The Scene Further The Sacrifice Was Not Just Of An Animal, But Of Jesus Himself How Did This Happen Hagenston Exposes The Roots Of Brutal Justice Underpinning Traditional Christianity, But Finds Hope In A Jewish Movement Toward Grace That Preceded And Influenced The Historical Jesus

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    I was excited to get this book and had high hopes for it When I first received it I was surprised how short it was, I expected a topic like this to warrant explanation but hoped he was able to distill the information and still make a good case despite of the small size Ultimately I was left wanti

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