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Prelude to Terror The Scene Is Vienna, Where An American Art Expert, Colin Grant, Has Been Dispatched By A Texas Millionaire To Buy A Painting By The Dutch Master Ruysdael He Is Instructed To Get The Painting At Any Cost But To Keep His Employer S Name A Secret This Seemingly Simple Assignment Turns Into A Nightmare For Grant As He Finds Himself In The Center Of A Conspiracy To Unleash Bloody International TerrorismThe Art World Meets Cloak And Dagger Intrigue In This Cold War Thriller A Triumph Of Pacing From A Veteran Of The Genre

About the Author: Helen MacInnes

Helen MacInnes was a Scottish American author of espionage novels She graduated from the University of Glasgow in Scotland in 1928 with a degree in French and German A librarian, she married Professor Gilbert Highet in 1932 and moved with her husband to New York in 1937 so he could teach classics at Columbia University She wrote her first novel, Above Suspicion, in 1939 She wrote many bestsell

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    This was the first book by MacInnes that I ve read Wow It was clever and exciting After the sale of the artwork, it was hard to believe we were only two thirds through the story.Colin Grant finally finds his niche regarding what to do with his life, especially after his bout of depression after the murder of his

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    Prelude to terror DB 13635 MacInnes, Helen Reading time 10 hours, 40 minutes This is a polished, intelligent thriller, which reminded me than a little of the work of John Le Carre, my very favorite espionage author While the writing doesn t quite meet his gold standard, it is extremely good descriptive when appro

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    Il libro in s mi piaciuto molto, il racconto abbastanza originale ed interessante Non mi piaciuto molto lo stile narrativo, che personalmente mi ha spesso e volentieri spiazzato e o lasciato in stato confusionale costringendomi a tornare indietro di qualche riga o addirittura paragrafo per dare una seconda lettura c

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    This is a spy novel y spy novel The kind where the unsuspecting guy gets recruited for a seemingly above board and noble business art venture, and ends up caught between the KGB and CIA Colin Grant is a free lance art writer and adviser in acquisitions to a prestigious New York fine art gallery The staff of a billiona

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    Oh this made me so FURIOUS It is classic MacInnes in so many ways excellent writing, tense, spot on period and place details And of course having terrorists poison spies in their apartment lobbies with nerve toxins isn t just for the 1960s and 70s any, it s still with us So yes, read this book for a well written thrille

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    Colin Grant, an art expert in New York, is commissioned to travel to Vienna to bid on a painting by Dutch landscape artist Ruysdael on behalf of a millionaire art collector in Texas As one would expect from MacInnes, the assignment turns out not to be as easy as expected KGB terrorists are financing their activities by se

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    Very enjoyable, well written, and suspense that drew you in to try and solve the mystery This was a very enjoyable and well written suspenseful mystery There was never an obvious clue or easy to figure out what would develop next, except for the missing Lois Some parts were a definitely easy to predict, but the writing of t

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    This is the second time I m reading this one When I registered it on Goodreads last year, I gave it a 3, mainly because I had forgotten the story but knew I d liked it which I d read around 1993 I ve just re read it and am giving it a 4 This is another brilliant espionage thriller from Helen MacInnes I ve just been reminded o

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    The title is a little bit misleading, but like MacInnes s other books that I have read, it is full of suspense and thrills I really liked the plot and the story line is interesting as it deals with the art world and espionage.

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    Not as exciting or interesting as other MacInnes books, probably 3 1 2 stars instead of 4 Nice to read something exciting that doesn t have iPhones or new technology.she never has needed it in her books

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