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You Can Drum But You Cant Hide Amid The Many Near Mythical Figures Of The Manchester Music Scene, They Call Him The Nearly Man You D Expect A Drummer To Have Better Timing Yes, He Parted Ways Before The Patrol Became The Stone Roses Yes, He Turned Down The Smiths Because He Didn T Like Morrissey S Voice Right Place, Right Time, Wrong Choices Timing Is EverythingBut The Beat Goes On And While Simon Wolstencroft Can See What Might Have Been, Cultivating Bitterness Bears No Fruit And Funky Si Has Tasted The Nectar Spending An Unlikely Years In The Fall And Hooking Up With His Old Mate Ian Brown During His Solo Days, You Can Drum But You Can T Hide Reflects On A Life Driven By A Passion For Playing Taking You From The Warehouses Of Manchester And The Beaches Of Rio De Janeiro To The High Rises Of Tokyo, This Book Hands You A Backstage Pass To An Evocative Age That Restored Pride To The City Of Manchester With Humour And Detail, Si Recounts A Fascinating Tale Of Drumming And Drugs, Friendships And Fall Outs, But, Above All, A Love Of Music

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    I joined The Fall at the same time as Simon Wolstencroft Admittedly, only as a fan in my case, at the time Bend Sinister, Funky Si s first LP with the band, came out I knew nothing then of his near misses with othe

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    Dear Funky Si, thank you for taking the time to fill in so many mysteries for a yank who grew up an obsessive Fall fan I even fantasized, being a guitar player, someday playing with the Fall Of course, your Fall with Sc

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    An entertaining read from another ex member of the Fall Not purely about the Fall, also about Si s life before and after his time with a cult band You learn about how he may have been in the Smiths and Stone Roses but admits

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    I read this straight after Steve Hanley s misery memoirs extraordinaire as I felt that I just could not disengage from the brilliant insanity that was is The Fall I re listened to Dragnet, in particular Bournemouth Runner, and fe

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    im not going to lie, I have never heard of this Drummer, but, my brother is a drummer and I love auto biographies so why not I was lucky to win this via a goodreads giveaway Well Well Well is there anything this guy hasn t done played

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    Sometimes the best stories are told from the peripheral characters point of view Enjoyable and easy read about missed opportunities I wonder if he drove Andy Rourke to the Meze on the night that I got to meet a Smith

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    Unputdownable, heiter det visst Mest for Fall fans sj lsagt, men det var ikkje mange band fr tti og nitti ras Manchester og omegn som ikkje er nemte Buzzcocks var med, men ikkje Magazine.

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