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Midnights Furies Nobody Expected The Liberation Of India And Birth Of Pakistan To Be So Bloody It Was Supposed To Be An Answer To The Dreams Of Muslims And Hindus Who Had Been Ruled By The British For Centuries Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi S Prot G And The Political Leader Of India, Believed Indians Were An Inherently Nonviolent, Peaceful People Pakistan S Founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Was A Secular Lawyer, Not A Firebrand But In August , Exactly A Year Before Independence, Calcutta Erupted In Riots A Cycle Of Street Fighting Targeting Hindus, Then Muslims, Then Sikhs Spun Out Of Control As The Summer Of Approached, All Three Groups Were Heavily Armed And On Edge, And The British Rushed To Leave Hell Let Loose Trains Carried Muslims West And Hindus East To Their Slaughter Some Of The Most Brutal And Widespread Ethnic Cleansing In Modern History Erupted On Both Sides Of The New Border, Searing A Divide Between India And Pakistan That Remains A Root Cause Of Many Evils From Jihadi Terrorism To Nuclear Proliferation, The Searing Tale Told In Midnight S Furiesexplains All Too Many Of The Headlines We Read Today

About the Author: Nisid Hajari

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Midnights Furies book, this is one of the most wanted Nisid Hajari author readers around the world.

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    What is the main reason for the continuing animosity between India and Pakistan Why can t they just get along Nisid presents the main reasons for the distrust between the two governments which sadly is still pretty much the same after 70 odd years since their creation Both founding fathers, Nehru and Jinnah almost completely distrusted each other and did their utmost to destabilize their nemesis India using their superior army w

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    The book begins with up close and personal stories on the 3 leaders Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohandas Ghandi and Mohammad Ali Jinnah This warm and engaging part is followed by the politics and violence of the independence movement followed by the politics and violence of achieving independence The book Indian Summer tells this story with emphasis on the British role, this book focuses on the role of the Indians.It seems that than half t

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    I had mixed feelings about this work My biggest complaint is that it seemed based to large degree on secondary sources so than I d hoped and the preface seemed to suggest , and as such it didn t seem to cover as much new ground as one would hope for an already thoroughly documented historical event On the other hand the narrative itself is really gripping and well written The book is an absolute page turner and I suppose that in it

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    True Wonderer3.5 5 Stars, Death Destruction Disaster If India wants her bloodbath, she shall have it Mahatma Gandhi to Archibald Wavell, 27th Aug, 1946It is ironical that the one time, the messiah of peace non violence uttered words of carnage, they turned out to be prophetic beyond belief Partition the word has become a synonym for meaningless disaster to Indians, and probably for the Pakistani people as well I have read and seen boo

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    One of the greatest tragedies to ever occur in the history of the 20th century was the partition of India following the end of British rule of the subcontinent not just because a once large country was split in two, but because of the communal slaughter of Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus that occurred as each group, unsure of their future in either the new India or Pakistan, grouped together and began to see their neighbors as potential murd

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    A History of the Violence at the Separation of India and PakistanAfter WWII, the British felt pressured to give India independence However, the Muslim forces in the north of India, led by Jinnah, a lawyer, wanted to control their own destiny Jinnah would settle for nothing less than an independent country, and Pakistan was born However, creating two separate countries was not simple Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs lived on both sides of the pr

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    It s not for beginners Although I know a bit about India, Pakistan and the wider region due to reading up on the news, having Indian Pakistani friends, etc I thought this might be a great book to help me understand the history a bit better I had read and seen a couple of interviews with the author where he talks a bit about both history and the current events and it sounded really fascinating Unfortunately, I felt this was a really tough re

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    This is by far the best and the most comprehensive account of one of the darkest periods of Indian history The gruesomeness of the event and the helplessness of our leaders to mitigate the pogrom that ensued during Independence is honestly delineated with telling detail All the players including the British grossly underestimated the impact of Partition Must read for anyone interested in understanding the human psyche.

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    This book is pretty amazing For all the distress and agony you go through while reading it, the insight you get is totally worth it Well framed, directed and revelatory I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand Partition 1947.

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    The title is misleading The Deadly legacy of India s Partition it should be history instead of legacy From the description on goodreads From jihadi terrorism to nuclear proliferation, the searing tale told in Midnight s Furies explains all too many of the headlines we read today No it does not It is not an analysis, it is not a book that explores causes of events, it is a chronicle, a narrative history.Having said that it has been written very ve

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