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The Fall Boys and Dizzy in Paradise You know I will read everything you write, Jandy Nelson Everything Because I know IT S GONNA BE AWESOME But em uh 2017 Really REALLY Well you know I have this one thing I m not really good at, it s called waiting.BUT, I will wait for this Yes yes take your time I will always wait for your books Jandy AAAAHHH I M SO EXCITED bitch wasn t this supposed to come out last year From An Interview With Book Page I M Writing Another YA Novel Called The Fall Boys Dizzy In Paradise About Two Brothers And A Sister Living In A Hot, Dusty Northern California Vineyard Town Called Paradise Their Father Mysteriously Disappeared Years Earlier, And The Story Begins When This Strange, Enigmatic Girl Shows Up And Sends All Their Lives Into Tumult It S Kind Of A Relay Race Of A Love S Story, With Some Serious Violin Playing, Food Making, Grape Crushing, Break Ins And Outs, Dreams Shattered And Pieced Back Together, Time Lost, Love Lost And Found, And A Band Called Hell Hyena And The Furniture I M Really Excited About It I wonder if Jandy Nelson knows I would sell both my kidneys for a release date It s November 2016 Waiting for an official release date is likeUPDATE I know that when it s released Jandy s book will be utter perfection, but 2017 I can t wait that long UPDATE 2 It s 2019 and still no book But I have a good feeling about this year 2019 is the year when Jandy releases this book I can feel it WHAT I need to read this Everything Jandy Nelson writes is golden, perfect, and amazing The Sky is Everywhere was great I wish I had a little glass box I could put I ll Give You the Sun in, just so I could properly show it off Or, better yet, a whole museum.An Invisible Museum Huh, huh Get it DAnyway, this writer is on my top 3 favorite authors list Whatever she writes will be nothing short of spectacular.Also 2017 Jandy Nelson,If you let this book come out tomorrow, I ll give you the sun Deal Please I loved I ll Give You The Sun 5 stars and hated The Sky Is Everywhere 1 star Understandably I m having very mixed feelings about this one. I HAVE BEEN WAITING 3 YEARS I COME BACK HERE SO OFTEN FOR UPDATES I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER SOS. it s that time againthe time when i desperately ask if ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT WHEN THIS IS COMING OUT DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THIS the anticipation is too much Update 3 30 17 Jandy Nelson says on Twitter, Been asked a lot recently when my next novel will be out So Working hard on it Sorry so slow and thank you for waiting asking caring STILL CAN T WAIT BUT WILL BE PATIENTLY UNABLE TO WAIT. I WILL WAIT FOREVER FOR THIS YOU HEAR ME JANDY FOOOREVER

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