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The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry One Of The Most Dramatic Stories Of Genetic Discovery Since James Watson S The Double Helix A Work Whose Scientific And Cultural Reverberations Will Be Discussed For Years To Come In Professor Bryan Sykes, A Leading World Authority On DNA And Human Evolution, Was Called In To Examine The Frozen Remains Of A Man Trapped In Glacial Ice In Northern Italy News Of Both The Ice Man S Discovery And His Age, Which Was Put At Over Five Thousand Years, Fascinated Scientists And Newspapers Throughout The World But What Made Sykes S Story Particularly Revelatory Was His Successful Identification Of A Genetic Descendant Of The Ice Man, A Woman Living In Great Britain Today How Was Sykes Able To Locate A Living Relative Of A Man Who Died Thousands Of Years Ago In The Seven Daughters Of Eve, He Gives Us A Firsthand Account Of His Research Into A Remarkable Gene, Which Passes Undiluted From Generation To Generation Through The Maternal Line After Plotting Thousands Of DNA Sequences From All Over The World, Sykes Found That They Clustered Around A Handful Of Distinct Groups Among Europeans And North American Caucasians, There Are, In Fact, Only Seven This Conclusion Was Staggering Almost Everyone Of Native European Descent, Wherever They May Live Throughout The World, Can Trace Their Ancestry Back To One Of Seven Women, The Seven Daughters Of Eve Naming Them Ursula, Xenia, Helena, Velda, Tara, Katrine, And Jasmine, Sykes Has Created Portraits Of Their Disparate Worlds By Mapping The Migratory Patterns Followed By Millions Of Their Ancestors In Reading The Stories Of These Seven Women, We Learn Exactly How Our Origins Can Be Traced, How And Where Our Ancient Genetic Ancestors Lived, And How We Are Each Living Proof Of The Almost Indestructible Strands Of DNA, Which Have Survived Over So Many Thousands Of Years Indeed, The Seven Daughters Of Eve Is Filled With Dramatic Stories From Sykes S Identification, Using DNA Samples From Two Living Relatives, Of The Remains Of Tsar Nicholas And Tsaress Alexandra, To The Caribbean Woman Whose Family Had Been Sold Into Slavery Centuries Before And Whose Ancestry Sykes Was Able To Trace Back To The Eastern Coast Of Central Africa Ultimately, Sykes S Investigation Reveals That, As A Race, What Humans Have In Common Is Deeply Embedded Than What Separates Us

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    Too much of this book is fiction, and what isn t fiction is sometimes plain wrong On p26 he claims that Watson Crick used X rays to calculate the positions of atoms within DNA This is totally untrue

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    The first half of this book gives an excellent and detailed description of Bryan Sykes thrilling investigative journey whereby he uncovers findings and develops his theory regarding mitochondrial DNA, DNA tha

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    This is a good read, fascinating and well told Who wouldn t be interested to know that everyone in modern day Europe was born of seven mothers seven clan heads who had no idea they were mothering the entire continent T

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    I picked up this book because I was interested in learning about mitochondrial DNA and its inheritance patterns In the first part of the book Sykes, a primary researcher in this field, does a solid job about explaining mitochon

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    I have been reading Saxons, Vikings, and Celts by the same author but have put it aside so that I can finish this book I am a Sociologist by training with an emphasis on Anthropology so this is of real interest to me Sykes writes for the

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    Brilliantly written and fascinating book I guess the science is getting quite old by now, as it was written in 2001, but it was a wonderful account of how mitochondrial DNA developed I thought that Bryan Sykes made a very complex topic extremely re

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    This is a very interesting book It is very well written Bryan Sykes explains the science involved in his story in a very interesting fashion.It is fascinating and mind boggling to imagine that as few as seven women could be ancestors of a whole continent of

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    After enjoying DNA USA so much, this was disappointing I loved the stories, research hurdles, and data of the first portion, but the rest went down in a mudslide The amount of speculation was enormous especially in origin of Polynesians, movement of neo paleolithic pe

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    I snatched this book up in a used book store specifically to learn about mitochondrial DNA, tiny little packets of genes inside a cell that are passed down the maternal line with a mutation only once in every 10,000 years or so What does this mean It means that my siblings and

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    One of the earlier books that started the genetic genealogy revolution Most of the book is an insider s look at the process of making scientific discoveries, getting funding, publishing, and dealing with critics A process that, in this case, quite happily ended up at full acceptance Mito

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