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Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind Life Is Both Sweet And Cruel To Strong Willed Young Shabanu, Whose Home Is The Windswept Cholistan Desert Of Pakistan The Second Daughter In A Family With No Sons, She S Been Allowed Freedoms Forbidden To Most Muslim Girls But When A Tragic Encounter With A Wealthy And Powerful Landowner Ruins The Marriage Plans Of Her Older Sister, Shabanu Is Called Upon To Sacrifice Everything She S Dreamed Of Should She Do What Is Necessary To Uphold Her Family S Honor Or Listen To The Stirrings Of Her Own Heart

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    Shabanu Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Female Servitude.Imagine that you are a woman, and you are living in a large house with several female roommates You all have your own room, and you share the common areas amicably All is well But then, suddenly, you have a

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    Read this one when i was 14 and it really made a big impression on me I loved learning about the other culture and still thought it was highly relatable I still remember it well to this day Didn t know it was a series Will check those out

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    An amazing look at the life of a Pakistani girl who has grown up in the desert When she reaches marriageable age, content with the knowledge that she will marry one of her cousins, family tragedy and upheaval leads to her being used as a bargaining chip to settle a feud The author liv

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    Since I started reading again, I always try to read as diverse as I can to expand my reading And it is indeed very interesting to read about the life of an 11 year old Pakistani girl who s got a lot on her plate at a very young age.Shabanu is the daughter of a camel farmer Her family grows

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    This is one of those books that I thought was SOOOOO GOOOOOD.when I was 12 I m afraid to read it again, as my taste has probably changed since then I like keeping in my childhood capsule of memory untarnished and stil favored You know what I m talking about I watched Flight of the Navigator the

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    I will admit that I had a really hard time getting into it The pace was extremely slow until about page 150, when the action started I also wonder if American teenagers would really be able to relate in any way to this book Though some might be able to make the connection of Shabanu s desire for fre

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    Shabanu and the sequels are important books for the world we live in because they describe a proud, independent people who are now in the midst of what will be a long, horrible war The image of Pakistanis as either terrorists or helpless refuges are popular with news and entertainment just watch Ironmanf

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    Phulan, your beauty is great But beauty holds only part of a man, and that for just so long Keep some of yourself hidden You can lavish love and praise on him and work hard by his sideBut the secret is keeping your innermost beauty, the secrets of your soul, locked in your heart so that he must always reach o

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    This is a very good YA book and a fascinating look at nomadic life in India Shabanu is a pre teen She prefers to take care of her family s camel herd rather than sit around, cover herself, and talk about weddings like her older and very much engaged sister Most of the novel is about her sister s upcoming wedding a

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    kinda feel like this was not appropriate for the intended age range, and also. you should maybe not write a novel whose primarily purpose is social critique of a society you don t belong to just my opinion

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