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Yellow Crocus Moments After Lisbeth Is Born, She S Taken From Her Mother And Handed Over To An Enslaved Wet Nurse, Mattie, A Young Mother Separated From Her Own Infant Son In Order To Care For Her Tiny Charge Thus Begins An Intense Relationship That Will Shape Both Of Their Lives For Decades To Come Though Lisbeth Leads A Life Of Privilege, She Finds Nothing But Loneliness In The Company Of Her Overwhelmed Mother And Her Distant, Slave Owning Father As She Grows Older, Mattie Becomes Like Family To Lisbeth Than Her Own Kin And The Girl S Visits To The Slaves Quarters And Their Lively And Loving Community Bring Them Closer Together Than Ever But Can Two Women In Such Disparate Circumstances Form A Bond Like Theirs Without Consequence This Deeply Moving Tale Of Unlikely Love Traces The Journey Of These Very Different Women As Each Searches For Freedom And Dignity

About the Author: Laila Ibrahim

My education and experience in multiracial, developmental psychology and attachment theory provide ample fodder for my novels My passion for early childhood education, child birth and religious education are reflected in my writing.I was the founder and director of Woolsey Children s School where I had first hand experience loving children that were not my own There are scenes in Yellow Crocus t

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    During the last 30 minutes of listening to this book, I was so full of emotion.

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    When I read The Invention of Wings last year , it made me think about little I really knew about slavery in spite of having read books and seen movies depicting the despicable injustices and inhumane treatment that black slaves in this country were forced to live with Once again, this time in Yellow Crocus, the author provides a story that showed me yet another heartache that a female slave on a southern plantation in 1837

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    This was a wonderfully written book This book follows two characters, Mattie and Lisbeth, and is set in the mid 1800 s in Virginia Mattie is a slave woman for Lisbeth s family and is called in to be a wet nurse to young Elizabeth Lisbeth Forced to leave her own son just a few months old, Mattie is moved into the house and raises the young girl, almost as her own, for several yearsThe first half of the book we gets the first

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    I want to wrap my arms and legs around this book and hang onto it forever With a depth and subtlety I m sure I didn t even fully grasp during this first read, Yellow Crocus captured my attention and my emotions on every single page I am hungry to pick it up and start all over again Beautiful, warm, hopeful, and inspiring, this story unfolded so seamlessly I felt like I was living it To finish the last page left me renewed and

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    Yellow Crocus received such overwhelmingly good reviews on Goodreads, and I like historical fiction, especially tales set in early America For example, I loved The Kitchen House , which also dealt with pre Civil War slavery So I was really looking forward to reading this book My expansive local library doesn t have it, so I put in an inter library loan request and received the book from a library in Oklahoma All good so far Th

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    It s so interesting to me sometimes how my brain works I ve seen this book on Goodreads for a while now, and yet I never gave it any thought at all, never showed even the slightest spark of interest in looking to see what it was about because of the cover To me, that just about screams Christian Romance Ick But then I saw the Kindle edition cover when browsing the Kindle Unlimited options, and THAT one spoke to me and said that th

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    What could have been a beautiful story but turned into just a show of sugary affection because the author didn t capture the relationship between master and the servant and the effect of slavery on it Yellow Crocus explores the relationship of Elizabeth, the white master, and Mattie, the black servant When Elizabeth was born, she was handed to Mattie It was Mattie s job to see the needs of child, feeding and bathing etc As the child

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    Mattie s son Samuel was just three months old when Mattie became wet nurse to Elizabeth, brand new daughter at the big house It was the 1800s and slavery was part of life Mattie and her family knew no other way she had last seen her mother when she d been sold her sister Rebecca, husband Emmanuel, son Samuel and Poppy were her family.As Lisbeth grew, her love and devotion to Mattie strengthened She would visit Mattie s family at the s

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    Yellow Crocus a novel by Laila Ibrahim I am so glad I read this Novel as the saying goes Good goods come in small parcels Yellow Crocus is a flower that blooms in the most adverse conditions What a great name for this Novel, makes you appreciate the thought the author put into this book.This is a short novel and as I have been having a bad streak with books lately this was exactly the sort of book I had been searching for I found the no

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    4.5 stars rounded up Yellow Crocus was a wonderful surprise of gifted storytelling by Laila Ibrahim Richly detailed with lush, living, characters, I was immersed in the culture and times of mid 1800s Virginia An interesting time to be sure, but horrific in its enslavement of African Americans Born into slavery, Mattie, twenty years old, is a field hand, until the birth of her son, Samuel Then, because Mrs Wainwright has just had a baby gi

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