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The Space Between Us Set In Modern Day India, It Is The Story Of Two Compelling And Achingly Real Women Sera Dubash, An Upper Middle Class Parsi Housewife Whose Opulent Surroundings Hide The Shame And Disappointment Of Her Abusive Marriage, And Bhima, A Stoic Illiterate Hardened By A Life Of Despair And Loss, Who Has Worked In The Dubash Household For Than Twenty Years

About the Author: Thrity Umrigar

A journalist for seventeen years, Thrity Umrigar has written for the Washington Post, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and other national newspapers, and contributes regularly to the Boston Globe s book pages Thrity is the winner of the Cleveland Arts Prize, a Lambda Literary award and the Seth Rosenberg prize She teaches creative writing and literature at Case Western Reserve University The author

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    This book ravaged my soul and kidnapped my heart I don t believe I will ever be the same upon finishing this masterpiece of a novel This book rocked me to my core It changed every fiber of my being The premise of this book is simple However, what transpires over the course of this novel, is anything but Morals are tested lines in the sand are drawn Now. I need to talk about the writing, or, maybe ar

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    My favorite quote from this book How, despite our lifelong preoccupation with our bodies, we have never met face to face with our kidneys, how we wouldn t recognize our own liver in a row of livers, how we have never seen our own heart or brain We know about the depths of the ocean, are acquainted with the far corners of outer space than with our own organs and muscles and bones So perhaps there are

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    Bhima smiles Beti, the past is always present, she says No such thing as bringing it up The past is like the skin on your hand it was there yesterday and it is here today It never goes anywhere Maybe when you re older you ll understand this better Bhimi is a servant in contemporary Bombay She works for Sera Dubash The class divide between them is vast Yet there are similarities to their lives that bind

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    A book that makes a deep impression Sometimes I just had to stop reading So much sadness and misery, there s only so much I can take.Poverty, illness, death, abuse, rape, abortion, disrespect, distinctions of class, condescension, it s all in this book But it is also about a grandmother fighting to make a life for her granddaughter And that s tough to say the least, living in the slums of Bombay and facin

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    What a fitting title for this book The story is a shattering account of the soul crushing poverty of an Indian servant juxtaposed alongside her employer, an upper middle class Parsi housewife Bhima lives in a slum but for over 20 years she has worked in the household of Sera Dubash Over time, their lives become enmeshed in an unlikely friendship in spite of the ritualized space that can never be bridged cla

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    This is a beautifully written story telling the side by side yet intertwined stories of two women from different classes in Bombay , India It s sad , really heartbreaking at times as we come to know the stories of Sera , a wealthy woman, and her loyal servant , Bhimi , whose life in the slums is a stark contrast.In spite of the class difference and the deeply rooted societal space between them , these women a

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    Meh This is the kind of novel I used to like exploring gender and class issues in a foreign setting but I found it unsatisfying The author describes the crushing powerlessness of illiteracy and poverty well, but the rest of the book I found overly dramatic SPOILER ALERT The one redeeming feature of the book to me was the fact that the two women characters in the book whose lives are profiled, do NOT find a way

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    I could not put this book down from the moment I began to read The characters are beautifully drawn out, and the writing superb It s one of those books where the story just stays with you Life in Bombay with it s sharp lines between poverty and wealth The significance of the educated over the uneducated The trials and hardships of women dominated by men The main character of this book has been a servant to a high

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    Nearly ten years have passed since this The Space Between Us was first published and it continues to be printed and carried on library shelves With nearly 30,000 reviews on Goodreads, my contribution will be a tiny drop in an ocean of years of thoughts, but as the novel is actively in current circulation I m happy to add a few bon mots to the pile The caste system in modern India continues to be represented signifi

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    This is a gorgeous story about friendship, family relationships and the artificial barriers created between the classes in India From the first page, I was sucked into the life of Bhima, a hardworking servant to an upper middle class, Parsi housewife named Sera Bombay is powerfully present as the book opens with Bhima awakening to the sounds and smells of the slum around her I felt I was right inside her head and eav

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