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The Housemistress For A Lot Of Seventeen Year Old Girls, Being Sent To A Same Sex Boarding School Would Be A Nightmare For One Simple Reason No Boys But That S Really Not A Problem For Sixth Form Student Rylie Harcourt Instead, What Might Prove Somewhat Difficult To Overcome Is The School S Strict Policy Concerning On Campus RelationshipsAll Sexual Contact Is Expressly Forbidden Carnal Pursuits Are A Distraction From Learning, So Says The Headmistress, And Virtue Is To Be As Highly Regarded As Education If Not Higher This Harsh Ban On Expressions Of Love Becomes Especially Problematic When Rylie Meets Her New French Housemistress, Vivienne Carriveau, And Attraction SparksIn A Sexless Environment, Thirty One Year Old Mademoiselle Carriveau Is A Magnet For The Affections Of Her Hormonal, Adolescent Students Competition For Her Attention Is Fierce, And When It Starts To Become Clear That Rylie S Burgeoning Interest In Her Is Reciprocated In Equal Measure, Tension Among The Student Body Rises To A Deadly Level 4.2 stars So I didn t get arrested after reading Cadence of My Heart but surely I m on some kind of list now after finishing this book Hi, FBI people I enjoyed this one just as much Her sex scenes are one of the best in lesfic and age gap taboo makes it exciting Her older characters never come off as predators because her younger characters are assertive and confident and lust after their older women Telford has her own formula and it works I was not too keen on the view spoiler suicide hide spoiler Don t want to belabor the hotness of this book, but it is indeed one of the hottest lesbian fictions I ve ever happened upon Teacher Student done right for an erotic romance, as far as I m concerned Telford s writing style is clean and distinct I like it The two mains recognize their attraction immediately and it works really well I don t need constant torture Have I reread this book an embarrassing amount of times You bet I did.Marry me, Mademoiselle Carriveau.Update Read it again in one night Just as hot and perfect as the first few reads Still waiting on Mlle Carriveau to propose to me. It was high time I re read The Housemistress by my favorite author Keira Michelle Telford Besides it needed to be shared with book club buddie D I can only say it seems to get better the second time around The delicious build up, the attraction of things forbidden, the slow torture Miss Telford puts us through as we follow the growing relationship between 17 year old Rylie Harcourt and the buxom French Housemistress and head of the language department Vivienne Carriveaux Inspired by the movie M dchen in Uniform 1958 it s one of the most erotic works I ve ever read Telford is a master storyteller and paints a vivid picture of the life at an all girls British boarding school.And Mademoiselle Carriveaux, oh Mademoiselle Carriveaux tu me rends faible 35 stars Vivienne Carriveausigh Well this book sure left a lasting impression on me As it turns out I actually read this years ago and had totally forgotten about it I m really glad I came across it again though because it s so good.The author does an amazing job making you root for Rylie and Vivienne despite their age gap and the fact that not only is Rylie a minor but also Vivienne s student There is definitely an element of taboo in the book, even during some very steamy scenes the author uses the word teen to once again remind you of this fact Despite all of this there was never a moment in the entire book that made me feel awkward reading about their relationship.This is so well written It has a great cast of secondary characters, some who you will love and others you will hate The thing I loved the most about this book though is the seduction Those scenes are exceptionally well written and incredibly sexy I will definitely be reading this again in the future.

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