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The Warrior Heir An Epic Battle Between Good And EvilBefore He Knew About The Roses, Year Old Jack Lived An Unremarkable Life In The Small Ohio Town Of Trinity Only The Medicine He Has To Take Daily And The Thick Scar Above His Heart Set Him Apart From The Other High Schoolers Then One Day Jack Skips His Medicine Suddenly, He Is Stronger, Fiercer, And Confident Than Ever Before And It Feels Great Until He Loses Control Of His Own Strength And Nearly Kills Another Player During Soccer Team TryoutsSoon, Jack Learns The Startling Truth About Himself He Is Weirlind, Part Of An Underground Society Of Magical People Who Live Among Us At Their Helm Sits The Feuding Houses Of The Red Rose And The White Rose, Whose Power Is Determined By Playing The Game A Magical Tournament In Which Each House Sponsors A Warrior To Fight To The Death The Winning House Rules The WeirAs If His Bizarre Heritage Isn T Enough, Jack Finds Out That He S Not Just Another Member Of Weirlind He S One Of The Last Of The Warriors At A Time When Both Houses Are Scouting For A Player

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    I gave it two stars based on the goodreads ranking of it was ok That sums Warrior Heir up well, not bad enough to recommend against it, but nothing special This author strikes me as someone who grew up reading fantasy and became enad with the idea of creating her own world like the great fantasy wr

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    This was enjoyable but not the best It s hard not to compare this to Chima s other series which is PHENOMENAL and strictly fantasy than a mix of fantasy and urban fantasy I liked the characters but felt like they lacked depth and development Jack did grow and change a bit, but not a ton in the area of character It

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    The Heir Trilogy, which received great reviews, but somehow never entered the national consciousness, is Chima s first published work Another story that really gets me excited with inventive concepts and clear imagery, these are really a great read The Warrior Heir is the first novel of the trio We open on a very dram

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    3.5 bumped up to a 4, because goodreads is lame and won t give us half stars.

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    My review is like 3.67 but I ve rounded up because with perspective I have a lot of faith in where this series can go and I m excited to pick up the second book here s my full booktalk discussion

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    I m re reading this series, and while I enjoyed this book, I m not sure how to describe it.It s not that Chima isn t a good writer, it s just that it seems to me that the plot is better than the storytelling.Does that make sense Ok Well, I guess what I mean is that I m invested in seeing what happens in the end than I am in the characters Sure, they re

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    3.5 stars I liked this book despite reading lots of books that have the same basic plotline Hey I m a teenager I ve just found out that I m a __________ People are after me I better figure out to use my insert cool weapon and or power so I can take down the insert bad guys So, really, the author must ve done a pretty good job of writing a good story and a f

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    4.5 stars

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    This is an urban fantasy YA in which magic is kept secret but the various factions of magic users don t work well together, with wizards generally bullying the rest Sixteen year old Jack was supposed to be a Wizard but ended up a Warrior, which is pretty rare and starts causing problems for him.There are a lot of tropes and cliches here, but I still liked it, if that makes sense I lo

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    Initial reaction The Warrior Heir was a solid YA fantasy read for me I was engaged in the story from beginning to end, though I ll admit there were a few rough spots and transitions to it It didn t slow my momentum through this book, though I couldn t put it down because much of the rolling action and dynamic had me hooked.Full review The Warrior Heir has the honor of being one of the first ga

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