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The Dark is Rising When The Dark Comes Rising, Six Shall Turn It Back, Three From The Circle, Three From The Track Wood, Bronze, Iron Water, Fire, Stone Five Will Return, And One Go Alone With These Mysterious Words, Will Stanton Discovers On His Th Birthday That He Is No Mere Boy He Is The Sign Seeker, Last Of The Immortal Old Ones, Destined To Battle The Powers Of Evil That Trouble The Land His Task Is Monumental He Must Find And Guard The Six Great Signs Of The Light, Which, When Joined, Will Create A Force Strong Enough To Match And Perhaps Overcome That Of The Dark Embarking On This Endeavor Is Dangerous As Well As Deeply Rewarding Will Must Work Within A Continuum Of Time And Space Much Broader Than He Ever Imagined

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    Getting my brother 12 to read is liking getting a cat to take a bath, getting a high schooler to go to school, getting a cheerleader to go to computer club.All those really difficult things in life.I read this series myself about a year or two ago, so when he needed a book to do for literature in his homeschool, I suggested that he pick this one and I d do it with him.He moaned and groaned and hated life, that he d have to do something so awful as reading.I just shrugged and told him to suck

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    Originally read 1979My absolute favorite series as a child One of these days I need to reread it ETA see below A bit like Harry Potter, but darker in tone and of course, Will Stanton predates Harry Potter by decades A shame that Hollywood s treatment of this classic book was so epically bad It should be noted that while technically this is book two in the series, the saga really begins here, with Over Sea, Under Stone being a prequel of sorts.Reread 2013I first read this book when I was ten

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    The Dark Is Rising does no wrongEach word in place so perfectly And I have loved you oh so longCherishing your company.Young Will was my delight,Merriman my heart of goldChristmas cheer my heart of joyAll thanks, my lady Cooper.You have been ready at my handTo grant me what I often crave A wintry chill across the landVillains dark and a child brave.Black Rider was my delight,Maggie Barnes my heart of goldChristmas menace my heart of joyAnd tragic Walker to sting the soul.Thy battles betwixt Dark and LightWh

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    The one of my heart But not entirely a book of childhood Unlike the rest of the series, this one is layered all through young adulthood for me I read it countless times as a wee thing, of course, but it was also my book on a horrible flight home from Oxford after Trinity Term, and what I read the week I retired my first guide dog, and what I read in tiny pieces in the month after I lost my eye Looking at that list is one of those foreheadslap moments where you notice that narrative refrain isn t something that happens

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    I suspect that the books of this sequence are among the most beautiful I ve read I get that feeling especially with this book The tone here has changed already from the Blyton esque kids on a great adventure of the first book, and the character is different accordingly It s almost a bildungsroman, for all that we only see less than a month of an eleven year old boy s life.One of the main things I love about this sequence, particularly from this book on, is the characterisation Where Simon, Jane and Barney were simplistic but

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    Reread I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie and importantly, I saw Darcy s furious reaction to the trailer for the upcoming movie, and I realized that I didn t remember these books well enough to be properly furious myself I read the first two in the series, in the wrong order, when I was much younger, but didn t recall being particularly engaged by them, which was why I never continued I figured that, rereading them as an adult, I d see the error of my ways.Sadly, I didn t I still don t find these books very engaging Over Sea

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    The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper is a young adult fantasy novel first published in 1973 The second book in the series of the same name, apparently the first book, Over Sea, Under Stone, was written for a younger audience and provides of a prequel than a beginning point This book tells the tale of Will Stanton, who on his eleventh birthday learns that he is an Old One, a member of a group with magical powers who represent the Light, opposed to the members of the Dark Cooper uses colorful Celtic and Britannic legends and lore to create a

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    Slightly ahead of the ideal time to read this book which would be veeery slowly, a chapter or two at a time, over the Twelve Days of Christmas I never have the patience for that As usual, I loved The Dark is Rising the quiet moments of enchantment, the beautiful writing, the warmth of the family relationships and the reality of the bickering, protective group of siblings There s adult, complicated stuff as well as simple squabbling among siblings the whole relationship between Merriman and Hawkin is a difficult one, and foreshadows what John Row

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    With The Dark is Rising, Susan Cooper sets the stage for a sweeping fantasy saga about nothing in particular.When Will Stanton, an English lad from an unusually large family, turns twelve, he finds out he is an Old One a being of great and mysterious powers who can hop in and out of human time and space anytime he chooses Occasionally assisted by Merriman Lyon, who was once called Merlin and is now passing himself off as an archaeology professor, Will sets off to assist The Light, who are good, because reasons, in their great struggle against The

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    When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back Three from the circle, three from the track Wood, bronze, iron water, fire, stone Five will return, and one go alone Iron for the birthday, bronze carried long Wood from the burning, stone out of song Fire in the candle ring, water from the thaw Six Signs the circle, and the grail gone before Fire on the mountain shall find the harp of goldPlayed to wake the Sleepers, oldest of the old Power from the green witch, lost beneath the sea All shall find the light at last, silver on the tree As a child I de

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