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The Customer-Funded Business This is a good way of reframing the lean scrappy startup concept through five models of funding your business through revenues Matchmaker two sided market i.e AirBnB , Pay in advance i.e Threadless , Subscription i.e Costco, TutorVista , Scarcity Zara, flash sales, Vente Privee , Service to product GoViral 4.85 Unlike what he recommends in his book, the author could never decide for whom the book was written for entrepreneurs or angel investors The book also suffers from the fact that there are very long descriptions of cases, but not enough of author s own insight. The book is full of insights on how to establish a customer funded business All is good, but it is too repetitive and there are no enough examples from different business areas Basically each model gives you two three success stories This is not sufficient Not enough pros cons. Repititive. Excellent read for any entrepreneur Instead of selling yourself to VCs or selling your soul to banks, use this idea.Trust me, it works big time Transform from doing services to productMake services into products Netflix Make a matchmaking siteetc This book talks a type of business financing model versus venture capital based financing that using customers cash as fuel to drive further growth of their business They charge customer early, making a good margin from that, sells just enough services products that customer needs, then use the flow of cash to make improvement of their offering, or expanding its business Good example for each types of customer funded model such as match making, subscription, pay in advance, etc Interesting discussion. Great book on various possible models to pick if you don t have access to funding right away which is the case in Pakistan It talks about 5 possible business models that can work in this mode which are not capital intensive for example, you can t make a power plant like this, you need lots of capex upfront Some key models discussed were marketplaces a la Airbnb , subscription businesses like SaaS with monthly recurring revenue , service to product think Netsol s journey to LeaseSoft , scarcity model like Zara or Banana republic and all the Flash Sale sites , pay in advance models think air ticketing, dropshipping, threadless The book is written by an academic but he does a good job of talked about 2 successes and 1 failure in each model and their causes. Who Needs Investors More Than Two Generations Ago, The Venture Capital Community VCs, Business Angels, Incubators And Others Convinced The Entrepreneurial World That Writing Business Plans And Raising Venture Capital Constituted The Twin Centerpieces Of Entrepreneurial Endeavor They Did So For Good Reasons The Sometimes Astonishing Returns They Ve Delivered To Their Investors And The Astonishingly Large Companies That Their Ecosystem Has CreatedBut The Vast Majority Of Fast Growing Companies Never Take Any Venture Capital So Where Does The Money Come From To Start And Grow Their Companies From A Much Agreeable And Hospitable Source, Their Customers That S Exactly What Michael Dell, Bill Gates And Banana Republic S Mel And Patricia Ziegler Did To Get Their Companies Up And Running And Turn Them Into Iconic BrandsIn The Customer Funded Business, Best Selling Author John Mullins Uncovers Five Novel Approaches That Scrappy And Innovative St Century Entrepreneurs Working In Companies Large And Small Have Ingeniously Adapted From Their Predecessors Like Dell, Gates, And The Zieglers Matchmaker Models Airbnb Pay In Advance Models Threadless Subscription Models TutorVista Scarcity Models Vente Privee Service To Product Models GoViral Through The Captivating Stories Of These And Other Inspiring Companies From Around The World, Mullins Brings To Life The Five Models And Identifies The Questions That Angel Or Other Investors Will And Should Ask Of Entrepreneurs Or Corporate Innovators Seeking To Apply Them Drawing On In Depth Interviews With Entrepreneurs And Investors Who Have Actually Put These Models To Use, Mullins Goes On To Address The Key Implementation Issues That Characterize Each Of The Models When To Apply Them, How Best To Apply Them, And The Pitfalls To Watch Out ForWhether You Re An Aspiring Entrepreneur Lacking The Start Up Capital You Need, An Early Stage Entrepreneur Trying To Get Your Cash Starved Venture Into Take Off Mode, An Intrapreneur Seeking Funding Within An Established Company, Or An Angel Investor Or Mentor Who Supports High Potential Ventures, This Book Offers The Most Sure Footed Path To Starting, Financing, Or Growing Your VentureJohn Mullins Is The Author Of The New Business Road Test And, With Randy Komisar, The Widely Acclaimed Getting To Plan B

About the Author: John W. Mullins

John Mullins is an Associate Professor of Management Practice in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the London Business School He earned his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and his Ph.D at the University of Minnesota An award winning teacher, John brings to his teaching and research 20 years of executive experience in high growth retailing firms including two ventures he founded

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