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The Bloodline Feud What the hell is this Not even remotely one of Stross best works Am I reading a YA novel Why does every character behave as some type of crude sketch This book was a free giveaway for Tor s ebook clubThis book checks a lot of boxes for me thriller, science fiction, multiple universes, alternate histories But I just couldn t get into it as much as I wanted to I think it was mostly around the way Stross writes his dialogue I can t quite figure out exactly what it is about it, but it just didn t do it for me The plot twists were pretty good I m never a huge fan of chapters where we don t know WTF is going on and everyone s being all cryptic There were a few of those here I d rather either we know a lot than the protagonists or know only what they know But it wasn t too hard to eventually figure out what was going on.I did enjoy the universe building he did It definitely felt as though he was one of those authors who builds out whole towns and economies we never see in the book, just to make sure he s being thorough Not too much else to say I did enjoy our protagonist being a literal kick ass woman I thought the journalist trope worked well for her as it gave her a reason to have good deductive reasoning skills around what was going on as well as a way of getting information out of people She was, however, THIRSTY AF I don t ever think I ve read a book with someone so constantly sprung outside of the strange, semi erotica of Vagina Mundi While it s never explicit that I can remember , you definitely know what s up when she s with her beau pun intended. 3.5 stars I kept tripping over the language a bit at the beginning it seemed overly descriptive , but I got completely sucked into the story anyway and stayed up too late to finish it So You earn loyalty by giving it Engaging characters in an intriguing world and storyline Connecticut Yankee like situation with modern 2002 American dropped into a quasi Medieval society It s the quasi that makes the story work The stakes keep ratcheting higher They don t have an equal rights amendment These guys don t have a constitution Published in 2013 but set in 2002 Appropriate tech and culture references Unlike many modern novels, Stross protagonist felt romantic even sexual attraction without it short circuiting her brain There s a better life awaiting me as a humble illegal immigrant in this world than there as a lady in waiting to nobility in my own Ruminations about economics will put some potential readers to sleep Stross has a better grasp for how economics works than some Nobel laureates In a nutshell Smith and Marx were wrong, or at least in complete Growth doesn t depend on exploiting resources, women, poor, labor, minorities those happened but they actually impaired system performance It s innovation Some day I may blog , but this enough for now Taking ideas where they re needed Good climax, plenty of hook to follow on volumes Carefully not thinking too hard about the likely consequences of her actions Enjoyed this a lot Saying what it is about might not make it sound very attractive yet another many worlds or parallel worlds story, with some er, parallels sorry with the T Pratchett S Baxter Long Earth series, amongst others, but in my estimation a good one, well written with an interesting plot and well rounded at least some of the characters In a certain way it is fantasy than science fiction The female protagonist is credible as a person although some of the things she does and goes through might stretch your suspension of disbelief And the first parallel Earth and its ruling class interaction with ours made me think and I think it is supposed to Saudi Arabia. I have been meaning to read something by Charlie Stross for absolutely ages I d heard of him as being a really interesting ideas sf author and as a fast paced fun read, so when the Merchant Princes kindle edition was on special, I thought it was a good opportunity to give a him go Generally, I thought the book was alright but not great It took me quite a while to finish when normally I m quite a fast reader, which was a sign for me that I wasn t really hugely taken with it Mild spoilers here I did really like the core concept of parallel worlds where the different economic systems at play in each world was the primary comparative focus rather than, say, military prowess It was quite fast paced and generally light, so yes, fun, but I never felt very sympathetic to the main character and therefore a little bit disinterested in her actions and uninvested in her fate I also didn t like the rather large assumption she makes and which then underpins the rest of the plot, that making the parallel worlds like the modern US is the logical thing to do Or even the right thing to do She considers this decision in one small paragraph which briefly lists some arguments for and against and then moves on There are books in this series and I am mildly curious to see where the rest of this story will go but I m not rushing to buy the sequels at the moment I d also be willing to give a different Charlie Stross novel a try in the future so I certainly didn t hate him or dislike him as an author For me, this was an ok book but not great. Sehr sch ne, mal wieder etwas andere Fantasy mit irren Ideen, Parallelwelten und einem konomischen Schwerpunkt. I ve read hundreds of books with the person from our mundane world steps into parallel world time opening salvo A lot of my favourite books like mirror of her dreams by Stephen Donaldson begin this way This was by far the best of this sub genre I ve read The protagonist does not mince about in a fog of disorientation and have things happen to her, she s proactive and does not as a lot of book characters leave her intelligence at the door Plus wit, plot twists galore and some bizarre names thrown in to boot. A wonderfully different take on the fantasy genre, though you could almost take it as science fiction if not for the magic Sigils that let certain people walk into alternate dimensions.One of my favorite things about this book is that it features a protagonist who actually thinks about her situation and comes up with a sensible plan to survive, understand and profit rather than bouncing aimlessly from one crisis to the next like so many others.Exciting, thought provoking and extremely enjoyable I very much hope the rest of this saga lives up to The Bloodline Feud. The Bloodline Feud An Omnibus Edition Of The First Two Novels In Charles Stross S The Merchant Princes SeriesThe Six Families Of The Clan Rule The Kingdom Of Gruinmarkt From Behind The Scenes They Are A Mixture Of Nobility And Criminal Conspirators Whose Power To Walk Between Their World And Ours Makes Them Rich In BothMiriam, A Hip Tech Journalist From Boston, Discovers Her Alternate World Relatives With Explosive Results That Shake Three Worlds Now, As The Prodigal Countess Helge Thorold Hjorth, She Finds Herself Ensnared In Schemes And Plots Centuries In The Making She Is Surrounded By Unlikely Allies, Lethal Contraband, And Most Dangerous Of All Her FamilyTo Avoid A Slippery Slope Down To An Unmarked Grave, Miriam Must Build A Power Base Of Her Own With Unexpected Consequences For Three Different Time Lines, Including The Quasi Victorian One Exploited By The Hidden Family

About the Author: Charles Stross

Charles David George Charlie Stross is a writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland His works range from science fiction and Lovecraftian horror to fantasy.Stross is sometimes regarded as being part of a new generation of British science fiction writers who specialise in hard science fiction and space opera His contemporaries include Alastair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, Liz Williams and Richard Morgan SF

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