[PDF / Epub] ☁ Handy Man (Calladine & Bayliss #1) By H.H. Durrant – Uroturk.info

Handy Man (Calladine & Bayliss #1) Was It Gang Warfare Was This About Drugs Was Someone New Shaking A Serious Fist At The Old Guard DI Tom Calladine Didn T Think So He Trusted His Instincts And They Were Telling Him That This Was Something Else Entirely Murder Brutal And Gory In The Extreme It May Be, But It Had Nothing To Do With The Gangs On The Infamous Hobfield Estate Someone Was Secretly Working On A Quest Of His Own A Killer With An Inventive Mind Who Killed With Skill And Left Bloody Remnants Of His Victims Strewn Out All Over Leesworth Finding The Culprit Would Prove Challenging And In The End Give Him The Shock Of His Career So FarFirst In The Calladine And Bayliss Series Of Detective Novels This is a rather gruesome story wonderfully written by Helen Great characters, beautifully drawn A compelling read, so much so I am now on the second one. Synopsis was the murder about gang warfare Drugs DI Tom Calladine didn t think so This was something else entirely. Brutal murders are happening throughout this short book I didn t think women put so much gore in their novels Durrant adds some love interest, that helps get through the scenes when she describes the mutilation of the killer s victims.

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