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Winter Ah, how nice to spend time in Josh Lanyon s mind again A romance in the old sense of the word a story about the human heart, not about hookups turning into love along the way The first of a series I m guessing a four part series, given the title and the setting , The Haunted Heart Winter is both a satisfying work of romantic literature AND a great set up for what I certainly hope will come next Flynn could be the protagonist in a sequel to a YA novel where the Happy Ever After goes bad A year earlier, at twenty five, Flynn s lifelong friend, lover and soulmate died suddenly All we really know at first is that Flynn has been scarred so deeply by that loss that his family fears for him Kirk, on the other hand, is and remains of a mystery Now thirty nine, a loner and a writer, Kirk holed up two years ago in Flynn s great uncle Winston s decaying Victorian mansion to hide from whatever horrors his military past left him with Flynn joins him amidst the clutter of the late Winston s obsessive collecting, hoping to find solace in cataloging the treasures that have become his legacy.The most important thing we learn about Kirk is that he cannot turn his back when he sees another human being in danger or distress And Flynn, so far as Kirk can tell, is both The apparent appearance of a ghost in a huge gilt mirror brings these two self isolated men together at first against their wills, but gradually and willingly Lanyon is spare and witty in his writing His imagery is beautiful, but not lavish He gives you what you need to know where you are, and nothing His people, however, are richly drawn although he begins with the most delicate of sketches and gradually reveals and detail, until you have a fully realized picture, flaws and all Haunted Heart Winter is a journey, sometimes literally, but mostly figuratively, as these two men take the first tentative steps out of their individual darkness and into each other s light It is a ghost story in which the ghost is hardly tortured than the two men she needs to set her free I hope Josh is almost done with part two His fans are legion, and they re waiting. Perfect title For Flynn, life is this long dark of sadness where nothing is warm or alive In this old cluttered house that seeps with the cold of a Connecticut winter he busies himself sorting the affairs of his uncle and meets two individuals who change his life Kirk is the steady soul who gets pulled into Flynn s sphere and Ines, well, she s a bit of a mirror of Flynn, but unrepressed This is definitely creepy It is also emotionally taxing as a great deal of what is happening relates to Flynn and his well being Lanyon has kept up the tragically flawed character with Flynn If you re looking for a chilling thriller than this is a solid choice. Still Grieving Over The Sudden Death Of His Lover, Antiques Dealer Flynn Ambrose Moves To The Ramshackle Old House On Pitch Pine Lane To Catalog And Sell The Large Inventory Of Arcane And Oddball Items That Once Filled His Late Uncle S Mysterious Museum But Not All The Items Are That Easy To Catalog Or Get Rid OfThe Haunted Heart Series Four Seasons Four Ghosts Two Hearts WinterSince Alan Died, Flynn Isn T Eating, Isn T Sleeping, And Isn T Spending A Lot Of Time Looking In Mirrors But Maybe He Should Pay A Little Attention Because Something In That Th Century Mirror Is Looking At Him Hey, Lanyon Way to go, buddy.My mind is a blank today so I don t have much to say Clearly I need about 18 cups of coffee Or some cocaine, I don t know.So, I really liked it It s a similar set up to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks but, uh, different and stuff I liked both Flynn and Kirk and I m looking forward to watching them bow chicka wow wow Wait No I m looking forward to seeing how their characters develop over the next three books Also, there ll be ghosts Yay It s a gosh darn entertaining book and you should give it a go.Fuck you, cat I never liked you anyway. While this starts as online series, I decided to wait until it is officially edited and published Simply because I hate reading online and I have no patience for WIPs So I don t know how edited or expanded this one compared to the Wattpad s version all I knew was that Josh Lanyon added around 10k from the original version.I assumed that this would be a 4 stories involved with 4 seasons related to the couple, Flynn and Kirk In that sense, I could take the rather abrupt ending because this was merely a beginning for the two of them I loved Josh Lanyon s writing, that was no secret This one was another great story I immediately felt for Flynn I could sense his struggle, his depression of losing his lover Alan so suddenly The conversation he had with Kirk about the agreement he made with his parents just touch me deep Despite the kind of angsty set up, I could also sense Flynn s strength as he was determined to find out what happened with the ghost in the mirror I was glad that there would be three stories because I would love to see how he gradually healed and moved on.The chemistry with Kirk was not instant, in my perception I did like the fact that they had 13 years age gap between them Kirk also had baggage after his life as Ranger in Afghanistan yes, it was another PTSD character, which might be one of my tiny complains Again, I was happy that there would be stories because I wanted to see how these two men working it out.The clue in the end was a very good mystery set up I don t know when Josh will start writing the next series online, but again, I will just wait for the official version. What did I just read How do books this perfect exist I have no idea I can t even comprehend this SPOILERS BELOWThis book scared the shit outta me Actually I was terrified reading this from the very first chapter Keep in mind, I m a gigantic wussy, but it was legitimately scary And I love scary books They make you feel so uncomfortable in your own skin and so mentally terrified Awesome.I didn t even know Lanyon could write horror books Let s be honest though, is there anything this man CAN T do Probably not Wow Just wow.Here are some reasons NOT to read this book.Don t read this book if You re alone at night and scared very easily You have dislike the feeling of being watched You value your sanity You don t want to cry You don t want to run around your house covering all the mirrors You hate beautiful, tormented main characters You plan on visiting any haunted houses soon You crave insta love in romanceI loved the MCs Very unique, different, and so beautiful together But it s not like I got to see Flynn with Alan and it s not like Flynn is really with Kirk I like their relationship because I feel like it s still blooming it s in the TBA phase and it s exciting How will Flynn get over Alan WILL Flynn get over Alan Their love seemed so real, so tangible to poor Flynn that I m not sure where the happy future with Kirk will be but I can t wait to find outI m not crazy, I said I m not deranged, delusional or depressed It s very simple I don t want to live without Alan I won t live without him There isn t anything for me on this goddamned planet without himCan I just say that I had myself a really ugly sob whine fest when Flynn announced the agreement with his parents I choked up and then started wailing I didn t think that this was the agreement I just want to hold him FOREVER I smiled at him No, it wasn t And when this fucking year is over, when these next fucking ten months are over and done, I m going to finish the jobDon t worry about me guys I ll just be over here sobbing. Written November 15, 20143.7 Stars Another good Lanyon with interesting characters and a thrilling ghost plotBook 1 Winter The Haunted Heart series is to be four books, four seasons and four ghosts This was the first one, Winter I listened to the audiobook 6 10 hrs , well narrated by Lee Samuels More a ghost story than an M M romance I felt the end was somewhat abrupt The ghost story in itself was completed and explained, but what about these men I wanted much about Flynn and Kirk Especially about dear Flynn My heart bled for the poor fellow.Despite all interesting and well done although it felt like I just got half the book I keep my fingers crossed that JL write the second part Spring soon.I LIKE yah, another JL series to follow Josh Lanyon has done it again Another wonderful read from a man who never fails to amaze me at how great he is at creating characters who from the word go slowly and subtly burrow themselves into your heart in a quiet way yet when you ve finished the story, their presence tends to stay with you for a long time Typical of his couples, the banter and interplay between these two MC s is understated but also very classy and his balance of poignant and amusing is just perfect What I also love about Josh s plots is the fact that his couples don t throw themselves at each other Forget insta love, there s aways a slow delicious simmer that very often doesn t get acted upon until the book has really got going and his love scenes are rarely in your face or graphic, yet they re still sexy and sensual and tingly when they happen Don t expect much sex in this but also don t let that deter you from reading this fabulous book because its an absolute treat The creepy, at times quite scary ghost story with its underlying mystery was a huge part of what kept me glued as well as being totally drawn to Flynn and Kirks growing friendship and poignant backstories This was a paranormal ghostly m m story with the start a romance of sorts because at this early stage in Flynn and Kirks partnership both of them are struggling with heavy emotional baggage that isn t conducive to falling in love at the drop of a hat but there s still a wonderful slow burn relationship starting that has definite possibilities of becoming one of those romances that will have you clamouring for each book as its being written as I believe there s going to be a book for each season I really hope so because this surely can t be the end of Flynn and KirkPerish the thought Once again I am awestruck by the talent that is Mr Lanyon Sublime GAHHH Sometimes, I read Josh Lanyon and I just think damn, now THAT S a pro his stuff, the stuff you know he took the time to get right is just GOOD It flows It s crafted, but feels effortless And everything about it is money.I loved this book I suspect when you write as many books as Lanyon has, it s tough making everything entirely original This book has shades of some of his others shall we chalk that up to his style and the story feels done already But the writing is so gooood I was immersed in it Like nothing else was going on I was right there on page and I could NOT be bothered with anything else.I always love his characters and his couple He gives just enough to feed your hunger, but never enough to make you full leaving you wanting MORE.Flynn, oh Flynn having lost the love of his life and having given up on life himself Tragic and yet, so witty and desperate and OPEN and you can t help but want him to be OK I see the flicker of light in there, Flynn And Kirk the strong one Lanyon s always got the strong one But that strong one is always cracked inside a bit too Kirk what s your story What happened to you in war Who did you lose I lapped up this friendship as it progressed the tiny clues hard earned that there might be something brewing and building there And that they need each other in some way in many ways.The haunted part of this story was SCARY or hinted at something scary Ultimately, it was tame than I had feared apparently my own imagination made the danger a lot greater But, I still very much enjoyed it.I am THRILLED that this is a series I assume at least I mean this one s titled Winter which alludes to other seasons, yes My hope is that the series is about Flynn Kirk and not new couples It s here that I beg Lanyon not to pull his FULL STOP BEFORE A STORY ENDS trick that he does ALL THE TIME.Loved this book Creepy Emotional A bit of sadness, followed by a hint of hope.This review many others can be found at Lanyon is not the type to punch you in the gut with her words She is the type to trail a feather down your spine and make you shiver This is it here The hits come quietly, softly and yeah for me, so much better this way.Winter, deals with loss, separation, mourning, guilt for remaining behind, not knowing how to continue So we see Flynn struggling in this morass and then Ines and Kirk come into his life and things start changing.Have you ever felt say, hurt or angry or sad and turned to your partner or a friend to tell them about it and got the there is no need to feel this way response and you feel ready to vent fiery fumes out of every hole in your body Well what the bloody hell, hear me for pete s sake, see me, look at me, don t deny me Well that is part of what I imagine Ines felt That is what I felt reading her story I wanted to tell her, yes I see you now Ines, I see you Although this story can easily be read satisfactorily on its own, I am glad that there are going to be three Kirk is still so much of a dark horse, want his story, want to know him And there are lots of unresolved matters I want to sink my teeth in This is a slow burn of a story, probably built on a series arc and I love thoseAfter a time I closed my eyes and listened to Kirk strumming Not random chords, not a haphazard scattering of notes, just a slow, tentative introduction to an unfamiliar melodyBR with Rosa good company.

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