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First Term at Malory Towers 99. I know I am not the only one whose love of boarding school stories began with this series I embraced Darrell and Sally and their adventures at Malory Towers, despite their anti American bias, and longed for midnight feasts, adventures in field hockey, uniforms, and tuck boxes In fact, my sister and I used to play boarding school, we also played orphans, which my mother found very amusing wearing black skirts, white shirts and black velvet ties around our necks My mother had Blyton s Adventure series growing up, but the school stories were less common in the US I think we found the first Malory Towers and St Clare s books in Toronto. Popular Book, First Term At Malory Towers By Enid Blyton This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book First Term At Malory Towers, Essay By Enid Blyton Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Such a comforting nostalgic trip down memory lane I loved loved loved this series as a child As a family we didn t have much money for books and one year I was given the box set of the Mallory Towers series I was so thrilled and goodness knows how many times I read them Who wouldn t want to swim in that sea water pool These books may be short but they are so sweet and innocent I really enjoyed reading this book. As I am trying to write a story set a school, I turn to the classics to reacquaint myself with the artistic moral values inherent in the genre First Term Malory Towers is a spare book a quick read tho I read it slowly in bits pieces but it contains all the essentials Darrell is a new girl in the first form like 7th grade in America She makes new friends, finds out some of her own flaws a hot temper a tendency to slack off on her schoolwork confronts Gwendoline, a mean girl, rescues a weaker girl from a false friend from her own fears We learn deception trickery are praiseworthy when used for good in this case to help the timid Mary Lou discover her inner strengths She uses her newly found courage to extricate Darrell from Gwendoline s wicked scheme A slight story, but teaching excellent lessons.The new girls are received by the headmistress, who tells them One day you will leave school go out into the world as young women You should take with you eager minds, kind hearts, the will to help You should take with you a good understanding of many things a willingness to accept responsibility a willingness to show yourselves as women to be loved trusted All these things you will be able to learn Malory Towers if you will I do not count as our successes those who have won scholarships passed exams, tho these are good things to do I count as our successes those who learn to be good hearted kind, sensible trustable, good sound women the world can lean on Our failures are those who do not learn thee things in the years they are here The head understands that the school really exists to provide a formation as well as an education scholarships pass ing exams , to provide each student with a special kind of character good hearted kind, sensible trustable This is such a refreshing alternative to current obsessions with league tables A level results social cachet what make of motor car the mums the school gate drive as well as the Guardianistas obsession with the diversity multiculturalism only a state school can offer.Finally, as the girls wonder whether the horrible Gwendoline is redeemable, Katherine the head of the dormy remarks It depends on how long she stays Malory towers It s funny how the longer you stay here the decenter you get That s what my aunt told me She came here too, she told me all kinds of stories about awful girls who got all right I own three books in the series to find out whether Gwendoline gets all right but it may be a while before I find out In the meantime, I ll endeavour to be good hearted kind, sensible trustable too. I was fortunate to find out about this series this is the first book in a 6 book series because of one Goodreads friend, and thanks to another Goodreads friend was able to purchase the six book series for less than the cost of mailing I m really happy to have them It s going to take some discipline on my part to wait to read the next five until I ve read some other books further up in my queue.I guess the plot was formulaic and the girls were all a type but I thoroughly enjoyed this book It felt like a short vacation back to childhood and it was a really fun read I would have adored this book when I was a child I certainly was not as cheerful as the main heroine but did enjoy reading about those cheerful girls, and there are girls with all sorts of personalities and all sorts of strengths and weaknesses who make up the cast of characters and they re interesting to get to know As an adult I saw almost everything coming but I didn t mind one bit.I admit I did feel sympathy for the bad girl, than I probably would have had I read these first as a child.The book is very British and somewhat old fashioned it was first published in 1946 but I think it can be easily enjoyed today with those caveats kept in mind. I read this book because I heard a fabulous recording of a talk about Enid Blyton from Seven Stories It s interesting to me how Blyton has been rehabilitated in the world of children s literature Indeed, when I ordered this book up from the stacks of Auckland Public Library the librarian smiled wryly and said, when I was a new librarian, these books weren t allowed Plus a change I loved Malory Towers as a youngster So I was a bit dubious about reading the book after all these decades I loved it, of course Yes, the first bit is a bit tedious as Blyton explains all the basics of Malory Towers life, but the characters are great Darrell Rivers is a wonderful heroine flawed, likeable, brave actually, very masculine in many respects, she could easily be Dick or Julian PS is it just me or is there something quite odd about calling your female protagonist Darrell Rivers when your second husband s name is Darrell Waters Gwendoline is the girl we love to hate, obviously In spite of my cynicism, I was drawn in to the simple plot Let s face it, the situations Blyton presents are no different to those in modern life, be it at school or at the office We all have rivals and moments of personal insight when we learn something about ourselves And the messages she preaches being true to yourself, being honourable, working hard are very much in vogue today I know they went out of fashion for a couple of decades, but I m all in favour of bringing them back Especially for young women So, next stop is Switzerland and the Chalet School It will be interesting to see how it compares. Read this as part of 2018 Ultimate Reading Challenge, Category A book you read in school.There are some books that you read when you are young and these books are part of your formative years of reading And sometimes you maybe scared to pick such a book again because you are scared that the book will not live up to your memories.I was very excited and nervous at the same time while starting this book and I am glad that I read this once again This book did make me re visit all the things I felt when I read this in school I can still see myself sitting in my minds eye reading this during library hours.This book is a splendid introduction that starts off with Darrell joining Malory Towers for her first term, making some great friends and a rivalry that may go on for sometime at least It s filled with antics and anti dotes that the girls get up to and it kept me turning the pages.This is one of those books that glorified life in a boarding school for me I remember 3 of my cousins studied in boarding school when I first read this book and I imagined them living a life like that in Malory Towers I begged my mom that I too wanted to join that boarding school which never did happen.Least to say I will definitely be re visiting this full series once again one of my favorite MG series when i was younger i really need to reread it again

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