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Cold Blood (Vampire in the City, #4) As The Winter Holiday Season Descends On New York City, Vampire Emma Hammond Is Anticipating Celebrating With Tammy And David, Her Witch And Werewolf Roommates But When An Odd Christmas Ornament Unleashes Waves Of The Undead From Her Neighborhood Graveyard, Emma Finds Herself As An Unwilling Shield Between Ravenous Zombies And An Unsuspecting City Even Worse, Despite Having Everyday Dealing With Supernatural Creatures, Emma Finds That She Has An Unnatural Aversion To The Shambling Dead, And Must Get To Their Source And Stop The Invasion Before She S Forced To Cancel Her Holiday Party Overall an enjoyable read The story didn t reach out and grab me, but it was still very entertaining I really like that Emma makes mistakes and steps on toes because she is a new vampire and has kept her humanity This one is funny because nobody in her little clan a werewolf, a witch coven, and human have a clue about zombies, which is what is the current issue in her neighborhood This is the fourth book in the series and, knowing what I know now, I would still start this series It s a quick, light, fun series.

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