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Sisters of Treason Early In Mary Tudor S Turbulent Reign, Lady Catherine And Lady Mary Grey Are Reeling After The Brutal Execution Of Their Elder Seventeen Year Old Sister, Lady Jane Grey, And The Succession Is By No Means Stable Neither Sister Is Well Suited To A Dangerous Life At Court Flirtatious Lady Catherine, Thought To Be The True Heir, Cannot Control Her Compulsion To Love And Be Loved Her Sister, Clever Lady Mary, Has A Crooked Spine And A Tiny Stature In An Age When Physical Perfection Equates To Goodness And Both Girls Have Inherited The Tudor Blood That Is Curse Than Blessing For Either Girl To Marry Without Royal Permission Would Be A Potentially Fatal Political Act It Is The Royal Portrait Painter, Levina Teerlinc, Who Helps The Girls Survive These Troubled Times She Becomes Their Mentor And Confidante But When The Queen S Sister, The Hot Headed Elizabeth, Inherits The Crown, Life At Court Becomes Increasingly Treacherous For The Surviving Grey Sisters Ultimately Each Young Woman Must Decide How Far She Will Go To Defy Her Queen, Risk Her Life, And Find The Safety And Love She Longs For

About the Author: Elizabeth Fremantle

Elizabeth Fremantle is the critically acclaimed author of Tudor and Elizabethan set novels Queen s Gambit, Sisters of Treason, Watch the Lady and The Girl in the Glass Tower Her most recent novel, published under the name EC Fremantle, is the historical thriller The Poison Bed, described by MJ Carter as a Jacobean Gone Girl She lives in London and Norfolk

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    The late 16th century was quite unique in that for an extended period, all potential heirs to the throne were female, and it is against this backdrop that Sisters Of Treason is set It mainly focuses on three Tudor figures, normally given scant regard in the history books, they are, Lady Katherine Grey, Lady Mary Grey, sisters of the deposed nine day Queen, Jane , and Flemish born Levina Teerlinc, court painter This was a particulary uncertain period, when switching allegia

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    After finishing Queen s Gambit, I knew that I had to read Fremantle s take on the unfortunate Grey sisters Contains historical facts that may be spoilers to some I love the fact that this story is about Katherine and Mary and their lives after the execution of their sister Jane, rather than the much told story of Jane s life While I love Jane s story and think she had amazing potential, this story was unique.The novel is told from the POV of each of the sisters and artist, Levin

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    From early on in the book, it was clear that there was little to keep me reading There was no plot driver or anything that made me want to finish the book Obviously, Mary I was going to die and Elizabeth succeed her as queen I should have been eager to see this happen hungry to watch the characters thrust into this political hornets nest but, I just didn t care The author failed to create the feeling of sympathy for her characters Take Katherine for her example, her sister has died so s

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    The Tudors have been written about so much in the past several years that I ve found myself having a desire to bypass most of them This novel was different in that it looked at the Grey girls who really have been omitted almost entirely from the Tudors history It was refreshing in a bitter sweet way to find out about the lives of these girls that were cursed with Tudor blood Well written and easy to read, this novel gave a very good glimpse into who these girls may have been and the turbulent

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    Find this and other reviews at was eager to get my hands on Elizabeth Fremantle s Sisters of Treason I read The Queen s Rivals last year and while I enjoyed Purdy s take on the Grey sisters, the book lacked the gravitas I crave I needed something I could sink my teeth into, something with a little meat on the bone if you get my meaning Fremantle caught my attention with Queen Gambit, but I ll be honest, I think her sopho release stronger than its predecessor There is an urgency and weight to the sto

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    Made it just over 100 pages in 111 to be exact There s just no narrative to this There are 3 POVs Katharine, a whiny self involved girl who goes from crying over a boy to suddenly a lesbian bisexual Mary, a younger girl who is either lamenting her deformity or being treated like a baby by the Queen and Lavinia, an artist who just talks about hiding how she s not a Catholic None of the POVs are engaging and I don t care about any of the characters The best historical fictions find the story within the past a

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    In looking back through history you will find that, for the most part, it is the women s lives who have the most blank spots when it comes to chronicling events I have never really looked at the Grey family perhaps because the Grey girls lives were so tragic, and often when I go to read it is difficult to look closely upon a life in which celebrations were short and tears were frequent although at this time, pain was hidden It falls on the shoulders of the author of historical fiction to take whatever facts there

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    I will state right now that Philippa Gregory has SERIOUS competition Elizabeth Fremantle is by far the best historical fiction writer I have come across in years.In Sisters of Treason she tells the story of Lady Jane Grey s two younger sisters, Katherine and Mary Katherine, who was a serious contender as Elizabeth I s heir, and Mary, who suffered the curse of the Plantagenet s, scoliosis, are often ignored by historical fiction writers in favour of their cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots.Interwoven with the story of the Grey

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    I was awarded this book by NetGalley the morning I got the approval email it had been archived and I could not download it I sent an email to the publisher they allowed me access I am SO happy they did, I enjoyed this book As much as I have read about QE1 and family, I only knew a little of Lady Jane Grey, and nothing of her sisters Katherine and Mary It wasn t until the chapter named Kitty Mouse that I thought about their nicknames that way I liked that.I really loved the character that Mary was given there was not much about

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    Katherine Grey has been having a great few years lately just a bit unfortunate that this comes nearly five hundred years after she had a fairly unhappy life Given that previous to around 2011, the only reason Ladies Katherine and Mary Grey had really only clung on to the historical record as Lady Jane Grey s sisters, this is quite a weather change Leanda De Lisle s book The Sisters Who Would Be Queen seems to have lit a spark that started a real old bonfire and so the forgotten Grey girls are creeping out into the limelight Alison Wei

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