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The Staff of Serapis (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover #2) In This Adventure, Annabeth Encounters Oddities In The Subway Than Usual, Including A Two Headed Monster And A Younger Blond Girl Who Reminds Her A Little Of Herself This Is The Story Fans Have Asked For, In Which Annabeth Chase Teams Up With Sadie Kane The Demigod Daughter Of Athena And The Young Magician From Brooklyn House Take On A Larger Than Life Foe From The Ancient World Perhaps Even Disturbing Than The Power Hungry God They Encounter Is The Revelation That He Is Being Controlled By Someone Someone All Too Familiar To Sadie As A Special Bonus, The First Chapter Of THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS, The Final Book In The Heroes Of Olympus Series, Is Included

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    I enjoyed this even much than I did the first book I love that it s about Sadie and Annabeth, two of my favorite heroines in Uncle Ricky s epic adventure stories I love how the story opened up with a bang and ended up with the same and as usual, Uncle Ricky s imaginative and hilarious descriptions ke

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    Sadie Kane meeting Annabeth Chase AHHHHHHH Excited I think the GIF sums up what this will be appropriately.

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    After Reading First of all VERY FIRST OF ALL I wanna just shout out to the world that MY ONLY TWO PREDICTIONS about this two short stories HAVE COME TRUE These two are 1 I knew, I FREAKING KNEW that view spoiler these two short stories were AFTER the Heroes of Olympus series Psshh, fans making weird assumptions that magi

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    UPDATE 6 25 2014Well, I read this quite a while ago so this review is VERY late Sorry I ve been busy and honestly hadn t remembered to do this.In part because this is late, and in part because the book was good but not amazing, I don t have much to say I definitely suggest these short stories, as I suggest all of Rick Riordan s st

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    Am I the only one FANGIRLING about this I mean Annabeth and Sadie Both my fav characters in both series I can t wait for them to meet I hope they are mature that Carter and Percy were Can t wait

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    OMGOMGOMG OMGOMHJHVKHYFTDRRDRSSEXRCGVHBHBVYIEYRDGVHJHBJHBHJBJBHJBH THANK YOU RICK My reaction towards the book When I found out about itWhen I realised it was coming out in May Seeing it will have a Blood of Olympus teaser Remembering that someone will probably die in BoOMy overall impression I knew signing up to Goodreads was a good idea

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    I didn t care much for the monsters and the fighting I read this for the reveal Insightful Annabeth was just an added bonus.

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    The Crown of Ptolemy The Kane Chronicles The Staff of Serapis view spoiler hide spoiler

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    SOMETHING UP THERE EXISTS SADIE KANE IS BACK AND WITH Annabeth This is gonna be so awesome, if Annabeth doesn t murder Sadie before the book starts And well, who s gonna blame her Carter had years to learn how to tolerate Sadie, and poor Annabeth is being dropped into it at the whims and wishes of Riordan and fans respectively But then she s not Annabeth just like that And she su

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    The Son of Sobek was better and it is not because I am madly in love with Percy , but this short story definitely sets up the stage for the official Percy Jackson Kane Chronicles crossover I feel bad for Percy though I mean, the poor kid had to go through the Battle of the Titans, fight Gaea and right afterwards, he has to go stop an epic Greek and Egyptian throwdown without so much as a c

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