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I really liked this I thought the translation was very good it s engaging and interesting and doesn t get too dry, as some translations are prone to doing Of course, it seems like a lot of that is down to the original text, which I do wish I could experience But the translation is well done, I think The descriptions are gorgeous, in places, and the imagery is lovely.I really enjoyed learning about Tristan s history, too, with his foster father and how he grows up He s a bit of a Gary Stu , as fandom would put it he s a bit too perfect A bit of a Lancelot all round, really I don t really like most portrayals of Lancelot.The problem with enjoying this is how shameless Tristan and Isolde are They trick Mark and make him feel guilty for ever suspecting them, and then respond to his love for them by cuckolding him again They don t seem to make any real effort to hold back And Tristan mistreats the other Isolde of the White Hands , and Isolde the Fair s treatment of Brangane is ridiculous Of course, these problems that are there for a modern reader might not be, for the original audience I m aware of that, and it doesn t actually affect my rating of it because I enjoyed reading it so much Still, it s hard to sympathise with the characters when they do things like that.There are some great passages, though really affecting, and you can really feel for the characters I had sympathies for Mark than I d expected.It really isn t Arthurian at all, incidentally There are a couple of references to King Arthur, but Tristan isn t a knight of the Round Table here I m still shelving it as Arthurian, though, because of how strongly linked the Tristan and Iseult story has become with the Arthurian stories. Sehr abruptes Ende Great Passages Into her thoughts she had received him, he had come into her heart, and in the kingdom of her heart wore crown and sceptre with despotic sway For now he laid hold of a new life, a new life was given him so that he changed his whole cast of mind and became quite a different man, since all that he did was chequered with strangeness and blindness In any event, she would have perished and died of her sorrow, had not hope refreshed her and expectancy buoyed her up, set as she was on seeing him, however that might be and once having seen him she would gladly suffer whatever might be in store for her But I must and will not afflict your ears with matters which are too distressing, since too much talk of grief offends them and there is nothing so good that it does not pall from being said too often In the blossoming years, when the ecstasy of his springtime was about to unfold and he was just entering with joy into his prime, his best life was over just when he was beginning of burgeon with delight the frost of care which ravages many young people descended on him and withered and blossoms of his gladness How I dread this great wilderness Wherever I bend my eyes I see the end of the world, wherever I turn I see nothing but desert, wasteland, wilderness, wild cliffs, and sea as wild How the terror of it afflicts me But than this I fear that, whichever way I turn, wolves and other beasts will devour me Having returned with his stick, he cut out the liver entire, and then severed the net and the numbles He removed the pizzle from its limb Seating himself of the grass, he took all three pieces, bound them firmly with his net to the fourchie , and then tied it round about with green bast Tristan was ready to oblige as before He took the pluck I mean that on which the heart is strung and cleaned it of all its appendages He cut off half of the heart towards its pointed end and, taking it in his hands, cut it crosswise into four and threw this down on the hide He then returned to his plush He removed the milt and lungs, and the pluck was bare of its contents When this had been placed on the hide, he quickly cut both pluck string and gorge, about, at the curve of the breast Then swiftly he removed the head and horns from the neck, and told them to place these with the breast Now each of you cut your own withies and truss your portions separately I like this craft so well that if I ever hunt again, I shall never hack deer into four, bit it hart or hind We shall not allow anyone to wear it whose words are not well laved, and his diction smooth and even so that if someone approaches at the trot, well poised and with an upright seat, hi will not stumble there All are agreed that anger besets a young man relentlessly than a mature one With a downward sweep he struck through skull and brain, ending only at the tongue, then at once plunged the sword into his heart Thus the truth of the provers was evident which says that debts lie, yet do not rot And so Morold went on hacking at his till he mastered him with blows, and Tristan, hard put to it to meet them, thrust out his shield too far and held his guard too high, so that finally Morold struck him such an ugly blow through the thigh, plunging almost to the very life of him, that his flesh and bone were laid bare through hauberk and jambs, and the blood spurted out and fell in a cloud on that island King Gurmun the Gay was far from gay and deeply vexed and had every reason to be so for in this one man he had lost his heart, his courage, his hope, and his vigour, and a fighting strength equal to that of many knights And indeed these two anchorless ships and stray thoughts provide a good comparison They are both so seldom on a straight course, lie so often in unsure havens, pitching and tossing and heaving to and fro Just so, in the very same way, do aimless desire and random love longing drift like an anchorless ship Knowing the language, I shall stand outside myself He now spurred back to his adversary, dismounted, and, resuming his battle just where he had stopped, fell to stabbing and hacking at his foe with his sword here, there, and everywhere till he had cut him to shreds in sundry places Such paltry hardships will never buy me Dear ladies, said the man in the bath, it is true that I have made you suffer, though under great duress One should turn one s coat according to the wind And so they stood, and so he lay Rapacious feathered glances flew thick as falling snow, ranging from side to side in search of prey There was much of such talk, and believe me, the Steward made a very sour face over it No one spoke a word or a syllable Your wrangling is superfluous They blushed and blanched, blanched and blushed is swift succession as Love painted their cheeks for them All that I know distresses me, all that I see afflicts me the sky and sea oppress me, my life has become a burden to me He then recalled that l ameir meant love , l ameir bitter , la meir the sea it seemed to have a host of meanings Surely, fair Isolde, the sharp smack of sea is the cause of your distress The tang of the sea is too strong for you It is this you find so bitter She is still alive, Isolde, you strange person For to take one s words from their own lips the ladies have no greater harm or guile or duplicity in them of any description than that they can weep for no reason at all, as often as they please Isolde wept copiously The next day a little before noon Melot sneaked out on his way again, his bosom well stuffed with dissembled regrets and vile deceit, and went to Tristan His command was duly performed a rich and noble purple, most rare and wonderful and suitable broad, was spread on the table before him with a tiny dog upon it And now the giant and his booty were approaching And indeed, Urgan had calculated that, once he had joined his hand to his arm in good time before it was quite dead, by a means that he was versed in, he would have emerged well from this peril with his hand, though minus an eye But this was not to be They would not have given a button for a better life, save only in retrospect of their honor Women do many things, just because they are forbidden, from which they would refrain were it not forbidden In this way he was cheated of both he desired yet did not desire Isolde and Isolde Abstinence breeds hatred I do not complain of his love, but I am very unhappy that you have made me your dupe so that you can gratify your malice Have you ever heard this saying Empty room makes wanton woman or Opportunity makes a thief or Wanton woman, empty house Yet it may still happen so for if I am to drown here, and you, as I think, must also drown, a fish could swallow us, and so, my love, by good fortune we should share one sepulture, since it might be caught by someone who would recognize our bodies and do them the high honour befitting our love. Very good translation.The book is made from 2 manuscript sources translated and merged the Von Strassburg circa 1210 and based on the Thomas manuscript and the Thomas circa 1160 , by a quirk of fate the surviving fragments of T s picking up where the Von S stops, both very different in tone Flows very well on the whole with a slight jarring as the text changes authors.The tale predates even the Thomas manuscript but no one seems sure of the first date for it, there are many parallels between the Tris Izzy Mark triangle and the Lance Gwen Arthur one, both end badly for most involved The roots for the names are certainly old Tristan from the Pictish name Drustan, and Isolde probably from the Germanic for Ice battle a kenning for summer spring dawn She is certainly referred to as dawn often in the Von S.Was the inspiration a Dark Ages marriage alliance between Dublin Vikings and a Pictish king that goes wrong Mind you Pictish names turn up in other areas in the Arthurian tales, and Mark isn t local in origin.But what about the book As I said, very good translation Lacking in notes though, I had to look up a few things musical instruments, material, heraldic terms etc Has appendices, but I found them somewhat lacking The Von S text has some very sly humour and asides to the reader, but even though I found T s text slightly repetitive it is peppered with insight into the turbulent emotions of the lovers. Gottfried S Version Of This Legendary Romance In Which Tristan And Isolde Chance To Drink A Magic Potion That Causes Them To Fall In Love Portrays Tristan In The Round As An Attractive And Sophisticated Pre Renaissance Man While Gottfried Adheres Faithfully To The Events As Set Down By Thomas, His Chosen Source, He Is Correct Over Questions Of Chrisianity And Religion, But NoIn Fact His Persona As Narrator Is Oddly Elusive And Engaging A Virtuoso Stylist, Adept In Irony And Wit, He Is Subtle And Almost Unmedieval In Putting Across His Own Impressions Of A Love That Transcends The Bounds Advocated By Church Or Society . Beautiful It has been far too long since I have read a love story like this Not in any way for the faint of hearted, who might quail at the sight of page long paragraphs where the author muses upon all that comes with love, the good and the bad, Tristan is for a reader who wants to sit and exist with a tale, allowing it to flow all around them and encourage their imagination What a great and beautiful story This is a good example of why modern editors are so important Whilst there are some sections of interest he spends pages rambling about his favourite poets, the characters wardrobes or moaning about women s infidelity Better off with the Beroul version. This is the best version of the Tristan story, and Hatto s translation is masterful it reads like a novel. Good on the whole, but it would have been better as a verse translation. Tristan

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