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Told In Kvothe S Own Voice, This Is The Tale Of The Magically Gifted Young Man Who Grows To Be The Most Notorious Wizard His World Has Ever Seen The Intimate Narrative Of His Childhood In A Troupe Of Traveling Players, His Years Spent As A Near Feral Orphan In A Crime Ridden City, His Daringly Brazen Yet Successful Bid To Enter A Legendary School Of Magic, And His Life As A Fugitive After The Murder Of A King Form A Gripping Coming Of Age Story Unrivaled In Recent Literature A High Action Story Written With A Poet S Hand, The Name Of The Wind Is A Masterpiece That Will Transport Readers Into The Body And Mind Of A Wizard The Name of the Wind

About the Author: Patrick Rothfuss

It all began when Pat Rothfuss was born to a marvelous set of parents Throughout his formative years they encouraged him to do his best, gave him good advice, and were no doubt appropriately dismayed when he failed to live up to his full potential.In high school Pat was something of a class clown His hobbies included reading a novel or two a day and giving relationship advice to all his friends

10 thoughts on “The Name of the Wind

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    I m sorry, Mr Rothfuss For realz, actual sorry Honestly I tried giving your book two stars out of pity, since I so wanted to like it and I d feel bad about giving it one star and dragging down your average rating Though you don t appear to need my

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    As an avid adult fantasy reader, out of all the books that I ve been recommended, The Name of the Wind has always been recommended to me the most Google, Goodreads, book reviewing sites, 9gag, even some people who don t read a lot of fantasy bo

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    This is why I love fantasy so much After a recent string of okay fantasy novels, a couple of good ones but nothing to get really excited about, I ve rediscovered my passion thanks to this book I m so impressed, and so in love, I can t begin to describe i

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    I ll give this 5 with no begrudging I m pretty easy with my 5 , they re not reserved for the best book I ve ever read, just very good books I thought The Name of the Wind was very good I read it in what for me was a very short span of time it had that ish

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    I have no interest in imagining I m someone who is stronger, deadlier, smarter, sexier, etc than myself a famed hero in a milqtoast world little different from modern North America I read fantasy to immerse myself in strange worlds ripe with danger and conflic

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    I kinda liked this book But my opinion on the matter probably shouldn t be trusted.

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    Okay Wow Let s back the hell up here How is this so highly rated Are those genre establishment reviewers who re thrashing about in paroxysms of fawning five star NEXT BIG THING OMG joy wearing blinders or just so used to mediocre fantasy that this book actually come

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    Words are pale shadows of forgotten names As names have power, words have power Words can light fires in the minds of men Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts There are seven words that will make a person love you There are ten words that will break a str

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    MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List IT WAS NIGHT AGAIN The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts The most obvious part was a hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking If there had been a wind it would have sighed through the t

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    I have so many unanswered questions and I m not even mad about it.

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