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Sleeping with Strangers Best EPub, Sleeping With Strangers Author Eric Jerome Dickey This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Sleeping With Strangers, Essay By Eric Jerome Dickey Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I started reading his books when my high school teacher began bragging about this guy years ago This was his last book I read I was really into it I m not going to lie, I didn t buy it I was a broke college student at the time, but I was so addicted I went to Barnes and Noble weekly to finish it up I found out my school had the book in our bookstore so I d read it standing up for an hour between classes The story was really engaging and the action was well balanced The women were just as mysterious as Gideon, which is what kept me coming back to it Amazing read. This was a good read Different but good. Revolving cast Set in London Gideon is a contract killer on his way to London after a contract in the States Meets Mrs Jones on the plane, Lola Mack, and the man w the broken nose Thinking things could be a set up he keeps an eye on thier gestures and what they say.Man with the broken nose, Bruno, also a contract killer is contracted to kill Gideon The story is told over a period of several hours with these 2 as the leads as only Dickey can do it Snapshots of a fractured life Like a caress at the back of the neck, finger s lazy trails through your hair Dickey s lyrical rhymes keeps you turning the page an picturing what he s laid out in words His characters create a heavy world with sex, violence, shady pasts, romantic longing You can feel thier emotional weight From begining first book I read to end the most current books I am reading EJD keeps you living in his world so as long as you continue to read his books Sometimes a few days after. Sleeping with strangers will have you waking with enemies. I didn t care much for the writing, tone, didn t feel anything for the main character Couldn t care less if he lived, died, got lucky or dead He just didn t seem real Not a great reader, either His voice was good I really liked the mellow tone but the way he tended to stress the oddly patterned sentences made the story worse I kept trying to think it was OK hoping I d get finally get caught up in the story, but I didn t I might have if there was anything compelling to draw me along, but not caring about the MC is pretty much a death knell I even took a break thinking that might help, but it didn t so I finally gave up.This is the 2d book I ve tried disliked by Dickey The first was A Wanted Woman I quickly gave that up as too stupid That was read by a couple of different people This one was read by Dion Graham I ll steer clear from now on His writing doesn t work for me, I guess. This was the beginning to the Gideon trilogy and boy I tell ya if you haven t read it you re in for a nice rollcoaster ride It extermely suspenseful, action packed, and just a overall joy to read Gideon is one hitman who doesn t play just ask those who ve crossed him Oh wait, my bad you can t cause their all dead This trilogy is a must read I give it two thumbs up. This book had me up wii hours of the morning Very captivating, very sexy Love it Guess Who s Back My boy EJD is back, and so am I Keeping it real, I took an Eric Jerome Dickey hiatus For years he held a special spot on my shelf as my favorite author, hands down Then it happenedhis books just weren t doing it for me any Call in change, call it growth, falling off, call it whatever, but I wasn t feeling it DRIVE ME CRAZY drove me crazy and I couldn t finish it Unheard of for me CHASING DESTINY came, but I let her run right past me However, the title of his new release piqued my interest, so I decided to give it a shot and I am glad I did Death is life Gideon is a freelance hit man In the seedy underbelly of death for hire, Gideon is known as a man of talent and business a profitable business He has a goal that he is trying to reach and with this acceptance of his most recent job, he just may obtain it This job could put him over the edge financially and literally Has the hunter become the hunted Sleeping With Strangers is a smartly written, great reading drama thriller that showcases Dickey s talent He blended success, style and heartlessness Then he added some ruthlessness, deceit and trickery Let s not forget murder, mayhem and steamy sex scenes My hiatus is officially over I enjoyed SWS Now I m at the door, looking out the peephole waiting on the sequel to arrive. It s been a while since I have wrote a review, and I wish I could say that I wrote this because the book was just so damn good that I had to tell everyone about it But, as you probably guessed via my one star rating, this is not an uplifting endeavor I hesitate to write a bad review because honestly, I am not it s target audience Can I indeed fault something that is not my own personal tastes BUT TO HELL WITH THAT THIS BOOK WAS FUCKIN TERRIBLE If I could write a book that is the exact opposite of how I would write anything ever, the result would be this book Sleeping with Strangers is a sexist, racist, pop culture referencing, stereotypical romp in the life of manly man hit man Gideon as he sexes and kills everything in his way But don t take my word for it, let us let the book speak for itself with classic lines like I wondered if she was wet If the folds of her secrets were moist MOIST OH SO MOIST Wherever she had gone, she was still a whore Whoring was all she knew Like killing was all I knew This is what Gideon says about his mother Throughout the book, there are illusions to this mysterious woman being a former lover view spoiler I guess she is, because she rapes her son at 15 hide spoiler

About the Author: Eric Jerome Dickey

Eric Jerome Dickey was born in Memphis, Tennessee and attended the University of Memphis the former Memphis State , where he earned his degree in Computer System Technology In 1983, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in engineering.After landing a job in the aerospace industry as a software developer, Eric Jerome Dickey s artistic talents surfaced, inspiring him to become an actor and a

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