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Post Captain Post Captain, The Second In Patrick O Brian S Much Loved Aubrey Maturin Series Of Novels, Begins With Jack Aubrey Returning To An England At Peace Following The Treaty Of Amiens With His Friend Stephen Maturin, He Begins To Live The Life Of A Country Gentleman But Their Comfortable Existence Is Cut Short When Jack Is Reduced To A Pauper Overnight He Flees To The Continent To Seek Refuge Only To Find Himself A Hunted Fugitive From Napoleon S Regime Aubrey S Adventures In Escaping From Both France And The Debtor S Prison Will Grip The Reader As Fast As His Unequalled Actions At Sea

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    Post Captain makes me wonder if Patrick O Brian originally intended Master and Commander as a one off and if you know the answer please don t tell me I like not knowing.Master and Commander is a great book, and our introduction to Captain Jack

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    Patrick O Brian, you have exposed yourself.Exposed yourself as a Jane Austen wannabe, that is One who is a bit sniffily about the fact that Jane quite unfairly, I m sure did not give us the thoughts of the male half of the regency romance equatio

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    Dancing bears and loons that fancy themselves teapots No, number two in the series is not a typical Aubrey Maturin adventure, yet it is perhaps better than the first While book one, Master Commander, was about war and friendship, the second

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    I ve been reading the Aubrey Maturin series for a few years now, and even though I m not as loyal to these books as I am to other series, it s always nice to dip back into Patrick O Brian s well researched, well written, and consistently delightful h

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    My friend, Jose, regularly re read the whole Aubrey Maturin series He found it so rich that diving back into it was a constant pleasure This is not my first time through, and O Brian s work holds my attention as firmly as it did initially.In Post Capta

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    Second books in a long epic series are usually a lot harder to write and to get right than debut ones To use an analogy from music, a rock band usually writes a great debut album they ve been playing the material for years in garages and or small pubs be

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    Patrick O Brian s worldbuilding conveys the impression that there are not only detailed landscape and dwellings to be glimpsed through the smallest window, but the roads lead somewhere just as detailed, whether the story leads us there or not.O Brian is a

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    This is perhaps the final detachment and this is perhaps the only way to live free, surprisingly light and well, no diminution of interest but no commitment a liberty I have hardly ever known Patrick O Brian, Post Captain The second book in O Brian

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    4 StarsInitially while reading this book and thinking about what I might say in my review, I didn t think I would find anything positive to say Now, having completed the journey , although there is far too much going on in this novel, and from what I can see h

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    I almost gave this 3 stars, but I have too many reservations I almost abandoned the book early on I don t care for O Brian s style it s too Victorian Sure, that s a plus for some, but I hate it the story was very uneven The first third of the book with threads r

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