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Thunderball The Girl Looked Him Up And Down He Had Dark, Rather Cruel Good Looks And Very Clear, Blue Grey Eyes He Was Wearing A Very Dark Blue Lightweight Single Breasted Suit Over A Cream Silk Shirt And A Black Knitted Silk Tie Despite The Heat, He Looked Cool And Clean And Who Might You Be She Asked Sharply My Name S Bond, James Bond When A Stranger Arrives In The Bahamas, The Locals Barely Turn Their Heads, Seeing Another Ex Pat With Money To Burn At The Casino Tables But James Bond Has Than Money On His Mind He S Got Less Than A Week To Find Two Stolen Atom Bombs Hidden Among The Coral Reefs While Acting The Playboy, Bond Meets Domino, Sultry Plaything Of Secretive Treasure Hunter Emilio Largo In Getting Close To This Gorgeous Italian Girl, Bond Hopes To Learn About Largo S Hidden Operation

About the Author: Ian Fleming

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Ian Lancaster Fleming was a British author, journalist and Second World War Navy Commander He was a grandson of the Scottish financier Robert Fleming, who founded the Scottish American Investment Trust and the merchant bank Robert Fleming Co.Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James

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    A 83% Very Good Notes James Bond fights a non political criminal multinational, while scenes and concepts from past adventures are reused.

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    Now this is a great Bond story First published in 1961, this was the 9th Bond novel for Ian Fleming and is a rip roaring good time for fans.This has it all Criminal villain mastermind While Fleming has come up with several great villains before, we are finally introduced to THE

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    A voice said quietly, close up against his ear, You will not meddle again, my friend Then there was nothing but the great whine and groan of the machine and the bite of the straps that were tearing his body in half Bond began to scream, weakly, while the sweat poured from him an

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    The best part about any of the original James Bond novels is the fact that there is no Q other than being mentioned peripherally, Q Branch and all that That s to say, the novels aren t as gimmicky as the films This is important, since it elevates the story above the zany pop cultur

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    Revised review following re read This is a silly plan This is the sort of melodramatic nonsense people write about in thrillers .and that criticism straight out of the mouth of the bond girl in this installment is probably one of my favourite lines in the series so far Whoever said

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    Rating 4 of fiveI am viewing the Bond films on Prime 20 are available on Prime for free viewing until 1 Sept This entry in the book series is a little odd, because the story and the book were the subjects of prolonged litigation among the writer of the story, the author of the book, a

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    Thunderball is the ninth book in Ian Fleming s James Bond series, and the eight novel, after a seriously good collection of short stories This book now bears the authorship of Fleming on most editions, but it was really the collaboration of several people, and a legal agreement at one ti

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    Thundball the Bond book so good it was made into two movies, both of which starred Sean Connery Obviously the 1965 film of the same title and 1983 s Never Say Never Again How that happened is a fascinating story involving copyright Standard disclaimer this book contains sexism, racism, col

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    Thunderball trailer.Book 9, movie 4, we re moving right along High hopes for this one because, according to my sources, the movie was the most successful of the Bond franchise at that point People aren t stupid, right O.mi.garsh It was really boring, guys Really boring The preview shows all

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    James is in poor shape it seems, 60 cigarettes a day think of that todaywhere d he even find a place to smoke that often do not keep the doctor away, oh and he drinks a lot to So M sends him away on a little vacation to recuperateagain And of course as seems to happen each time James goes away

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