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The Man with the Golden Gun A Brainwashed James Bond Has Tried And Failed To Assassinate M, His Boss Now Bond Has To Prove He Is Back On Form And Can Be Trusted Again AllHas To Do Is Kill One Of The Most Deadly Freelance Hit Men In The World Paco Pistols Scaramanga, The Man With The Golden Gun But Despite His License To Kill,Is No Assassin, And On Finding Scaramanga In The Sultry Heat Of Jamaica, He Decides To Infiltrate The Killer S Criminal Cooperative And Realizes That He Will Have To Take Him Out As Swiftly As Possible OtherwiseMight Just Be The Next On A Long List Of British Secret Service Numbers Retired By The Man With The Golden Gun

About the Author: Ian Fleming

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Ian Lancaster Fleming was a British author, journalist and Second World War Navy Commander He was a grandson of the Scottish financier Robert Fleming, who founded the Scottish American Investment Trust and the merchant bank Robert Fleming Co.Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James

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    B 71% Satisfactory Notes James Bond infiltrates an evil corporate retreat and suffers from a bout of Why Don t You Just Shoot Him disease.

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    Rating 3 of fiveI felt generous The 1974 film, which is what I m rating, is or less a 2 star experience Oh me oh myan AMC Hornet, an AMC Matador, Simon Templar.I mean Roger Moore wearing loser suitsI mean leisure suits and the most horrendously offensive Southern stereotype sheriff in the history of moviemaking adds up to some seriously noxious stuff Then there s the damnfool idiot chop socky p

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    Just an okay Bond book Shorter so a quick read.This book is late in the Ian Fleming Bond timeline, so this Bond shows a bit of age, some wear and tear, and is not quite as invincible as you would expect.Also, if you are familiar with this title because of the movie this book is very different from the movie It makes me wonder because by the point this book was released, they were already making the movie

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    James Bond knew that he was not only disobeying orders, or at best dodging them, but also being a bloody fool.I feel like the spark has gone out of this series Ever since view spoiler Tracy was murdered at the end of On Her Majesty s Secret Service hide spoiler

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    Ian Fleming s James Bond series has been up to now written with a Clint Eastwood terseness of expression interspersed often with existential emo angst Although the thirteenth novel, The Man with the Golden Gun , published under Fleming s name is posthumous, it is based on a draft manuscript found after Fleming s death Honestly, I couldn t tell the difference between this novel s style of writing and the previous books in

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    A close cousin of the adventure story is the western This concept comes across strong in this last Bond novel completed during Fleming s lifetime It was published eight months after his death in 1965.Ian Fleming was a long time heavy drinker and smoker and these two poisons combined and contributed to his early demise The creator of James Bond and the author of thirteen Bond books, Fleming died at age 56 in 1964 His last recorded

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    M s voice was gruff 007 was a sick man Not responsible for his actions If one can brainwash a man, presumably one can un brainwash him If anyone can, Sir James can Put him back on half pay for the time being, in his old Section And see he gets full back pay and allowances for the past year If the K.G.B has the nerve to throw one of my best men at me, I have the nerve to throw him back at them 007 was a good agent once There s no reason wh

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    The past could be forgiven, but not forgotten except with the passage of time Ian Fleming, The Man with the Golden GunI can t really call this an unfinished novel It was finished, just not by Ian Fleming He wrote the first draft and died So, this obviously is the last James Bond novel I m not enough of a Ian Fleming fan to recognize how where if the lack of Ian Fleming made a huge difference to the drafting I think the end of the novel, with Jones

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    English author Ian Fleming had a very systematic and orderly routine that he employed in the creation of his 14 James Bond books 12 novels, plus two collections of short stories Each winter, he would vacation at his Goldeneye retreat at Oracabessa, on the north shore of Jamaica, and write a bit each day reportedly, around 2,000 words As revealed in Raymond Benson s James Bond Bedside Companion, Fleming would start the day with a swim and breakfast, followed

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    Oh, dear.I mentioned in my last review that the Bond movies are often loosely based on the Ian Fleming novels I believe the movie for this one took the title of the book annnnd that s about it.That s not true Of course James Bond was in both the book and the movie Silly.And the villain, Scaramanga he was in both too And, okay, Bond s secretary, Mary Goodnight she had some big parts in both.But, here, watch the original trailer There is nothing that happens in this t

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