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Echoes of Valor III The Shadow Of The Vulture Novelette By Robert E Howard Cursed Be The City Novelette By Henry Kuttner The Citadel Of Darkness Novelette By Henry Kuttner Hok Goes To Atlantis Hok Novelette By Manly Wade Wellman Wolves Of Darkness Novella By Jack Williamson Nictzin Dyalhis Mysterious Master Of Fantasy Essay By Sam Moskowitz The Red Witch Novelette By Nictzin Dyalhis The Sapphire Goddess Novelette By Nictzin Dyalhis The Sea Witch Novelette By Nictzin Dyalhis Echoes of Valor III by Karl Edward Wagner 1991

About the Author: Karl Edward Wagner

Karl Edward Wagner 12 December 1945 13 October 1994 was an American writer, editor and publisher of horror, science fiction, and heroic fantasy, who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and originally trained as a psychiatrist His disillusionment with the medical profession can be seen in the stories The Fourth Seal and Into Whose Hands He described his world view as nihilistic, anarchistic

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