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Chain of Thorns (The Last Hours, #3) From The Author S Website The Last Hours Is A New Shadowhunters Series Set In It Deals With The Next Generation After Will, Tessa And Jem As Well As Charlotte And Henry S Children, Tatiana Blackthorn S Children, The Lightwood Kids, And Many Is Right Around The Time The Victorian Era Tips Over Into The Edwardian Era Beautiful Clothes, Fabulous History And So Much That I M Excited To Write About The Title Is Taken From The Book Great Expectations, Of Which The Series Is A Retelling Those Of You Who Ve Read The Midnight Heir Installment Of The Bane Chronicles Probably Have Some Ideas About Certain Of The Characters There Will Be Three Books Chain Of Thorns, Chain Of Gold, And Chain Of Iron Also A Reference To Great ExpectationsThe Books Will Interconnect With The Dark Artifices Trilogy As Two Separate Trilogies That Are Also The Stories Of The Blackthorns, Herondales And Carstairs, Much Like TMI And The Infernal Devices Interconnected Despite Taking Place In Different Time Periods And Locations

10 thoughts on “Chain of Thorns (The Last Hours, #3)

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    I will be so old when this comes out.

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    Hey, there are actually some peeps who do want Shadowhunter verse stories This boy included Bring it on, Cassie Don t let the negativity and teh angryzorz get you down I m even gonna preemptively give this one five stars just cause.By writing these words, Clearly I Have Made Some Bad Decisions.Edit 1 Many thanks

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    I actually like Infernal Devices but this is getting ridiculous.

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    It deals with the next generation after Will, Tessa and Jem Cassandra, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME There is no after Will, Tessa, and Jem

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    WHAT New Shadowhunters series TAKE MY MONEY CLARE TAKE IT ALL

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    It deals with the next generation after Will, Tessa and Jem I AM DEAD.

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    Why are all the Shadowhunter books taking so longgg to come out I don t care that Cassie is making a ton of Shadowhunter books, because I KNOW I M GOING TO LOVE ALL OF THEM D

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    Oh my goodness I just saw this series on the website A SEQUEL TO THE INFERNAL DEVICES HOW BOUT YES PLEASE I really like her comments on the description I wonder if they have anything to do with all the negativity she received from the reviews on Lady Midnight lol Bet there are going to be some on this, too, but she has spoken She s writing whether the haters like it

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    i m so stressed that this comes out before the third book of TDA like wtf Cassie is this gonna break me like TID, lowkey not sure if I can handle that at all but also I like need it after that sneak peek in TFSA

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    Wait, WHAT I apologize if I misinterpreted this, but is this series going to be a retelling of Great Expectations

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