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Chain of Gold Chain Of Gold Is The First Novel In A New Trilogy That Stars The Shadowhunters Of Edwardian LondonWelcome To Edwardian London, A Time Of Electric Lights And Long Shadows, The Celebration Of Artistic Beauty And The Wild Pursuit Of Pleasure, With Demons Waiting In The Dark For Years There Has Been Peace In The Shadowhunter World James And Lucie Herondale, Children Of The Famous Will And Tessa, Have Grown Up In An Idyll With Their Loving Friends And Family, Listening To Stories Of Good Defeating Evil And Love Conquering All But Everything Changes When The Blackthorn And Carstairs Families Come To London And So Does A Remorseless And Inescapable PlagueJames Herondale Longs For A Great Love, And Thinks He Has Found It In The Beautiful, Mysterious Grace Blackthorn Cordelia Carstairs Is Desperate To Become A Hero, Save Her Family From Ruin, And Keep Her Secret Love For James Hidden When Disaster Strikes The Shadowhunters, James, Cordelia And Their Friends Are Plunged Into A Wild Adventure Which Will Reveal Dark And Incredible Powers, And The True Cruel Price Of Being A Hero And Falling In Love JEEZ My heart stopped beating when I saw this cover It s so gorgeous I want to marry it 333I ve been dying to read about James Herondale ever since I read The Midnight Heir in The Bane Chronicles I love all those Herondales and Carstairs and Lightwoods and Blackthorns Gosh just give me all those awesome Shadowhunters I need them like I need air to breathe 333I genuinely hope Cassie Clare never stops to write those books because it certainly would be the death of me lol Note December 18, 2018 With much regret I requested that GR freezes the comments for this review I am tired of constantly getting alerts and having to delete harassment I really don t know why people can t get it into their thick heads that this is my review They can disagree with it, but they don t have to come on here and attack me God, just grow up already Disclaimer Fanbots and trolls will be blocked I don t care if you think I m mean to Cassandra Clare I really doubt she s read this review and I doubt she s hurt by it I really don t care if you think these books are great and that having a grand total of eighteen plus books in a series is a good idea If you want to whine about it write your own damn review Let me tell you a little story, boys and girls It s how to over milk a series.Pre Step One Start a ridiculous popular fan fic that you later use for the basis on your work Never mind the fact you might occasionally borrow quotes and passages from other sources If you get enough reviews you ll get noticed and eventually..hello, publishing contract.Step One Write a fairly decent YA series It doesn t have to be great, but decent enough to have interest and a catchy theme that you can use over and over again It also helps if you get a blurb from Stephenie Meyer.Step Two Come up with a spin off note, spin off should be fairly decent and better than the original.Step Three Restart first series even though it had a decent ending so you can add in future conflicts Add a bunch of annoying characters and unnecessary plot to claim there s room for story.Step Four Sell movie rights after a substantial amount of time so you don t look like a sell out and build a substantial fan base.Step Five Graphic novel adaptions Note, once spinoff is successful rinse and repeat step five.Step Six After your first series starts sagging and your second series is about to wrap up announce a new series in addition to a lot of info books about your world.Step Seven Edit your own info books and gets your b.f.f.s to write the essays so they portray you in the best light Also, state you and your hubby are going to write a guide to your own universe as well Because hey, info books worked for Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling has mentioned a Harry Potter encyclopedia throughout the years as well So that must be the cool thing to do.Step Eight Get your b.f.f.s to help you write a spinoff with your best character spread this out over time so you can keep getting those royalties.Step Nine After second series wraps up and the hype for your movie starts announce you ll be writing at least two series it also helps if final book in said series has a family tree which will make fanoholics want to know what happens with these characters and write fan fic that might be better than your own work.Step Ten Relish in the green You re a true success now Also work on licensing out games, toys, etc Heck, maybe you can get your own theme park production company if you re successful enough.Amendment Post City of Heavenly Fire 1 Pimp your new series with brand new characters in your last book So that it s almost a prequel to that series And further, feature your other spinoff so fans and people who want to know what s actually going on other than feeling stupid the entire book, will have to read the eight other books prior to this epic finale. You can t imagine how long I have waited for this Will and Tessa s story will live on. Yeah, this cover just slayed me and resurrected me in the same second I m already prepared to die for James and Lucie Herondale. 13.12.18LOOK AT THAT COVER I AM IN LOVE 28.07.18 So I m reading TID Clockwork Prince and it s just dawned on me.Page 300 We who are immortal, we are chained to this life by a chain of gold, and we dare not sever it for fear of what lies beyond the drop said MagnusCoincidence I think not When you need a book than life itself, because your one true love is finally coming back to you I need this now.WILL HERONDALE, sooooooooooooon Here We Go Again.First, I want to make clear to everyone that I Looooove TMI and TID, Loved them But there s already The Dark Artifices coming and now this The thing about lots of books in a series is that, for them to work well, the author has to built this whole excellent world that is just so well written and so thought of that you can t help but want continue to be in it for example Harry Potter The Nephilim world is amazing and I ve loved learning and about it and I can t seem to get enough of CC s books but no.Let s think about TMI and TID for a minute they are different periods of time and yada yada but what are the similar things.Oh Hell, I ll just say it Characters Now please don t hate me for this, but Will is Jace, Jem is Simon, Jessamine is was Isabel just as Tessa was Clary Of course there were differences, like how Clary was feisty not sure if that s the word I want to use, but whatever While Tessa has a quiet strength in her Still, they are very similar The same theory that applies to the story applies to the characters Jace for example, was an Amazing character to read, he was refreshing, funny, charming, EVERYTHING Which is why it did not bother me at all to see the same qualities in Will, but but no CC is an amazing writer, but I would just love to see something new from her She seems to have so much potential and I really think she has the talent to create a whole other new world, with new and refreshing characters, I would just really like to see her explore that side That being said maybe I ll read her new Nephilim books I did not continue reading the second part of TMI, but I did love the whole TID series I just think that too much of something can really be a turnoff Personal opinions people, I just felt like ranting. By the Angel She s done it again.Like the proverbial rabbit out of a hat trick, Cassandra Clare has whipped out another series based in the Shadowhunter worldthis time, taking us on an unnecessary journey through the married life of Will and Tessa.At the end of Clockwork Princess I was like But nope Cassandra Clare decided that our fanfiction and daydreams weren t good enough so she concocted a way to drag out continue the stories of two of our favourite characters. You know what this means MORE WILL HERONDALEUpdate First review for this book Claiming it 27 03 13 Edit 10 05 15 Since writing this review I ve fallen out of love with Clare s novels, and in fact most novels I used to love shakes fistcurse you, maturity, but I m strangely proud that this semi positive review is one of the top liked reviews amongst all these nasty reviewers Seriously, why are you wasting your time with such redundant commentary If I d created a world as expansive as Clare s of fucking course I D like to write about it as much as I can So boo on you fellas Don t buy the books, save a tree, save us from your bitterness Wow Cordelia Carstairs with Cortana I love it

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