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The Excalibur Codex (Jamie Saintclaire, #3) For Countless Generations The Sword Had Been Kept Hidden, Ready For A Time Of Need But Not Hidden Well Enough, Because On One Warm July Night In It Vanished Its Disappearance Swallowed Up In The Storm Clouds Of War That Would Soon Engulf The World Twelve SS Generals Gather At A Castle In East Prussia To Re Enact An Ancient Rite And Call On The Spirits Of Europe S Mightiest Warriors To Aid Them In The Coming Battle In The East At The Heart Of The Ritual Is A Pentagram Formed By Five Swords One Of Them Is Excalibur, The Mythical Weapon Pulled From A Stone By King Arthur Art Recovery Expert Jamie Saintclair Laughs When He Reads The Codex To A German War Veteran S Will, The Strange Ritual It Describes And The Mention Of A Sword Named Excalibur But Collector Adam Steele Is Convinced And If Jamie Can Find The Legendary Sword, He Will Pay A Small Fortune For It The Hunt For Excalibur Takes Jamie From Germany To Eastern Poland And A Deadly Encounter In Hitler S Wolf S Lair The Castle Has Been Destroyed Down To The Last Stone And The Only Clue To The Sword S Fate Is The Strange Tale Of A Wartime Partisan Unit Murdered By Its Own CommanderWith A Team Of International Assassins On His Trail And The Distinction Between Friend And Enemy A Blur, Jamie Finally Makes It Back To A Britain Under Siege, Where The Last Piece Of The Puzzle Falls Into Place And He Discovers That The Line Between Obsession And Madness Is Gossamer Thin Much better than the first novel I read, much involving and enjoyable a bit long in truth but it had some interesting ideas. Jamie Saintclair un uomo distrutto in un attentato terroristico di apparente matrice islamica, ha perso tutto, la donna che amava e il bambino che stavano aspettando.Per questo, quando un vecchio amico gli propone una caccia al tesoro sulle tracce di Excalibur, la leggendaria spada di Art , non esita ad accettare, come un naufrago afferrerebbe una cima gettata.Con la compagnia di un affascinante segretaria e di un ex soldato, attraverser mezza Europa, inseguendo un filo vecchio di settant anni che si dipana dai giorni nostri, a ritroso, fino alla seconda guerra mondiale.Ci che trover saranno inganni e cospirazioni e una verit completamente diversa da quella che si sarebbe aspettato e che getter luce anche sulla sua perdita.Lettura piacevole e ben costruita, con azione e dialoghi ben strutturati.I personaggi sono sufficientemente caratterizzati anche se forse si potevano rendere meglio alcune dinamiche psicologiche, visto che il protagonista reduce da una tragedia personale immensa.Molto interessanti le digressioni storiche, che arricchiscono il romanzo e rendono pi verosimile il racconto.Il copione quello classico dei libri di avventura, con un eroe che al termine di prove severe, riesce infine ad operare il miracolo, giusto un istante prima dell arrivo della cavalleria.Di contrasto abbiamo il cattivo, che pi cattivo non si pu , destinato, nonostante la turpe intelligenza, ad una sonora sconfitta.Il fatto per di sospettare il finale, non rende meno divertente arrivarci dunque con assoluta sincerit , che consiglio questo libro a tutti gli amanti del genere..Buffy per RFS ReviewAt first glance you could be forgiven for lumping this book in with many of the other conspiracy thrillers that are out there on the market The cover is a bit stock standard sorry Doug But James Douglas AKA Douglas Jackson , has far to good a pedigree for something as mundane as a fanciful treasure hunt, there will always be greater levels, there will always be fantastic multi faceted characters Characters that you find yourself bonding with on an emotional level, when chips are down and lives are imperilled or lost.Jaime Saintclair is a wonderfully real character, he doesn t do anything over the top, he isn t a one man walking A Team, he isn t a hidden Einstein He is a man who knows his art, and has the benefit of a good eduction, and a habit of landing himself in the brown stuff.But it isn t just the characters who make this story If it was just those characters and a splendid mix of action, adventure, ancient relics with the fabled sword of Arthur then it would still only be pulling slightly ahead of the huge pack of books of this ilk But what makes this book is what the sword is wanted for, what it was used for, and what is intended for this country Its this part of the plot that takes this book to a different level It is at times disturbing, scary and in the current world climate, so potentially real its scary although my money would be on the USA rather than the UK we don t have that level of polarisation within the nation Its the potential for a new holocaust that left me feeling uncomfortable, disturbed and at the same time hooked, to see how it could be avoided The ending of the book had a poetic quality to it, combing quite a few ideas of what the legend of Arthur may truly have been, and unlike many thriller left me as a reader feeling that the author and hit the perfect note after such a complex, disturbing plot well done Doug.Not only is Douglas Jackson the current master of the Roman Historical fiction, he is now in the guise of James Douglas taking the Historical Thriller market by storm and clearly heading for the top of that Genre too.I m ridiculously intrigued to see where Jamie Saintclair goes next, and what mystery he will unravel.Buy this book Parm Also go to my blog link on profile to read author QA Without doubt, the finest thriller to date by James Douglas and it rates very highly indeed amongst its kind I read this on holiday and it was the perfect companion I can t recommend it enough Loved it

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