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Their Language of Love An amazing collection of short stories of Pakistan and India before and after the partition It includes different cultures and religions and the silent harmony and loud conflicts among them. I read this in just a couple of days while commutingI am used to the way Bapsi writes but these short stories definitely kept me entertained Fiction work but based on a real timeline it takes you through the historic journey of pre partition and after partition of India and Pakistan Pick it up, its an easy read and you will enjoy itif you are interested in history. I wish I could say something about this Its a collection of short stories which unfortunately couldn t get me in, for those who are avid fiction and story readers might love this, but i am a bit disappointed except for few stories Still i will give it a 3 For starters i have no idea what the hell the whole book was aboutIt had eight short storiesThe first two centred around Zareen and her family.The first one being set in an Indo Pak war, with the dilemmas of the family that was always in the brink of a bomb threat Zareen s husband called this a gentlemanly war a couple of times and viola its the title i mean what The second one struck a cord in me because I could literally visualise it and the title bore it well But even so, the story being from the perspective of a woman soo narrow minded and ethically moral was a tad too much to digest It wasn t exactly an impartial third person narrative The third and four involve Ruth.Ruth and the hijackers she had nothing to do with them And for what reason that story was named so, i am at a loss of words The story starts with the hijacking if an Indian aircraft and then it is nowhere mentioned until maybe the last couple of pages.Ruth and the Afghan was better written with the story actually sticking to the title and the diversity if the Pakistan and Afghanistan brought about in light of their culture than their guns.Their language of love A newly wed couple A control freak husband who resorts to unnecessary bravado which irks the wife but she still coddles him. if it was satire that was intended it was lost on me.Sehra bhai the life of a grandmother played in parts, from when she was Sehra to when she became Sehra bhai it was not that bad too much description on women s appearance though. The trouble easers a fable of a saint told by a mother which in the end the child questions in absurd religious coloursDefend yourself against me childhood friends meet in foreign soil Old wounds opened in religious conflicts by two cousins. description of the horrors during partition of India and Pakistan, inflicted on women.As such, the book has short stories wich look like chapters from a book haphazardly thrown into a book for the sake of it The explicit portrayal of women, as either a loot or as a showcase item, both depicting them as display items felt really bad Either the rich society ladies were seducing each others husbands or they were being carried away as loots and plunder of war to be sold off or raped , or they were mute spectators to a debacle I get that all books needn t be about women empowerment, but this was degrading, not stating a fact The only thing i liked about in this book is the way Pakistan and Afghanistan is pictured not as the gruesome war torn , bullet wielding country, but for its beautiful countryside and customs and the simplicity of some of its people and the staunch loyalties some display. Recently I read the book THEIR LANGUAGE OF LOVE Penguin Viking by Bapsi Sidhwa BS BS is one of the finest Pakisthani writer settled in the US Stories by BS usually details THE TRAUMA AND EXPERIENCES of people particularly Parsees affected by the Partition in the sub continent One of her novels have been made into a film EARTH directed by Deepa Mehta and features Nandita Das and Amir Khan.A melange of short stories comprises Their Love of Love While reading the book, I was being reminded of Jhumpa Lahiri s Pulitzer prize winning anthology of short stories INTERPRETER OF MALADIES This one by BS matches Jhumpa s Interpreter in terms of tenor and depth and that of the immigrant s experiences BS has a way with words A sample The vulnerability of mothers, daughters, grand daughters, and their metamorphosis into possessions living objects on whose soft bodies victors and losers alike vent their wrath, enact fantastic vendettas, celebrate victory All history, all these fears, all probabilities and injustices coalesce in Amma ji s terrible face and impart a dimension of tragedy that alchemizes the melodrama There are eight stories in this collection The experiences of a family against the backdrop of an ensuing Indo Pak war a Pakisthani Parsee mother s encounter with culture shock when she visits US to meet her daughter s prospective American bridegroom the intermingling of Parsee and Islamic belief in the invocation of certain divinely icons the commonalities in the extremism of the Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus a newly married Gujrati bride has a taste of Americana when she visits the promised land to live with her techie husband a daughter comes to terms with her once beautiful mother Sehra Bai who became cantankerous in her illness ridden old age and discovers secrets about her father and the relationship between her parents The subject of the stories span a wide gamut and provides quite a treat to the readers A nice read. I usually do not read short stories but I am such a fan of Bapsi Sidhwa that I did read her short story collection Very well done and centering on her usual Punjabi characters. My first of Sidhwa and not bad at all The stories fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces as shown in the cover , even though I felt that The Trouble Easers hardly belonged in a collection like this It has to be my favorite of all stories in this collection beautiful, poignant, meaningful Where others were slightly bold and daring, this one story exemplifies simplicity of both language and thought.Anyway, this book must not be mistaken for a cultural depiction of Pakistan for Sidhwa deals mostly with non Muslim or Parsee characters, people who are only a small fragment compared to the Muslim community here But in one way this is good for there is an element of unfamiliarity even for the Pakistani reader who gets the opportunity to see life lived by people, though in the same country, but with different values and beliefs We have stories about the proverbial generation gap , stories concerning the dynamics involved in a mother daughter relationship, stories reminiscing the ravages of the 1947 Partition, and even post Partition stories A good read, though slightly bold and explicit at times, and it isso felt because one expects that being a Pakistani writer, albeit a non Muslim, the conservatism of our culture would seep through in her writing and which invariably doesn t Anyway, I liked this book and am looking forward to readingof her. I am not normally a fan of short stories I like thick, fat novels But, after attending the Lahore Literary Festival earlier this year and attending Bapsi Sidhwa s talk, I was motivated to pick up her latest book And it turned to be such a pleasant surprise It s an insight into a magical era of Pakistan which we didn t see but her rich characters and description allow you a sneak peak into an another time Funny and touching,and sometimes sad, the stories were a pleasure to read. I did not know it was a collection of short stories I am prejudiced in that a very few great authors make really great short stories And Bapsi Sidhwa I had heard about her controversial, Ice Candy Man, that went on to become a movie by Deepa Mehta, controversial too or too controversial D The first story The Gentlemanly war was a bit dragging too, and I was almost going to shelf it under my incomplete reads But then, towards the trail end, it turned out to be nice, Breaking it up , made it a lotinteresting, and I just couldn t put the book down.Simple plots, simple style, simply loved reading it I especially loved Sehra bai, about the mother daughter bind. A Wife Worries For Her Familys Survival During TheIndoPak War A Mother Is Horrified When She Learns That Her Daughter Wants To Marry Her American Boyfriend An American Housewife Living In Lahore Has A Tempestuous Affair With A Pakistani Minister An Aged Matriarch Travels To The USA To Discover She Must Confront A Traumatic Memory From Her PastFinely Nuanced, And Laced With Sidhwas Sharply Comic Observations, This Is A Stellar Collection Of Tales From One Of The Subcontinents Most Important And Beloved Writers

About the Author: Bapsi Sidhwa

Bapsi Sidhwa is Pakistan s leading diasporic writer She has produced four novels in English that reflect her personal experience of the Indian subcontinent s Partition, abuse against women, immigration to the US, and membership in the Parsi Zoroastrian community Born on August 11, 1938 in Karachi, in what is now Pakistan, and migrating shortly thereafter to Lahore, Bapsi Sidhwa witnessed the blo

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