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The Call of Agon: Book One of The Children of Telm THE LAST LINE THE LAST WORDS THE LAST CHANCE Ifferon Is One Of The Last In The Bloodline Of The Dead God Telm, Who Mated With Mortal Women, And Who Imprisoned The Beast Agon In The Underworld Armed With A Connection To The Estranged Gods In The Overworld And A Scroll Bearing Telm S Powerful Dying Words, He Is Tasked With Ensuring The God S Vital Legacy That Agon Remain Vanquished Fear Forces Ifferon To Abandon His Duty, But Terror Restores His Quest When The Forces Of Agon Find His Hideaway In An Isolated Coastal Monastery Weighed Down By The Worries Of The World, But Lifted Up By The Companions He Encounters Along The Way, Ifferon Embarks On A Journey That Encompasses The Struggles Of Many Peoples, The Siege Of Many Lands, And Discoveries That Could Bring Hope To Some Or Doom To All

About the Author: Dean F. Wilson

USA Today Wall Street Journal Bestselling AuthorDean F Wilson was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1987 He started writing at age 11.He is the author of the Children of Telm epic fantasy trilogy, the Great Iron War steampunk series, the Coilhunter Chronicles science fiction western series, the Hibernian Hollows urban fantasy series, and the Infinite Stars space opera series.Dean previously worke

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    This review and others can be seen on my blog Book Nerd ParadiseThe Call of Agon is a perfect read for those fantasy lovers who enjoy reading about fictional mythical locations with a medieval feel t

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    Wilson embraces fantasy with a flair all of his own The intricate world building brings forward the land and many religions within it I loved the visual and textual differences between the different regions o

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    this book is an epic fantasy novel..the author created a brand new world, with its history, a new race..the way the story was told is amazing..i was somehow transported to that beautiful world..i was a part of it..iff

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    Ifferon and Teron part ways hurriedly while battle approaches their village Ifferon is assailed by black chasing shadows almost immediately as he and another wannabe cleric Yavun run willy nilly like startled bunnies Soon, the

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    His task seems insurmountable, but Ifferon must assure that an ancient, yet powerful monster, Agnon remains entrapped in his eternal prison His weapons Powerful blood flows through his veins, he has a sacred scroll from the god Telm an

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    another book sent to me by the author for a review If you couldn t tell, it always makes me feel a little special when people want to know my opinion on something Anyway, this time around it s the first book in the Children of Telm series, The

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    Dean F Wilson s The Call of Agon is the magical fantasy about the last remaining bloodline of the dead god Telm Expelled and restrained by Telm, the Beast Agon has been kept in the dark underworld Upon Telm s death bed, Ifferon, a bloodline of Telm, is

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    I have not read a great epic fantasy in such a long time, this was honestly very refreshing Thank you for a copy of this story for a review, Dean The tone of this novel was exceptionally well written It s a poetic, dark, and adventurous tale told in the eyes of

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    I actually didn t finish the book, so take this review with that in mind.This self published fantasy series showed a lot of promise The covers are great, the description intrigued me, and he d clearly done a lot of promotion I haven t read a good epic fantasy series in a

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    The book starts off with the beautifully written dark poem which along with the nice cover illustration and handy map of imaginary land leaves great first impression There will be quite a number of nice poems throughout the book No matter complex names and locations which actuall

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